[From the web] We Have Been Fooled Again by DENR – Such Impunity by Fr. Pete Montallana

We Have Been Fooled Again by DENR – Such Impunity
by Fr. Pete Montallana, OFM -Chairperson, SSMNA
February 11, 2012

Five ten wheeler trucks carrying a total at least of 100,000 board ft of lumber were transported out of Dingalan, Aurora between February 5-9, 2012. Thanks to the permit given by RED Ricardo Calderon last Dec. 13, 2011 allowing a total of 330,720 bd ft with paid forest charges and were cut according to them before the log ban last February 1, 2011. SSMNA pictures attest to the contrary. However in our past experience the old can be made fresh by DENR. Such is the DENR’s special magic.

Granted that the lumber were old for the sake of argument, SSMNA attests there was no such volume of logs in San Roque Saw Mill. February 15, 2011 the DENR together with the Social Action inspected San Roque and saw only 60 pieces of wood. Moreover, August 5, 2011 SSMNA with the DENR and the military also saw no such logs there in San Roque. 330,720 bd ft would be a mountain of logs too big to be hidden. Again DENR can make things invisible.

SSMNA asked Sec. Ramon Paje Feb. 1, 2012 for “an immediate suspension of the permit to transport and conduct a thorough investigation”. Anti Illegal Logging Task Force (AILTF) Feb. 2, 2012 mandated RED Calderon to investigate the papers of the said logs. The signatory of the permit would have to investigate himself! DENR from years of experience do make people investigate themselves very honestly.

When Cenro Aguilar of Dingalan was asked why trucks of lumber were allowed to leave last Febraury 9, 2012, he texted back: “The lumber were permitted to leave because Denr had authority over San Roque.” SSMNA texted back: “Did you receive the memo from AILTF dated Feb. 2 investigating those lumber?” No more reply. DENR forms their personnel to speak only the truth.

The legal basis of Red Calderon was the Resolution 2011-006 signed by Sec. Paje which said that all logs with paid forest charges can now be transported within 90 days from Nov. 28,2011. This is DENR’s new deadline because May 21, 2011was the deadline to transport all logs cut before Feb.1, 2011. If one is confused, then just think that for the DENR logs with paid forest products were not really logs – hence they had to wait until Nov. 28, 2011 to be transported.

If one is still confused, then you have seen the truth – DENR is really Department of the Extinction of Natural Resources. If you believe otherwise, you would not be able to explain the death and destruction in Cagayan de Oro, Ormoc, Infanta, Bulacan and in Metro Manila with Ondoy. If you want another proof – wait for the forthcoming Ondoy because until now there is still logging, quarrying and subdivisions construction allowed by DENR in Marikina Watershed. Or wait too for the next law that will supersede the Total Log Ban which carries the provision pushed by DENR allowing the cutting of trees in secondary forests.

Now you would also understand the President who once upon a time was our dream to protect our environment. It is time to act. Watch for the next flow of lumber from Dingalan that might be the ones used for our coffins.

Photo by www.savesierramadre.ph

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