[In the news] Gold Fields Philippines Inc. picket enters 3rd week | Sun.Star

Gold Fields Philippines Inc. picket enters 3rd week | Sun.Star.

By Ma. Elena Catajan
February 4, 2012

LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – There is no let-up in the picket against Gold Fields Philippines Inc. at the Lepanto Consolidated Mining Corporation Far South East site.

Flora Belinan said the picket will not disperse until the company pulls out its drilling equipment from the site.

The picket has been ongoing for almost two weeks.

Meanwhile, the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples still has to act on the temporary restraining order (TRO) against drilling activities in the area filed by lawyer Richard Kilaan.

Belinan said the unrest stems from an alleged lack of Free Prior and Informed Consent by Gold Fields to start drilling activities.

Kilaan said the request for a TRO was filed at the NCIP on the basis of a lack of a FPIC obtained by the LCMC’s newest investor which is on the closing months of its due diligence stage.

Belinan said Madaymen residents protested since they are affected by the present drilling.

Previously, Gold Fields president Brett Mattison assured all negotiations made were pursuant to law.

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