[Statement] Urban poor protest against LPG price increase and oil price hike -KPML

The urban poor group, Kongreso ng Pagkakaisa ng mga Maralita ng Lungsod – National Capital Region-Rizal chapter (KPML-NCRR) rallied in front of the office of the Department of Energy (DOE) this morning to protest the continued rise of prices of oil and LPG. They said the oil price hike directly affects the prices of basic commodities, such as rice, fish and vegetables.

Allan Dela Cruz, KPML-NCRR president, said, “Last year, the 11-kg of LPG has price of P500.00, but today, it increased by more than P200.00, such as Gasul – P736.00, Shellane – P787.00, Total Gas – P770.00, M Gas – P721.00, Liquigaz – P750.00.”

Dela Crus added, “The price of diesel has increased this year. Diesel has increased by P2.70 per liter, while gasoline has increased by P3.20 per liter. But these prices have been roll backed, not in its original price, but by few centavos; P0.80 centavos for diesel and P0.20 centavos for gasoline. This rollback reflects how clever the capitalists are. This is corporate greed. They will announce a rollback to appease the consumers, but the prices did not go back to the original price.”

“That’s why we at the KPML-NCRR call on DOE, the government, and the oil companies, Stop Oil Price Hike! Stop the increase of LPG prices!”

Oil Deregulation Law, Ibasura!
Tutulan, labanan ang pagtaas ng presyo ng LPG!
Pagtaas ng presyo ng LPG, pahirap sa masa!

Press Statement
February 3, 2012
Allan Dela Cruz (President, KPML-NCRR)
Cellphone # 0920-8386973

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