[In the news] Residents of community in San Juan leave homes quietly as demolition resumes – gmanetwork.com

Residents of community in San Juan leave homes quietly as demolition resumes
January 14, 2012

 Two days after engaging authorities in a violent confrontation, families at a residential area up for demolition in San Juan City left their homes peacefully Friday afternoon.

A report on dzBB radio on Saturday said the families offered no resistance as demolition teams dismantled their houses in Corazon de Jesus village.

Some 31 families were relocated while the others opted to look for houses in nearer areas, the report said.

It said, the San Juan City government allowed families looking for houses outside the relocation site in Rodriguez town in Rizal province to temporarily place their belongings in a warehouse owned by a local official.

However, the city government stressed the families are not to live in the warehouse.

Also, the city government cordoned off the demolition area to keep residents from returning.

Clearing operations at the Corazon de Jesus area resumed peacefully after 3 p.m. Friday, two days after more than 30 people were hurt in a violent confrontation with wrecking teams.

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