[Statement] PLM Calls for Solidarity of the Poor Against Demolitions – PLM

 The PLM salutes the residents of Bgy. Corazon de Jesus, San Juan City, who fought fiercely for their rights to remain in the area after a big number of police and demolition forces swooped down on their barangay and demolished their houses.

The people of Bgy. Corazon fought back like there was no tomorrow, with the weapons of the oppressed: stones, sling shots, pillboxes and molotov cocktails.

As a result, more than 30 people were hurt, scores were arrested, and many lost their homes. But many have opted to remain even if their homes were already demolished. They say they will continue to fight it out because they have no other options left.
The city government has said that it will provide P10,000 and a sack of rice for each family which will be relocated to far-flung Rodriguez, Rizal province – in a place where there are no amenities, no available jobs and where they will have to pay a monthly rent to occupy a small piece of land.

The residents are right to say that they are being treated like pigs by this government and the trapo elite who control the government from top-down, be it the trapos led by the Aquinos, the Estradas or the Arroyos.

The PLM also calls on the people to defend their rights and to rise up against demolitions that will continue in many parts of Metro Manila and other urban centers in the Philippines as the Aquino government and its local counterparts clear urban poor communities to provide prime real estate for big business conglomerates – the Ayalas, Aranetas, Henry Sys and their ilk.

We believe that the people have a fundamental right to decent housing, jobs and expanded welfare benefits. We believe that it is immoral for the elite to own so much land, wield so much power, monopolize so many assets and properties while the majority of the population lives in utter destitution and hunger.

The only way to solve the inequalities and oppression in the country is to distribute the wealth of the elite – ill-gotten and otherwise – and provide for the needs of the poor majority.

We call for solidarity of the poor, whatever their affiliations, to close ranks and rise up to defend and expand their rights and welfare.

Partido Lakas ng Masa (PLM)
January 12, 2012

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