[Press Release] TDC Reiterates Clarification on Semestral Break, Resumption of Classes

 As the nation enjoys a long week-end due to the observance of all saints day, public school teachers once again ask the Department of Education (DepEd) to issue a clarification on the scheduled resumption of classes. According to Benjo Basas, chairperson of the Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC), they were receiving reports since last week that in some areas of Luzon and Metro Manila, teachers are required to report to duty on Wednesday, November 2 while according to the school calendar which is provided in the DepEd Order No. 28, s. 2011, classes in public schools will resume of Wednesday, November 3.

The group formally wrote for clarification on the intent and implementation of semestral break after receiving several complaints that some DepEd field officials are requiring the teachers to report for duty and participate in the in-service training (INSET) during the semestral break which falls from October 26-31.  However, the DepEd is yet to issue a formal response to the letter dated October 21, but in its two press releases last week, it states that semestral break is meant to give the teachers and students more time for their family and to take things easy during said dates and reminded the public that classes will resume on Novmeber 3 and the 3-day INSET is scheduled on May 2-4 of next year.

However, many teachers were still required to attend the INSET and to report to their respective school during the supposed vacation. Thus, according to Basas, teachers who joined the INSET and reported to school during the semestral break shall be entitled to a service-credit in accordance with the Magna Carta for Teachers and other DepEd issuances.

TDC expects an advisory from DepEd early this day. #

November 1, 2011
Reference: Benjo Basas, Chairperson, 0920-5740241/ 3853437


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