[Media Advisory] Let Ka Romy Castillo come home! – Partido Lakas ng Masa

Ka Romy Castillo during TFDP Mass action @ DOJ July 2009. File photo source TFDP


PLM protest the arrest and detention of 30 pro-democracy activists in Malaysia, including Romy Castillo, Deputy General-Secretary of Partido Lakas ng Masa (PLM), who was in Malaysia for an exchange visit program with the Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM).

Ka Romy Castillo was booked for deportation from Kuala Lumpur to Manila via Malaysian Airlines 840 last June 30.  But the lawyers assisting him (camping outside; they are not allowed in) said that the authorities failed to bring him in to the airplane and instead he was handcuffed and was forcibly taken and detained at a police station.

Ka Sonny Melencio, Chairman of Partido Lakas ng Masa, already talked with the Philippine Embassy officials to assist in the case.  The matter has already been brought to the attention of the Commission on Human Rights and the Overseas Filipino Workers Affairs Office at the Department of Foreign Affairs here in Manila.

To this date, Ka Romy Castillo is still detained, because of this, PLM will hold another protest picket at the Malaysian Embassy tomorrow (July 5, 2011, Friday) at 10AM to press for the release of all the detained pro-democracy activists from PSM, and the immediate release of Ka Romy Castillo.

For more information please contact:

Julian Zacharias <plm_national@yahoo.com>

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