[Statement] First week of school highlights state unpreparedness – TDC

The first week of this school year highlights the prevailing condition of Philippine public school system. Lack of teachers, classrooms and other facilities tops the list of education’s perennial problems. Several schools in Luzon and Mindanao were submerged in floodwaters. Kindergarten pupils had their first day in school without classrooms and teachers allotted for them.

It only goes to show that the government is not ready to implement the ambitious universal kindergarten system and the 12-year basic education cycle, which according to the Malacañang itself is “the world standard.”

We are, however thankful to the Aquino administration for its determination to push for K-12 program and its strong belief that schools are ready for the opening, for this year, more that ever, the problems of education sector have caught the attention of the media, the policy-makers and the general public in greater extent. News and current affairs programs in radio and television had the education issues as their topic of discussion. Major newspapers and tabloid, both national and regional carried the subject in their respective editorial and opinion pages. Even the church and the business sectors issued statements on the education issues. Everybody seems to take their responsibility to education, and from being an issue of a sector, education has been a social issue.

Again, we call on the Aquino administration to fix the problems of the field first, to address the backlogs of resources, and to care for its teachers and never risk the already problematic school system into projects like the K+12 program.

Practical problem needs practical solution. Our approach must be realistic.


Reference: Benjo Basas, National Chair, 3853437/ 0920-5740241

June 10, 2011

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