[Statement] PLM Statement on the resignation of Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez – Partido Lakas ng Masa

Source: Partido Lakas ng Masa @Facebook

While Malacañang palace is rejoicing over the resignation of Ombudsman head Merceditas Gutierrez, we reiterate to President Noynoy Aquino that the government should not miss out on the main issue, which is still the prosecution of the big crooks in the government and the military.  Gutierrez may be an obstacle in the president’s drive to dismantle corruption in government, but she’s just one mere stumbling block, a minor bureaucrat, or a pasaway in layman’s lingo.

For the next move, we urge the government to revamp the entire Ombudsman office. We press for the total revamp of the Ombudsman office, starting from the head Ombudsman to all the deputies in various divisions.  It has been tainted with corruption and backdealings which involved almost its officers.  During the impeachment hearing against Gutierrez, House Justice Committee Chair Neil Tupas, Jr. even exposed the offer made by Deputy Ombudsman Orlando Casimiro to squash the corruption charges against Tupas’ father in exchange for letting Ombudsman Gutierrez stay.

We would also welcome the appointment of untainted and graft-free public servants, such as former Representative Bobby Tañada, who could boost up the people’s confidence on the institution as persecutor of corrupt public officials. The new Ombudsman should now concentrate on prosecuting all public officials and military generals involved in plunder and graft and corruption.

Sonny Melencio
Partido Lakas ng Masa
April 29, 2011


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