[In the news] DOLE: No Labor Day wage hike | The Philippine Star News Headlines

DOLE: No Labor Day wage hike | The Philippine Star News Headlines.

By Mayen Jaymalin (The Philippine Star)

MANILA, Philippines –  Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz clarified yesterday that there will be no announcement of a salary increase on May 1, despite Malacañang’s pronouncement that the government is coming out with a Labor Day gift that will help workers cope with the rising prices of commodities.

“I have no idea what good news he is talking about. But definitely there is no chance for any wage increase because the earliest public hearing is set on May 2,” Baldoz explained.

Baldoz noted that President Aquino had already declared that he would leave the decision on salary adjustments to the regional wage boards although he could give instructions to hasten the process.

She, however, assured workers that the wage boards, particularly in Metro Manila, could grant a salary increase within the month.

“I think within the month of May, they should be able to finish the deliberation and come out with their decision,” Baldoz said.

Read full article @ Philstar.com (link above)


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