[Press release] Teachers ask for relief amid price upsurge – TDC

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Echoing the sentiments of employees in private sector who are demanding for a higher wages, the Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC) challenges the Aquino government to offer more concrete solutions to the worsening economic woes of the teachers and other civil servants.

The group asks the government to expedite of the full implementation of the salary standardization law-3 which is due on July 2012. Under the law, the entry-level position of public school teachers will reach a total of P18, 549.00 on July 2012.

“We still have less than P3, 000.00 increase but that would be divided into two years, we appeal that said amount be given in full this July” Said Benjo Basas, a teacher of Caloocan City and the group’s national chairperson. “We are also in solidarity with other some government employees’ groups who called for a P6000 salary increase.” He added.

The group also reiterates its proposal for a tax exemption for teachers.

“We reiterate our demand for tax exemption, since the government, the president included, would not want to give us an increase in salary or a cost of living allowances at this time.” Basas said.

Basas argued that their call for a salary hike was not among the bills that certified by the president as urgent, “Therefore, the government may think of non-wage benefits like exempting us from paying the income taxes.”

The proposal has already filed in several versions in the legislature.

“If the government can subsidize certain amount to benefit the transportation and agriculture workers, then its own employees should be first in line.” Basas added referring to the fuel subsidy of the government which the transport groups described as band-aid solution.

“How about the wage-earners? How about the state workers?” Basas asked. “We are among those citizens who are directly affected by the continuing rise in the prices of oil and other basic goods and services.”

Basas said his group considers joining the Mayday activities to highlight the public sectors workers’ condition and their challenge to Aquino presidency.

14 April 2011
For details:
Benjo Basas, Chairperson 0920-5740241/ 3853437

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