PM joins labor unity torch parade for PALEA


Renato Magtubo of PM source:

The Partido ng Manggagawa (PM) will mobilize several hundred workers from factories in Metro Manila and Calabarzon for the labor unity march today at the airport. The PM contingent will assemble at 3:30 p.m. at Pasay Rotonda before marching to the PAL Nichols Gate 2 where a salubungan will transpire with PAL employees in full uniform. From there the labor unity march will proceed to the Our Lady of the Airways Parish at the corner of MIA Road and Sucat Road for the joint rally.

Renato Magtubo, PM national chair, stated that “The labor movement stands as one body and speaks with one voice. We condemn PNoy’s decision allowing the outsourcing at PAL which will lead to the termination of 2,600 employees and their shift as contractual workers in service providers. This sends the chilling message to the workers that contractualization is the labor policy of the Aquino administration. Si Lucio Tan pala ang boss ni PNoy.”

PM, together with other big labor groups, vowed to mobilize support when the PALEA strike breaks out. Besides labor groups, other sectors have expressed solidarity with PALEA. Human rights groups yesterday declared their opposition to the Office of the President decision as a transgression of economic and social rights. The support of key Catholic bishops for PALEA’s fight is also expected. Student and youth groups will likewise participate in the mass actions. The solidarity of international labor groups is forthcoming in the next few days.

Magtubo added that “Lucio Tan is the no. 2 richest Filipino but the no.1 workers enemy. A victory by PALEA against contractualization will be the victory of all Filipino workers.”

“PAL will layoff 2,600 employees while tens of thousands of OFW’s are returning from unrests and disasters abroad, and hundreds of thousands of college graduates enter the labor force this April. Where is PNoy’s employment policy then?” Magtubo asked.
He warned that “PNoy’s decision is a tsunami that will sweep the remaining protection enjoyed by workers. But the labor movement will struggle against this man-made disaster. PNoy’s trust ratings fell because of a car and it will dive further because of airplanes.”

Partido ng Mangagawa
1 April 2011
Contact: Judy Ann Miranda @ 09175570777, 09228677522

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