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AFAD secretariat by AFAD Secretariat

The Asian Federation Against Involuntary Disappearances (AFAD) is a federation of human rights organizations working directly on the issue of involuntary disappearances in Asia. Envisioning a world without desaparecidos, the Federation was founded on June 4, 1998 in Manila, Philippines.

Know more about AFAD @ afadsecretariat.wordpress.com


pagsasa-komiks ng mga eksenang agaw trip
Email agustin.zeus@facebook.com, agawtrip.zeus@gmail.com
Website http://agawtripkomiks.tumblr.com/


ANAKNGDESAPARECIDOS managed by Lenin Castillo

SAD or Samahan ng mga Anak ng mga Desaparecidos (Children of the Disappeared) was founded in 1990 by the Families of Victims of Involuntary Disappearance (FIND). The Welfare and Rehabilitation Committee if FIND recognized that the children as well as the younger siblings of victims of involuntary disappearance needed spacial attention and rehabilitation. To ensure that their needs are adequately addressed, these children were organized into a group which was then included in the six lines of work of FIND. Thus, SAD was born.

The objective for founding SAD was to provide the children with much-needed rehabilitaion. In its early years, the focus of SAD was the attainment of this objective. Rehabilitation sessions and family conferences were conducted to help the children cope with their parents’ disappearance.

Know more about Anak ng Desaparecidos @ anakngdesaparecidos.wordpress.com



Armando “Bingboy” Paragat

A human rights advocate working at the Families of Victims of Involuntary Disappearance or FIND.

Know more about Bingboy @ https://www.facebook.com/Armando-Paragat 


Awit Tirad Olegario

A teacher and a human rights advocate

Know more about her @ https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=681338524


Bro. Martin Francisco

Save Sierra Madre by Bro. Martin Francisco (bromart.multiply.com)

I am a member of the religious brother congregation known as Blessed Sacrament of the Missionaries of the Poor (a local diocesan congregation with religous communities at Malolos, San Pablo and Panggasinan dioceses). My mission is to help the Dumagat indigenous people of Bulacan to help themselves and part of my apostolate to save their ancestral domain the Bulacan Sierra Madre from deforestation. At the same I am current chair of the Sagip Sierra Madre Environmental Society, Inc. (SSMESI) a national NGO based in Bulacan since 1996 para tutukan ang patuloy na pagkasira ng kalikasan dulot ng denudation, deforestation, land conversion, developmental aggression, waste/toxic dumping.

Know more about Bro. Martin @ https://www.facebook.com/bromartin.francisco


Carpe Diem by Darwin Mendiola
( dars0357.wordpress.com )

Carpe diem is a phrase from a Latin poem by Horace which means “seize the day”. Carpe is literally translated as “to pick, pluck, pluck off, cull, crop, gather”. Diem on the other hand simply connotes “day”. Roman poet Ovid used this phrase to mean “to enjoy, seize, use, and live”. For the author, this is about changing our attitude – by simply being critical, being involved and to express one’s thought. This is what this blog is trying to do – just to contribute in the understanding of the social realities by examining issues that affect our lives.

Carpe diem is a call for individual and collective action.

Know more about Carpe Diem @ http://dars0357.wordpress.com/about/


CAT Alert! Cannot Allow Torture! managed by TFDP


Civil Society Act 101 by Jofti Delizo

Member of Freelance Writers’ Guild of the Philippines
SC Member / FWGP Guide to the Professional Standards Committee · Aug 2011 to present · Quezon City, Philippines
A community of freelance writers protecting rights and professionalizing the freelance writing industry

Working at Freedom from Debt Coalition as FCAID Project, Coordinator- A Coalition working on Economic Justice and Empowerment

Know more about Jofti @ https://www.facebook.com/jofti/info



Deconstruction is about looking at things differently, breaking the whole into its parts to understand each piece that makes the whole, then putting them again together as a new construction. It’s simply a way of thinking, of knowing and of understanding. The posts here are critical, reflexive and constructive attempts of life discourse – an exercise of being academic, political, apolitical, sometimes cynical and skeptic, theoretical, simple or unusual. This blog attempts to contribute to human understanding of their life realities by examining things in their social world with a different lense – deconstruction for reconstruction of knowledge.

College professor, communication expert, trainer, consultant, PhD in Communication candidate from the University of the Philppines, MA in Communication graduate from Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila. Former national youth leader, community organizer, political activist, journalist and now a neophyte blogger.

Know more about Rod @ rodrigo75.wordpress.com



A human rights advocate working at Alyansa Tigil Mina (ATM).


Egay Cabalitan

Works in Task Force Detainees of the Philippines (TFDP)



Emerald Jennifer Edrene Bengzon


Free Zone by Dr. Renato Mabunga


happywithanedge by Shine Serrano


Half Empty Half Full by John Alster Soriano


Jay Azucena


Jerbert Briola


Joy Icayan


KAMPAY! by Rapha-el Olegario


You’re not supposed to be here by Koi Hernandez


Life In A Box by Rommel Yamzon


Matang Apoy by Greg Bituin


Matrix ni Parics by Mon Parica


Maximum Exposure by Germaine Trittle Leonin


Mokong Perspective



My Life is My Message by Anthony Gaupo


Orly Gravador



Politics for Breakfast by James Mathew Miraflor


Ron De Vera

Hi! I’m Ron de Vera, LGBT activist, technophile, writer, educator, photographer, poet, and sports fanatic rolled into a small frame of 130 pounds but towering at 6’2″. I currently work as Technical Staff at Amnesty International Philippines [http://www.amnesty.org.ph/] where I am also the coordinator for its LGBT campaign. On the side, I report LGBT-related news and write op-eds [http://digitaljournal.com/user/725567/news] on LGBT issues at Digital Journal.

Recently, the editors at Filipino Freethinkers [http://filipinofreethinkers.org/] have welcomed me as a contributing writer on LGBT topics (Yay!). I am also currently involved in integrating gender and diversity into the Peace Education Program [http://www.teacherswithoutborders.org/programs/core-programs/peace-education] of Teachers Without Borders.

Read more about Ron @ https://www.facebook.com/ronaldemmanueldevera/info


SDK Online by Samahan ng Demokratikong Kabataan


under reconstruction by Candy Diez


United Royal Faction by J.K. Samson

Prince John Kevin C. Samson. Writer of The Prince’s View. Founder of the United Royal Faction, or, in Filipino, Pinagkaisang Maharlikang Samahan. Known for his compassionate personality, but cruel attitude. Educating the world by love and fear. He is not very intimidating, nor is he very motivational. Decisive and fearless, he has conquered much with the help of his advisers. He believes that he is a pure blood Filipino, and only those who are from the middle class to the upper class can be considered Elite. Charisma and Intelligence are his best qualities. He felt the needs of the needy and he felt how the Elites have lived and this gave him the idea to write the Prince’s View. Patriot at heart, but more heroic than any of his peers, he made politics a child’s game. Prince John Kevin C. Samson.


Rod Galicha2
WE ARE NATURE as Rodne Calicha describes it, is a blogsite focused on the vital role and responsibility of human beings in maintaining the balance within the natural world. The crux of all the blog entries is the undeniable fact that persons are not separate environment itself. hence, the title – we are nature.

The Author

Rodne Galicha was born in June 2,1979 in San Fernando, Sibuyan Island, Romblon, Philippines, eldest son of government employee Nenita Romero Rodino of San Fernando, Romblon, and postman Rodrigo Galindez Galicha of Alcantara, Romblon. He is an environmentalist and human rights activist who is currently involved in climate justice, biodiversity conservation and natural resources conflict management.

Visit WE ARE NATURE @ http://rodgalicha.com/


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