[Announcement] Calling all chefs & nature-loving cooks! -Haribon Foundation

Calling all chefs & nature-loving cooks!

Forest Food Fair Haribon

Are you a chef, a self-confessed foodie, student organization, restaurant owner, or start-up food vendor? This is your chance to sell your vegetarian dish at the Forest Food Fair on July 25!

Get a chance to win a prize

The general public will get the chance to vote for their favorite dish as well, so you also get a chance to win a prize.

Simply email communication@haribon.org.ph to inquire or request a space at our Forest Food Fair. Please let us know what you will create so we can advertise your vegetarian dish, restaurant, or start-up if you register early!

Event logistics, July 25 @ QC Circle:

7am: 3 Green Bills March begins!
8am: Arrival of Forest Food Fair chefs for set-up.
9am: 3 Green Bills March ends.
930am: Forest Food Fair tasting begins!
1045am: Counting of votes.
11am: Winners announced!

Q: Where in QC Circle will the event be?
A: The Forest Food Fair will be located inside the central fountain area of the circle (Liwasang Aurora) beside the cement stage.

Q: How much space do we have? Do we get our own table?
A: Due to space limitations there will be two vendors per table, or about 1.5 meters x 1.5 meters of space per vendor.

Q: Can we cook on-site?
A: You may, but please bring your own cooking equipment & supplies. Please note the size limitation above. No cooking supplies, ice boxes, or the like will be provided.

Q: How many vendors will be there?
A: We have space allotted for 8 vendors on two 3-meter-long tables.

Q: Can I use meat/other ingredients? Vegan?
A: No meat. Vegetarian or vegan only!

Q: Is there a fee?
A: No fee! But please email us to reserve your spot and let us know what you will be selling. We will also advertise your vegetarian dish, restaurant, or start-up if you register early! Email communication@haribon.org.ph today.

Q: Can students participate?
A: Yes! The event is open to students who may want to fundraise for their organizations.

Q: Can I make a drink?
A: Yes! There are no “meat” drinks, so you should be fine. Unless you intend to sell “pork shakes”, then no.

Q: Why a Forest Food Fair?
A: We are down to 24% of our original forests. The Forest Food Fair will supplement the 3 Green Bill march to fill peoples minds, as well as their tummies, with information regarding how important our natural forests are to us.

Forests aren’t just a group of trees: they have culinary, cultural, scientific, recreational, hydrological, and ecological significance to humanity. And ours, in the Philippines, are not only unique; they are greatly prized by the scientific, political, and corporate sectors. It’s about time the general public prized them as well by pushing for the passing of the Forest Resources Bill, the National Land Use Act, and the Alternative Minerals Management Bill! Learn more about the Forest Food Fair here!

Have more questions? Please email us at communication@haribon.org.ph!


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