[Appeal] Justice and Dignity for small vendors of Warwick Barracks -Kilusan

Appeal to our comrades, friends, network:

We call on to you to support the campaign for the small vendors of Warwick Barracks (Carbon Market) which we call the Advocates for Justice and Dignity for small vendors of Warwick Barracks Just.. It has been 10 days since they were unjustly and inappropriately driven away from the temporary relocation site in Block 27, NRA (August 22 Clearing Operations in Block 27). They stayed along the road of Block 27 for 2 nights in tents and transferred in Talisay City seeking refuge and in Budlaan (a far-flung community in Talamban) separately. They stayed in those mentioned places in open tents.

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We had exhausted all means of lobbying and engagements with the local government through the legislative interventions to address their case in the most diplomatic way. Of course, it is not surprising that the LGU under the Rama administration never heeded their plea, worst it reverse all results of the democratic process, such showed bullying and dictatorial waged against its own constituents.

How else shall we achieve justice an dignity for our brethren? As national democratic forces, we resort to using the parliamentary in the streets as one way we can be heard. Never can we allow such demeaning, undemocratic and spoiled conduct unbecoming of a public servant! Therefore, we are holding a month-long protest. Let us hold arms against a society unmindful of the plight of the poor, of a society throwing its own productive engines in the name of profit and pretentious development disguised under policies of Private and Public Partnership.


Help us disseminate the ‪#‎cebukeepsmegoingandfighting‬ to counter the hypocrisy of CEBU CITY
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