[Statement] WeMen for Gender Justice Statement during the International Women’s Day 2014 -Lanog Mindanao

Salute and Celebrate Victories and Challenges
WeMen for Gender Justice Statement during the International Women’s Day 2014

Photo by Lanog Mindanao

Photo by Lanog Mindanao

8 March 2014- We are given a chance to show our solidarity and gratitude to our women and celebrate the victories of the working women demanding rights as workers and as human at the same time to women’s contribution in building our society –the struggle for quality life and social justice.

It has been a struggle led by women across the world making world power balance and on how to nurture mother earth. It has been a challenge to confront Patriarchy and Capitalism. But it did not stop the women’s movement worldwide, instead these challenges made the struggle relevant and timely.

WeMen for Gender Justice and many activists today across genders in the world will have different actions in time of the International Women’s Day 2014 though this is just one of the many days of gender justice campaigns and efforts. We would like to share this day to all activists and every single woman in the world. We are very thankful for giving life to us as our mothers. We would like to express our salute and gratitude particularly to those who offered their lives and martyred of this cause. We will continue to celebrate hopes, voices and actions as we continue to work hand-in-hand with them towards the elimination of violence and discrimination towards equality and justice.

As we celebrate this day we stand firm against those who dare to violate women’s rights and those rapist-capitalists of mother earth – the greedy capitalism that caused destruction to our environment and displacements. We believe that no nation can claim of being free if half of its population is marginalized and neglected, oppressed and denied.

Time for us men to do our share and find our space in this fight. Give up that insecurities and be part of this humanist and internationalist cause.

WeMen for Gender Justice will join the actions organized by the women organizations in Mindanao, Philippines and organize meetings, discussions and solidarity actions of its own in this 2014 International Women’s Day and Philippine National Women’s Month and the rest of the year.

For women and earth are the same – source of life, Salute and Celebrate Victories and Challenges.

Vhong Fenis
WeMen for Gender Justice, Mindanao, Philippines
8 March 2014

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