[Event] Luzon Conference on Mining and Ecology on February 28 -Luzon Coalition for the Ecology

Luzon Conference on Mining and Ecology on February 28

This month the president is declaring his mining policy. So it is an intense time because mining companies are pulling all stops to make it friendly to their business interests. However history and facts have shown us that the current mining industry in the Philippines is detrimental to the well being of the Filipino.

On February 28, at the UST Medicine Auditorium there will be a whole day conference on Mining and the Ecology from 8:30am to 6:30pm. There will be international speakers:

· Clive Wicks – who has written a book on Mining and Food and is an expert on the Tampacan issue which threatens the ecology of this country.
· Jim Kuipers who is a mining engineer in Montana for 20 years – and can explain how mining threatens water.

Among the local speakers who will be presenting at the conference are:

· Mayor Eduard Hagedorn of Puerto Princesa will talk about his experience of building Puerto Princesa without mining.
· Dr. Lina Regis who has a doctorate degree in mining ecology will talk about the science of mining and the ecology.
· Atty. Gerthie Anda founder of ELAC (Environmental Legal Action Center) will talk about the legalities.
· Ms. Maita Gomez of Bantay Kita will share her indepth research on the mining industry and finance.
· Rep. Luz Ilagan of Gabriela one of the authors of the Alternative Minerals Act Bill which is being proposed at Congress now – as an alternative to the current Mining Act – which is not beneficial at all to the Filipino.
· Ms. Gina Lopez of Bantay Kalikasan to discuss the alternatives on mining.

In the evening a concert for the environment will follow after the conference featuring special appearances from special guests.

We hope you and your colleagues can go. The Registration is free – you just have to pay for the food. which is P400 for lunch, dinner, and two meriendas. But you need to let us know that you are coming so that we can gauge the numbers.

We need to know the names of who will be coming. Deadline for registration is on February 25, 2012.

Another very important thing, we want the event to be able to get at least a million signatures for the Luzon area. So it would be very much appreciated
if you come to the event with thousands of signatures. Just get a blank sheet of paper and put in the heading No to Mining in Palawan/ and the area of your choice.We will tabulate it.Then before the end of the month, we tell the president that ___ number of people really do NOT want the ecology destroyed.

This one is for God and Country. Its using the Power of Good and the Power of Many….

Please see attached files for more details. For inquiries and concernes, please call or text 0917-521-4624.

Hoping to hear form you soon. Thank you very much.

Luzon Coalition for the Ecology


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