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For the past five years, WikiPilipinas.org, the Philippines‘ premier online encyclopedia, has been awarding the WikiPinoy of the Year title to the person or group of people who has empowered the public by providing open information and in-depth insights into the more significant issues affecting the country today.

A WikiPinoy does more than information and knowledge sharing. A WikiPinoy’s output is research-driven, meaning, he or she does not just present the facts as is, but probes beneath the surface of each story and inspires people to be knowledge sharers as well. For a WikiPinoy, knowledge sharing goes beyond the comfortable seat of his or her office desk—he or she is proactive.

Unlike in previous years when the WikiPinoy of the Year was selected by the editorial board and staff of WikiPilipinas, the 2011 WikiPinoy of the Year will be chosen by WikiPinoys – the readers and contributing volunteers of WikiPilipinas.

Starting today, December 1, WikiPilipinas readers can vote for one of ten nominees for the 2011 WikiPinoy of the Year by answering the online poll question on WikiPilipinas’ official facebook account.

The nominees for the 2011 WikiPinoy of the year are:

*Manix Abrera – Manix Abrera is popularly known as the brains behind Kiko Machine, a daily comic strip published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Aside from his daily humor komiks, Abrera tackles issues about news media on News Hardcore (appearing on Gmanews.tv) and Pressed Freedom (appearing on Cmfr-Phil.org).

*Ericson Acosta – Ericson Acosta is a prominent political prisoner and cultural worker, who was arrested and detained in February 2011 by the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Despite being detained, Acosta continues to pursue his art and, reminiscent of Vietnamese hero Ho Chi Minh’s “Prison Diaries,” released “The Prison Sessions”, a raw recording of progressive songs. “The Prison Sessions” gained international prominence as it was nominated in the 2011 Imprisoned Artist Prize.

*Mikey Bustos – Mikey Bustos is the YouTube sensation responsible for the viral “Filipino tutorial” series where he teaches Westerners about contemporary Filipino culture. The video series is known for its humorous yet educational approach to Philippine culture.

*Michael Charleston Chua – Michael Charleston Chua is a youthful history professor from the De La Salle University whose advocacy is to popularize the accurate and objective teaching of Philippine history in the news media. He won the WikiPinoy of the Year for History title in 2007, when the WikiPinoy of the Year award was given to a number of individuals per category.

*Lourd de Veyra – Lourd de Veyra is the vocalist of jazz rock band Radioactive Sago Project as well as an accomplished writer and commentator. In 2011, the TV5 segment Word of the Lourd became popular among the youth. In the video shorts, de Veyra presents his perspectives on current social issues, like the independent film industry, Philippine sports, the death of Apple founder Steve Jobs, and unique Filipino traits.

*People behind HronlinePH.com – HRonlinePH.com is a joint effort of various human rights organizations to popularize the issue of human rights in the online world. It is touted as the first human rights news aggregator in the Philippines.

*Heidi Mendoza – Heidi Mendoza is the muckraking auditor of the Commission on Audit who exposed probable cases of corruption among generals of the Armed Forces of the Philippines during the administration of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. A pint-sized lady accountant, Mendoza, through her pen and paper, courageously went against the top brass of the military to pursue truth, justice, and accountability.

*Gerry Ortega – Another muckraking personality, Gerry Ortega is a Palaweno broadcast journalist who exposed the ills of mining in key biodiversity areas in his home province. As a reported result of his aggressive commentary against large-scale mining and other forms of environmental destruction, Ortega was murdered on 24 January 2011. His death resulted in the No to Mining in Palawan Campaign which has now reached more than 3 million signatures since its launch in February 2011.

*People behind SEA Games 2011 : Team Philippines News Updates Facebook page – Social media has been an alternative source of news and information, and in this Facebook page, fans of the Philippine national team reported, in real time, the updates and developments of the Philippine campaign in the 2011 Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) in Palembang, Indonesia during November 2011. The page reported news in all SEA Games events and was not limited to the spectator sports commonly covered by the mainstream media.

*People behind Transparencyreporting.net – TransparencyReporting.net is a pioneering collaborative effort by independent journalists to report corruption in both the national and local governments in the Philippines. It was built upon the belief in an informed and proactive public as the most important agents toward a transparent and corrupt-free system of governance.

To vote for the 2011 WikiPinoy of the Year, add WikiPililipinas.org on Facebook ( wikipinas@gmail.com ) and vote in the 2011 WikiPinoy of the Year online poll. Voting ends on December 31, 2011. Contact WikiPilipinas at contribute@wikipilipinas.org for more details.

Source: www.thepoc.net

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