[Press Release] Labor group hits DAP defenders, tells lawmakers to abide by the SC decision -BMP

Labor group hits DAP defenders, tells lawmakers to abide by the SC decision

A LABOR group reacted to the avalanche of statements made publicly on the recently concluded Disbursement Acceleration Program by the Supreme Court (SC). The statements, the group says is tantamount to the refusal of Palace allies to act in accordance with the decision and shield Aquino and themselves from accountability.


Among the lawmakers and public personalities which defended the DAP were Senator Antonio Trillanes, Representatives Walden Bello of Akbayan partylist, Ben Evardone of Eastern Samar, Winston Castelo of Quezon City, Miro Quimbo of Marikina and renowned constitutionalist Joaquin Bernas S.J.

“Now that the SC has decided, these so-called representatives of the people have revealed that they are not of the people but representatives of Aquino. They are obviously parroting the statements and positions of Palace officials,” said Gie Relova of the Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP).

“After fattening themselves, the least they could do is shut up and abide by the SC decision. Though we expect them to be kapal-muks, they should instead start admitting their roles in the illegal disbursement of public funds” he added.

The lawmakers’ statements ranged from a mere “administrative lapse” to “done in good faith”, also the statement issued by Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda.

Relova noted that most of the statements made by the lawmakers in defense of the DAP was also contiguous to their positions to whether President Aquino would be held accountable for the juggling public funds without going through Congress.

BMP took exception at the opinion of Joaquin Bernas who was reported to have said that, “It seems to me it’s more of ignorance of the Constitution, and ignorance is not a ground for impeachment”.

“For a veteran constitutionalist and professor of the law, the good Father maybe suffering from mental lapses. Ignorance of the law maybe applicable for petty infringements such as traffic violations since traffic routes are often altered. But the Constitution has not been changed since 1987” he said.

Relova further explained that, “How can Bernas claim Aquino’s ignorance of the DAP’s constitutional violations, when then Senator Aquino filed Senate Bill 3121 or the Budget Impoundment Control Act in March 4, 2009, in his Explanatory Note Aquino cited Article VI Section 25 of the 1987 Constitution acknowledging its existence and limitations of the power of the Executive. The very same provision the Supreme Court says the DAP of Aquino, Abad and Purissima violated in its decision”.

Article VI Section 25 of the 1987 Constitution stipulates that, “Congress may not increase the appropriations recommended by the President for the operation of the Government as specified in the budget. The form, content and manner of preparation of the budget shall be prescribed by law”.

“Bernas is acting as a modern-day Padre Damaso in his defense of Aquino and his abuses’” Relova held.

The militants insisted that Aquino and all the bureaucratic technocrats such as Budget Secretary Butch Abad, Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima, Treasury officials Roberto Tan and Rosalia de Leon for they willfully committed blatant constitutional violations and should be held liable.

“We all know that they are not honorable and will not resign from their posts, so the only option remaining for the nation to achieve justice is to oust them from office. No matter the cost, if that is the only way to regain our dignity,” Relova concluded.

Press Release
03 July 2014
Contact Person:
Mr. Gie Relova

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