[Press Release] Teachers offer assistance, ask for help for thypoon victims -TDC

Teachers offer assistance, ask for help for thypoon victims

Teachers offered their assistance to the victims of the Super Typhoon Yolanda thru volunteer work in humanitarian organizations and foundations that are doing relief operations for the areas hit by the strongest typhoon in recorded history.


Benjo Basas, national chairman of the Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC) said that even “in this little way, we can show our compassion and sympathy to our fellow Filipinos who suffered the effects of perhaps, the worst natural calamity in our country.”
Recognizing the bayanihan spirit in every the heart of every Filipino, the group has offered their help in packaging the relief goods to non-government organizations and several media groups in Manila.

Basas added that much as they want to raise funds for fellow teachers in the calamity areas, they have no capacity to do so, and just ask the members to donate old clothes or any ready to eat food. However teachers and TDC members who wish to donate cash are endorsed to the mainstream organizations and institutions that can effectively handle such operation.

The TDC leaders from Central Luzon, Calabarzon and Metro Manila will meet this Saturday, November 16 at Morning Breeze Elementary School in Caloocan to tackle the possible assistance the group can offer and the attendees are advised to bring their relief donations.

Basas also said the asked the Budget Department to immediately release teachers and government employees’ year-end bonus (13th month pay).

“If the DBM and our respective agencies can expedite the release of our year-end bonus, then we can help our relatives in the provinces. Also, teachers who are affected themselves will have, at least money for survival and other necessities.” He also asks the government loan agencies to facilitate emergency loans, “The granting of ‘no-interest loans’ from Pag-Ibig Fund and GSIS may also help the teachers and employees to cope up in these trying times.” Basas ended.

Normally, the year-end bonus of teachers comes ‘not earlier than November 16’ according to the policy but normally reach them after a week or two.

The TDC noted that there are several reports already from the field especially in Panay and Samar, however, their members and leaders in Leyte are until now inaccessible thru mobile communication and internet.

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