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Exchange LINKS with us, Human Rights Online Philippines

Dear Human Rights bloggers,

Help us create Human Rights bloggers community! Exchange links with us now!

Step 1

Human Rights Online Philippines or HRonlinePH wants to promote and protect human rights in the Philippines through information resources online. This is by helping out HR blogs, web sites and other HR online related activities, events and campaigns in the country through creating links among HR bloggers and websites.

Join us and spread the word by posting to your site the HRonlinePH banner below. Just copy the URL code under your chosen banner or link button and post it or download your chosen image and attach the corresponding URL link.  You may also include us in your list of blogs or blogroll by using the HRonlinePH URL.

HRonlinePH URL:

HRonlinePH logo: size 180 x 163 –URL:

Link HR logo 1: size 180 x 180 –URL:

HRonlinePH logo: size 99 x 99–URL:×99.jpg

HRonlinePH logo: size 124 x 31–URL:

Step 2

If you are a blogger and human rights advocate or you simply want to join and link with us, submit your blog at by following the format below.

We will include you to a page containing links to HR sites.

Title of your blog/site
Brief description of your blog
Your full name
URL (ex.

For HR related articles/blogs please attached jpeg file of your logo and the link (URL) of a sample your HR related post.

Step 3

You may contribute articles, photos, videos and other related information materials about human rights (see instructions).

Step 4

We also encourage you to link with other HR bloggers you will find here in our site.

Note: Submissions are subject to HRonlinePH policies and evaluation.  Blogs that contain posts that are not in accordance with human rights standards will not be considered. While we appreciate submission from bloggers of their write-up, but for a short while, we are encouraging submissions only from Filipino bloggers.

Thank you.

For human rights,


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