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[Press Release] THINK FIRST BEFORE YOU DRINK: Labour rights group slams Coca-Cola’s brazen disregard of labour laws, arrogant refusal to regularize its 675 contractual workers -CTUHR


THINK FIRST BEFORE YOU DRINK: Labour rights group slams Coca-Cola’s brazen disregard of labour laws, arrogant refusal to regularize its 675 contractual workers

“When aggrieved workers have found recourse in law to get regular employment denied them by company squeezing them for decades, and corporations violate the law, it is a legitimate right of every worker to strike, says the Center for Trade Union and Human Rights in lending its solidarity and support for the striking workers of Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines. Inc. (CCFPI) Sta. Rosa Plant in Laguna.

On March 21, 2018, workers led by Liga na Pinalakas ng Manggagawa sa Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines – Liga ng Manggagawa para sa Regular na Hanapbuhay (LPMCCFP-LIGA) launched their strike in response to the CCFPI management’s refusal to implement the decision of Department of Labor and Employment Region IV-A to regularize their 675 contractual workers.

“This brazen refusal of CCFPI management to regularize its 675 workers despite DOLE’s order is an affront to Philippine laws and labour justice and a gross disrespect to international labour standards. For years, CCFPI has amassed billions of pesos from denying long-term contractual workers of regular status that could have given them benefits and better wages. It has employed various schemes such as mass-layoff, illegal retrenchment and “restructuring” to escape from the responsibility of regularizing workers after more than six months, then hand them over to the manpower agencies,” Daisy Arago, CTUHR Executive Director, said.

CTUHR also added that Coca-Cola management’s arrogance and blatant disregard of labor laws only reflects President Duterte’s failure to deliver his promises to workers.

“How can a government department enforce its decision over an arrogant capitalists like Coca-Cola, when President Duterte himself fails to fulfill his promise to end contractualization? He enticed the workers and labour centers hanging on his promise to sign the Executive Order to end to all forms of contractualization and dropped them flat, by saying endo cannot be stopped. The pro-capitalist and anti-worker character of this administration favors the already big capitalists as they continue to exploit their workers while ignoring labour laws and standards,” Arago said.

The labour rights NGO also slammed the silence of Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello on the issue of the contractual workers of Coca-Cola. The group warned the Coca-Cola striking workers on a possible move by Sec. Bello reversing DOLE itself decision similar to what he did when he overturned the DOLE-Region 4’s decision ordering the Alaska Milk Corp to regularize 800 workers.

Coca-Cola FEMSA, together with local government, deployed 100 security personnel, armed police and SWAT around the vicinity of the picketline, seemingly prepared to inflict violence on striking workers on a whip of an order. “Government forces seem always ready to defend corporations against its own people fighting to making a living. Is this is not fascism and state terrorism? This is really disturbing”, CTUHR enthused.

CTUHR appeals on the public, the Coke and Coke product consumers and other labor groups to support the strike of the 675 workers of Coca-Cola. Can you feel happiness when people who make the products you drink are kicked out of jobs to take in much-lower paid workers? Think first before you drink?

Media Release
03 April 2018

Daisy Arago
CTUHR Executive Director
Tel # 0916248 4876 / 4110256

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[Off-the-shelf] Free Prior and Informed Consent in the Philippines Regulations and Realities By OXFAM

Free Prior and Informed Consent in the Philippines
Regulations and Realities

Oxfam has just completed a policy briefing paper called “Free Prior Informed Consent in the Philippines: Regulations and Realities” which describes the key legal protections for FPIC in the Philippines as well as past obstacles to effective implementation. In addition, the policy note highlights features of implementing rules adopted by the government in 2012 to promote more effective future implementation of FPIC. The paper is available at: http://www.oxfamamerica.org/publications/free-prior-and-informed-consent-in-the-philippines.

The paper was written by Cielo Magno, National Coordinator of Bantay Kita (the “Publish What You Pay” affiliated coalition in the Philippines), and Dante B. Gatmaytan, Associate Professor at the University of the Philippines College of Law.

Senior Policy Advisor, Extractive Industries
Oxfam America | Washington, DC | +1 (202) 471 3063
http://www.oxfamamerica.org | facebook.com/oxfamamerica | twitter.com/oxfamamerica

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[Featured Site/campaign] Hey Coke! RESPECT workers’ rights! -APL

Hey Coke! RESPECT workers’ rights!

Coca-cola Philippines is destroying regular jobs. So the next time you open a bottle of an ice cold Coke, just stop…. and think. Think about what’s behind this cold drink and “cool” image.


The next time you pop a top or crack a cap on an ice cold Coke, just
stop…. and think. Think about what’s behind this cold drink and
“cool” image. Think about the thousands of Filipinos who make Coke.
Think fast because they’ll be gone soon. Why?

Because Coke is replacing good regular jobs with insecurity and fear. How?

By refusing workers of job security and union rights.

Coke is going to be rights-free zone right here in the Philippines.

No rights, no respect. No respect for the people who make Coke and make it all

So, what’s cooler is to send Coke a message: “Hey Coke! RESPECT workers’ rights!”

Take a photo such as this one (attach your photo hehe!) and put on your facebook status.
And tag https://www.facebook.com/HeyCokeRespectWorkersRights?

General Information
This is a campaign to support the struggle of the Coca-Cola workers’ in the Philippines.

Phone (02) 332 1378
Email mail@apl.org.ph
Website http://www.apl.org.ph

Visit and like https://www.facebook.com/HeyCokeRespectWorkersRights?

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Makiisa sa pagpapalaganap ng impormasyon hinggil sa karapatang pantao. Pindot na!

WHAT IS 3RD HR PINDUTEROS CHOICE AWARDS? https://hronlineph.com/2013/10/01/3rd-human-rights-pinduteros-choice-awards/

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[From the web] OFW on death-row appeals to Cola company help raise amount for blood money- migranteme.blogspot.com

An overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who is in Saudi death-row today appeals to Coca-cola Company, maker of coca-cola, a carbonated soft drinks, to help raise an amount for the blood money not only for him but also to other overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) on death-row languishing in various jails abroad specifically those in the Middle East where blood money is allowed in order to spare the OFWs from execution, according to Migrante-Middle East, a Filipino migrant rights group. (See below letter of Appeal from Rogelio Don Lanuza sent to M-ME regional coordinator John Leonard Monterona).

Last week, a Coca-cola video project dubbed Where Will Happiness Strike Next: The OFW Project became viral over social networks sites where many viewers ‘made to cry’ after viewing the video project.

The said Coca-cola video depicted three OFWs sad plight who have been away from their families for quite a long time. The cola-maker company gave them a Christmas gift that left the OFWs in tears.

”Many companies, if not all, embrace the principle of corporate social responsibility or CSR which goal is to be responsible for the company’s actions and encourage a positive impact through various initiatives beneficial not only to its employees and stakeholders but also to the larger communities and the public. I note that Coca-cola abides its own CSR as depicted on its video that became viral,” said John Leonard Monterona, Migrante-Middle East (M-ME) regional coordinator.

Monterona added that it would be more meaningful and beneficial if private companies live by the principle and spirit of CSR by launching more pro-OFW CSR initiatives.

“Helping raise an amount for the blood money of OFWs on death row in Saudi Arabia could be one of the many CSR initiatives that private companies such as Coca-Cola could initiate,” Monterona added.

Monterona cited the case of Rogelio ‘Don’ Lanuza, now 37, from Bulacan province, was convicted sometime in 2000 for accidentaly killing of a Saudi national which he claimed was only an act of self defense. Since then, he is incarcerated in Dammam Central Jail, Dammam, eastern region of Saudi Arabia.

Read full article @ migranteme.blogspot.com

[Isyung HR] and the winner is… Madam Pick-up lines!

Ano pa nga ba, e talbog ang PNoy banat sa explosive na pick-up at taray lines ni Senator Miriam Santiago sa isang forum tungkol sa RH Bill sa University of the Philippines. Pinatunayan nanaman ni Madam na newsmaker talaga siya. What comes out from her mouth will surely land sa headlines.

Pati nga ang forum on RH Bill na dapat sanang lead paragraph ng mga balita ay naging side event na lang. Hahaha! 🙂

“Sana cardiologist ka na lang, para ikaw ang mag-aalaga sa puso ko.”

“Hindi ko alam ang katapusan ng universe, pero alam ko ang simula: U N I.”

“When someone told me ‘Ang ganda mo.’ I told her, ‘Sana ikaw rin.”

“Maglaro tayo ng kahit ano, huwag lang taguan. Kasi someone like you is hard to find.”

Ang tindi ng hits ng video uploaded sa Youtube na umabot na sa hundred thousands. Even the news articles online ay shared and recommended sa FB at twitter in a very tremendous number of times. She indeed never failed to amuse the public.

Tinanong natin ang ilan sa mga nakapanood ng kanyang celebrated at patok sa takilyang pick-up lines at eto ang reaksiyong nasagap ng ating mokong survey:

“Ang galling-galing blockbuster talaga! Uulit-ulitin mong panoorin!”

“Kilig ako sa kanya! Ang ganda-ganda ni Miriam! Sana ako din!”

“I love you Miriam! We want more!”

“Best comedian! Pinagsamang Aiai at Eugene!”

“Astig! She rocks!”

“Tabon na tabon ang RH Bill!”

Para sa inyo alin ang mas patok na banat?

PNoy: “May nagtanong ho kasi sa akin e—sabi niya, ‘Kumusta lovelife mo?’ Kaya ang sabi ko po sa kanya, ‘A, parang Coca-Cola.’ So sabi ngayon ng tao, ‘Hindi ko yata maintindihan.’ Kako, ‘Coca-Cola, ‘nung araw regular, naging light, ngayon zero,”

Miriam: “When someone told me ‘Ang ganda mo.’ I told her, ‘Sana ikaw rin.”

Shamcey: “If I would have to change my religious beliefs, I would not marry the person that I love. Because the first person that I love is God, who created me. I have my faith and my principles, and this is what makes me who I am. If the person loves me, he’ll love my God too.”

Vote now!

Hindi rin pinalagpas ni Madam ang pagbuga ng lawayistic misiles maging sa pagkapanalo ni Miss. Universe  3rd runner up Shamcey Supsup, “I’m going to file a protest if possible… if there’s a legal remedy I don’t think that it might be taken as lacking in sportsmanship,” Santiago told reporters in an interview. “…I’m better as a senator than as a beauty consultant…I lied.” dagdag pa ni Madam dahil sa hindi daw tumama ang hula niya.

Mokong: akala ko better as Madam pick-up lines:)

Napagalaman natin sa Mokongleaks na edited daw pala ang nasabing statement. It supposed to go like this, “I’m going to file a protest if possible… if there’s a legal remedy I don’t think that it might be taken as lacking in sportsmanship, I am better as Senator than President, nadadaya kasi ako palagi sa eleksiyon.”

Gayundin naman at humabol din si Pangalawang Pangulong Binay, ayon pa sa kanya…
“Her representation of the beauty of the Filipino people in the pageant adds to our national pride, and her victory serves to solidify our status as a beautiful country rich in natural resources, and populated by hospitable, beautiful and intelligent people,” he said.

“Are you referring to me?” Miriam asked, “kasi someone told me ‘Ang ganda mo.’ I told her, ‘Sana ikaw rin.”

Mokong: hindi po madam,the vice president was referring to our mountains rich in natural resources and minerals, kaya ipamimina ng pamahalaan.

Last September 16, 2011 ay inalala ang 20th year anniversary of the Termination of RP-US Bases treaty, kaya naman tinanong natin ang mga nagsipagdalo kung ano ang usong pick-up lines 20 years ago.

Una sa mga nagpadala ng kanyang sagot ay ang superstar na si Nora Aunor, “My brother is not a pig!” the superstar said in a statement.

Pero most of the participants remembered the pick-up line, “Imperialismo Ibagsak!”

Indeed matindi pala talaga ang underlying current sa competition sa pagbubulalas ng pinaka-magaling na pick-up lines.

Pero ayon sa mga Mokong experts the Boy pick-up awards goes to the undefeated former President Gloria Arroyo’s pick-up line “Hello Garci!” and “I am sorry…”

Mokong lang po!:)

[Isyung HR] MokongLeaks, kukuro-coke-crocs

The Mokong survey

Have you seen the AD, nakisakay na rin ang Pepsi sa mokong na banat ni PNoy? Regarding his love life that he compared to Coke Zero.

Pepsi released a FULL PAGE print ad with the tagline “Lovelife? Go from zero to MAX”

Bilang pagpapatuloy ng ating katuwaan, we went to the street, the mall, churches, beaches and gimmick places, and asked an almost the same question to ordinary people. We converted the mokong banat into a mokong survey and here are their responses…

We approached Ligaya, the main character in Rosanna Roces starrer film in the 90s “Ligaya ang itawag mo sa akin” and we asked her. “Kamusta lovelife Ligaya?” she answered with grace “Eto magang-maga.”

It was such a mokong banat Ligaya! Hahaha!

As we continue our kamokongan.  We went to a group of jeepney drivers and asked them, “Kamusta po ang lovelife?” they answered, “Dati basta driver sweet lover, naging barya lang sa umaga, ngayon barya na lang araw-araw.”

Hindi pa nagkasya namataan namin ang isang pormadong binata.  We found out that he is working as a mechanic in Philippine Airlines. We asked him, “Kamusta naman ang lovelife?” He answered, “Dati regular, naging contractual na, ngayon ma-si-zero pa.”

Narinig pala ng isang passersby ang aming usapan.  He introduced himself as a resident of an Urban Poor. He told us that he wanted to share his answer to us. “Ok kamusta lovelife mo?” he answered, “Dati squatter, naging illegal settler, ngayon homeless na. maiisip pa ba naming ang lovelife?”

We decided to proceed with our Mokong survey to the senate and we asked one senator, “Sir kamusta po ang lovelife?” he looked at us annoyed and he answered, “Huwag niyo akong pangunahan!”

Napikon yata namin kaya naman we decided to go to the lower house instead.  We chanced upon a young congress woman, we asked, “kamusta po ang lovelife?” she answered, “Huwag niyong dalhin dito ang pagiging brat niyo!”

More Mokong survey to come…

Stressed and irritated croc looms in the diplomatic community – MokongLeaks  

It was reported in major dailies that “Lolong” the 20 foot long croc captured in Agusan del Sur last Saturday has not been eating due to stress and irritation.

“Sino ba naman ang makakakain sa ayos kong ito?” Lolong lamented.

Mokongs believed that they have been serving Lolong the wrong food.  A mokong expert said in a statement that crocs like Lolong are fond of Pork placed in a barrel, but the handler of lolong refused to feed him pork to avoid allegations of special treatment.

Kasalukuyan din pong nakaalerto ang mga otoridad dahil sa ulat na may partner si Lolong at napag-alamang maaring kasinglaki rin niya ito.

It was also presumed that the lady crocodile is now looking for her husband and will attack anytime.

The stressed and irritated Mrs. Croc allegedly manifested itself in an event about human rights in Quezon City.  MokongLeaks believe that this might be the lady croc that we have been worried about.

“I am irritated on that girl’s point,” the irritated croc pointed her finger to one of the participants of that workshop.

The question that annoyed this croc was, “if there’s a space for the recommendations of the Civil Society Organizations to be put forward?”

This MokongLeak information is about an ironic attitude that this croc supposedly from our diplomatic community showed the CSO participants of a workshop consultation that was held few days ago in Quezon City.  The workshop was intended to facilitate and collate CSO’s recommendations to a human rights body, siya po ang rep ng ating bansa dito.

“That’s the reason I’m there. If you don’t trust me, you jump in!”  the irritated croc even reacted at the top her lungs with violent sign language.  She did it in her very stressed diplomatic manners.

One of the participants asked, “ganyan ba ang diplomatic?” thinking if she acts the same when dealing with other countries’ reps.

Another participant answered, “sa CSO lang siya ganyan.”

Yes according sa nasagap nating mga reports, the croc has always been like this.  She always sounded like scolding the CSOs in engagements like this.

Natural lang daw talaga siyang ganyan. Sa mga CSOs. Ano bully?

“She sounded very defensive, to the point of taking the remarks against the reporter of the workshop group, nawala sa wisyo niya na report ito ng grupo kaya hindi dapat niya kainisan ang reporter,” another participant commented.

It appears that she interpreted that the remarks delivered by the CSO representative was intended to attack her.

“Hindi masamang magkamali, pero dahil mayabang siya, at madalas siyang at the top her lungs kung magreak sa mga CSOs, we can’t help but to notice her weaknesses,” another participant commented when in one point of the program, the honorable croc asked the organizer sa tabi niya while reading her notes on all the reports of the groups, “What is LGBT?” reinforcing her point na kaya siya nasa posisyon ay dahil karapatdapat siya. Hahaha!

After the honorable croc delivered her reactions to all the reports, again at the top of her lungs and with all the violent gestures, the open forum started.  One of the participants asked three good questions and the honorable croc replied, this time gently, “Thank you very much Ms _____ for your very relevant questions.  Let me start with the last one, will you kindly repeat the question again. What was your question?”

See… the reason why she’s there, if we don’t trust her, we jump in!

Another participant of the workshop asked, “what is the process if we want to submit letters and recommendations to the human rights body?”

The honorable croc answered, “You should send it to me.  I am good at negotiations. Because there is no clear protocol. Padala niyo sa kin, pag-aralan ko If I can. Don’t give documents I cannot carry all that. Ayaw ko nang paulit-ulit nabubwiset ako.”

Tama nga naman, sa dami ng mga organizations, kung magpapasa lahat ay baka mahirapan siya madala ang mga documents at macharge pa ng ‘excess baggage’ sa airport.

In her closing statement she delivered again at the top of her lungs, “I am on both sides, I advocate human rights and I represent the state!!!!! It’s not an easy job.”

Can we jump in now?

Ang tanong ng bayan… Will she be the Mrs. Croc that we have been looking for?

Just kidding! Mokong lang po, Hahahaha!

[Isyung HR] Can Pinoys compare HRVs to Coke Zero too?

Today’s Isyung HR was inspired by mokong na banat ng ating pangulo. The irony here was that ayaw daw niyang mapag-usapan ang kanyang lovelife and invoking his right to privacy when the media were asking pero siya pa ang nagpapatawa gamit ito.

After PNoy disclosed during his speech before the Filipino Community in Beijing that he was asked about his most sought after lovelife…

“May nagtanong ho kasi sa akin e—sabi niya, ‘Kumusta lovelife mo?’ Kaya ang sabi ko po sa kanya, ‘A, parang Coca-Cola.’ So sabi ngayon ng tao, ‘Hindi ko yata maintindihan.’ Kako, ‘Coca-Cola, ‘nung araw regular, naging light, ngayon zero,” PNoy.

we received some unsolicited answers from other ka-Mokongs on the same question.  And it goes…

“Ang lovelife ko parang beer,” as another former president said, “noong araw lights, naging pale, ngayon superdry.” Parang pabagsak ang ibig ipahiwatig.

The pagalingan ng “banat” hit us like storm, more former presidents also sent their own versions, “Ang lovelife ko parang damit, noon RTW, naging eloys, ngayon ukay-ukay na,” ibig ba sabihin 2nd hand?

May mga sumingit pang mga presidentiables din naman.

“Ang lovelife ko parang DVD, may original at may pirated,”

“Ang lovelife ko parang pelikula, ang iba Rated PG, may rated R, madalas for adults only,”

“Ang lovelife ko parang lumalaki, dating small, naging medium, ngayon large na siya,” a tumaba, napabayaan ang sarili.

“Ang lovelife ko parang wine, the older the better.” mahilig sa mas matanda.

Ikaw kamusta lovelife mo? want to join the circus pls click here.

Sana someday when asked “Kamusta human rights violations sa inyo?” Pinoys would say “parang Coca-Cola. Nung araw regular, naging light, ngayon ZERO.”