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[People] Those Fighting and Dying for Filipino Freedoms -by Fr. Shay Cullen

Those Fighting and Dying for Filipino Freedoms
by Fr. Shay Cullen

What is independence but the freedom from the domination and control of others? Freedom is firstly an inner, non-material spiritual value. The desire for it is a natural right and when achieved, it is a joyful experience. The freedom to practice our religious beliefs and to be freed from chains and bondage, the freedom of expression and to live in dignity free from poverty and fear are the greatest values of being human. They are universal human rights.

Working for freedom and independence from all kinds of oppression, whether it be poverty, human right violations, discrimination, racism, sex slavery and exploitation, land grabbing or unjust imprisonment, is driven by spiritual motivation not by political ambition or goals. It is a commitment to stand up for the moral and gospel values of human dignity and freedom.

The great Gandhi, a man of deep spirituality and conviction protested against British oppression and domination of India’s people. He campaigned and demanded freedom and independence. He was named the Father of the Nation. He was a rights campaigner, not a politician, yet his demand for freedom and human rights was wrongly branded as political interference, subversion and political meddling by the British authorities and he was vilified and jailed. He led a non-violent moral movement that won freedom and independence for the millions of oppressed Indians.

In the Philippines the Filipino secular Catholic priests Mariano Gomez, José Burgos and Jacinto Zamora were garroted to death in Bagumbayan (now called Luneta Park) by the Spanish authorities after a mock trial with false witness. They were falsely accused of subversion on February 17, 1872 on fake charges of political subversion arising from the 1872 Cavite mutiny. In fact, they were human rights activists in a racial struggle against Spanish-born clerics but accused of political interference, a handy way to get rid of human rights advocates.

In Negros in the 1980s, the famous Catholic missionaries Fathers Brian Gore from Australia and Father Niall O’Brian from Ireland, diocesan Filipino priest Father Vicente Dangan and six lay church workers were unjustly accused and jailed by the Marcos regime, vilified with false charges as being political subversives who were wrongly accused of killing a mayor. The communist rebels admitted that they had done it but the priests and church lay workers were unjustly blamed to silence them from speaking out against social injustice. After many months, they were eventually freed. Nowadays, assassins have killed and are killing advocates of freedom and independence, human rights activists, media practitioners and priests and pastors to mention just a few.

In Mindanao, for more than 32 years, Father Fausto Tentorio was dedicated to helping the poor indigenous Lumad people in their struggle against mining interests that were grabbing their land and destroying their environment. He was murdered. His fellow missionaries Father Tullio Favali and Father Salvatore Carzedda were also murdered in North Cotabato and Zamboanga Cit respectively. They gave their lives for the freedom of the oppressed people. Their work for the poor was not political, it was humanitarian and done for justice and human dignity.

Father Marcelito Paez, 72, dedicated to human rights and justice for prisoners was shot and killed by assassins riding in tandem on a motorcycle in the town of Jaen, Nueva Ecija after visiting a jail to help win freedom for a political prisoner December 4, 2017. Father Mark Anthony Yuaga Ventura, a Catholic priest, was shot and killed after saying Mass in the northern Philippine town of Gattaran in Cagayan province on April 29, 2018. He was known to be active in supporting the indigenous people struggling for their rights against land-grabbers. Leading political authorities have vilified his life of service with baseless sordid allegations.

Sister Patricia Fox is to be deported for taking a stand for the rights of the indigenous people and supporting the rights of the poor and the oppressed. Her courageous spiritual commitment was branded as political interference when in fact she was living out her gospel values and spiritual mission to love and free the struggling Filipino. Deportation is the only thanks the government is giving her after 27 years of dedicated work.

Archbishop Óscar Romero was appointed archbishop of San Salvador, El Salvador in February 1977. From being a very conservative bishop, he saw the oppression when his best friend, a priest and human rights advocate, was brutally murdered by the government secret police. From then on, the archbishop changed and campaigned for human rights and justice for the poor through radio, articles and sermons and defended the political prisoners who were being executed. He spoke out against violence and torture by the dictatorial regime in San Salvador. Many other bishops in El Salvador said he was too political and claimed that he was supporting the communists.

On many occasions, he said he was following the teaching of Jesus Christ who was executed for taking a stand with the poor and criticizing the injustice of the authorities. Then on March 24, 1980, he was assassinated while he celebrated the Mass. When Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio became Pope Francis, he recognized the true commitment and heroic commitment of Oscar Romero and he beatified him in May 2015. Then last March 2018, Pope Francis announced that Archbishop Romero would be made a saint of the Church on Oct. 14 in Rome.

The international synod of bishops in 1971 declared, “Action on behalf of justice and participation in the transformation of the world fully appear to us as a constitutive dimension of the preaching of the Gospel, or, in other words, of the Church’s mission for the redemption of the human race and its liberation from every oppressive situation.”

Working for children’s rights, the dignity of the poor and lifting up the wretched of the earth, the deprived and impoverished who are trampled by the rich, the refugees in their own land, feeding the hungry, speaking truth to power and defending the abused and exploited, helping orphans and widows, is the mission of Jesus of Nazareth. It is not political, it is showing mercy, compassion, understanding and giving life and freedom to Filipinos today.

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[People] The folly of our ‘freedom’ by Fr. Shay Cullen

The folly of our ‘freedom’
Fr. Shay Cullen
June 13, 2015

Freedom can mean many things. On Independence Day, what is remembered and celebrated is freedom from colonial rule, from occupation by another nation. Some politicians and nationalists celebrate it as the “granting of Independence,” as if it was a gift that was bestowed by a generous colonial power and for which we should be forever grateful. In fact it is a right to be regained.


Hundreds of thousands of Filipinos fought and died in bloody atrocious wars against the Spanish and then soon after, against the American occupying forces and later against the Japanese. We must remember that nothing was “given” that was not first taken away by force of arms.

There is no gift of sovereignty and independence is a sacred right for people to rule themselves and freely elect their own leaders.

National Freedom for a people is to freely chart ones own destiny, write a constitution, elect a government of the people, for the people, by the people, who can freely choose those who will serve them with loyalty, integrity, honesty and sacrifice.

They want their leaders to be wise, educated, dedicated to building a nation where the great universal values of human and economic rights and rule of just laws are respected and practiced equally for all. The Filipino patriots who fought for freedom wanted a nation like that, where there would be equal opportunity and freedom to live a dignified life and to prosper by hard work.

A nation where the national resources and wealth are used fairly to generate wealth that is distributed fairly and which provides the means to live out the values enshrined in the constitution. Independence is supposed to bring this great benefit and many fought and died for such a freedom.

True independence is to be free from the restraining and controlling power of any powerful and dominant nation and to be free from the economic chains and political engineering of multinational corporations. Sovereignty is the golden word of national freedom and expresses the values that can bring a people to a dignified life free from poverty, hunger, oppression, sickness, homelessness, unemployment and exploitation.

In the Philippines, a real sense of patriotic nationhood, a nation in diversity but united proudly in its own identity is as yet a dream, a hope of those who strive for real independence and freedom. Those who fought and died opposing dictators and foreign powers, did so in vain, many a historian would claim.

These idealistic sentiments of national independence make many an educated, thinking and intelligent Filipino squirm with embarrassment, frustration and shame. Others fume with repressed fury, anger and frustration. They see so plainly that such magnificent values and ideals that once inspired the freedom fighters to fight and to die now see them betrayed, trampled and shredded.

Such freedom dreams are the stuff of Independence Day speeches that are repeated at boring college graduations where the majority of students and parents are giggling, tittering and checking their Facebook profiles and taking selfies non-stop. Few are listening with attention to the once long lost ideals of what it is to be a free nation.

The reality today is a divided and conquered people. To be conquered is a tragedy, but to be conquered and not know it is the greatest tragedy of all. The once beautiful Philippines is a nation of 100 million people ruled by 140 dynastic families. Perhaps twenty of them are the mega rich who are mightier than the rest. All have countless relatives and province-mates imbedded in the heart and veins of government sucking the life energy of the people into their own financial blood streams.

The stock market booms for the few yet the nation is impoverished, made a mighty slum. It manufactures little, imports almost all. There is no ability to defend or the poor to prosper. The corruption of the elite has siphoned the wealth into the accounts of the ruling elite and dynastic families and the coffers of the multinationals.

They rule to benefit themselves and their multinational partners and they favor foreign powers both military and economic. The majority of the 100 million Filipinos are excluded from the growing prosperity of the elites. The people have been captured, imprisoned, exploited and no end is in sight. When serious opposition arises the local politicians take care of it. They rule by fear. As I previously wrote; They issue threats of execution and impose the death penalty for so-called unspecified crimes, crimes that are not investigated, are undocumented, unknown and for which there is no evidence, no accusers, or prosecution and trial. The innocent are judged guilty and killed.

It is state sanctioned murder. But it works. The politician points a finger, utters a name, sends a text, makes a call and the victims – journalists, pastors, priests, human rights workers, even street children – are shot or stabbed dead. It is the way of some powerful politicians to assert and hold power over others from whom they demand submission and docility, praise and adulation.

It is murder on a grand scale, but one by one.

It is a ruling system of tyrannical dictatorship in a fake democracy. It is killing done in the name of public service. How gullible and ignorant are those who swallow that lie and praise the tyrants and their “safe” cities. These elites will rise to even greater power and any appearance of ‘Independence’ will be truly gone.

People have to be given faith and believe that change is possible, that Eternal Goodness is a force for freedom. They need to be organized, awakened, educated, inspired to struggle for justice and resist the rule by the few over the many. It’s risky, the death squads are ready and waiting and the true patriots are all dead. Or are they?


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[People] False freedom and insatiable greed. By Fr. Shay Cullen

False freedom and insatiable greed
by Fr. Shay Cullen

Just before Independence Day last week, a group of newly enrolled children from a shelter excitedly set out on the first day to walk to school at Gala, Sacatihan, Pamatawan, Subic town, Zambales. The road up the hill would give them an easy walk to freedom through education – the great liberator. But then, as they crested the hill, to their dismay the asphalt abruptly ended. The rains had turned the rest of the way into a muddy quagmire that had the children squelching their way through ankle-deep sticky mud, symbolic of the political corruption, waste and abuse that mires almost one-third of the Filipinos in pitiless, grinding poverty from which there is no freedom.


Like thousands of others, the road is a fake or ghost project that had never been fully built. Even urgent requests to the governor to throw gravel from the exposed river bed on to the muddy road are so far unheeded. The children suffer and it became so bad in the past week that 26 children transferred to another school.

This mess and the plunder and looting of public funds at the highest level of the Congress as the headlines announce daily is just one, very small indicator of a greater harm done to the people by some depraved and greedy politicians. How many more fake and fraudulent infrastructure projects are there like the one in Gala, Subic? There is no freedom from greed, it seems.

Besides these small, allegedly corruption-ridden projects, the extremely wealthy ruling elite in the Philippine Congress have allegedly plundered and looted billions of pesos from the treasury. Three prominent Senators have been charged, arrest warrants are imminent and many Congress people will join them in jail. Their “jails” are posh, luxurious tiled, well, appointed bungalows built for ranking officers.

They are incomparable to the stinking jail cells where the hungry street children are incarcerated, abused, beaten and raped for taking a banana in the market. The indictments by the Aquino administration are a glimmer of hope that change is possible but with billions of bribes at hand, justice is likely to be thwarted and they will never answer for these alleged crimes. These funds came from the taxes imposed on the people especially the 17 to 20 percent VAT that were supposed to be used for rural development to alleviate poverty and build barangay roads to bring the children to school.

Independence Day last June 12 was to celebrate the political freedom of a nation from colonial domination and exploitation. It’s a tortured history. First, the impoverished oppressed Filipinos struggled for liberation from the Spanish and almost succeeded. On the eve of independence, the North Americans declared war on the Spanish, landed troops in Manila in 1898 and took over, then sent home the defeated Spanish. The Filipinos fought back but after a few years of bitter war marked by atrocities, the American forces conquered them. They subdued and tamed most of the Filipinos, then the Japanese invaded and ousted the Americans in World War II. The people suffered greatly and the Japanese were eventually defeated and again the Filipinos struggled for independence from the United States of America and in 1947, they got it with string attached. But was it real freedom?

They got political independence and a lot of unfair and exploitative trading arrangements and unequal treaties that enabled American corporations to exploit the country at will until the present. They were swamped with Americanization. So it was not true independence, a great dependency has been skillfully arranged. The democracy was a sham, in reality, the rich Spanish-Filipino families in close cooperation with the American corporations ruled without much opposition.

The vast majority of Filipinos remained bitterly poor peasants and isolated tribal people. Philippine natural resources were ruthlessly exploited, enabled by unequal treaties, the riches of the nation flowed across the Pacific to America. The people were exported also. Filipino overseas workers flowed to the pineapple plantations of Hawaii to work in slave-like conditions.

Little has changed. Eleven million Filipinos still go abroad to find economic freedom. The majority live with 25% unemployment and the freedom from poverty for the majority of Filipinos is still a dream. The economic news may boast of 7% economic growth but that is only for the oligarchy who have 70 percent of the wealth in their pockets.

To quote from an Editorial in a national broad-sheet of March of last year: “The increase in the wealth of the 40 richest families in the Philippines that made it to the 2012 Forbes list of the world’s billionaires accounted for 76 percent of the growth of the gross domestic product (GDP). It’s one of the biggest rich-poor gaps in the free world and”, Habito observed, “the highest in Asia”. That is what they call “independence”. [shaycullen@preda.org, http://www.preda.org]

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[Statement] P597 milyon pa lang nahahanap, nasaan ang kabuoan ng mahigit P10 bilyong kinurakot? -FDC

P597 milyon pa lang nahahanap,
nasaan ang kabuoan ng mahigit P10 bilyong kinurakot?
Kalayaan Mula sa Kahirapan, Kurapsyon at Utang!

Ngayong ika-12 ng Hunyo 2014, paiigtingin ng sambayanang Pilipino ang laban tungo sa ganap na kalayaan: mula sa kahirapan na lalong pinalalala ng sistemang bukas sa pandarambong sa pampublikong pondong inutang na, kinurakot pa.


Kasama ang Kilusang Kontra TRAPO at Kontra PORK (KonTRAPOrk), patuloy na lilikha ng ingay at aksyon ang Freedom from Coalition (FDC) hanggang sa tuluyang mabulabog at tumayo mula sa kampanteng pagkakaluklok ang mga nasa Palasyo ng Malacañang at Konggreso. Dinggin ang atas ng mamamayan:

· Ikulong ang LAHAT ng mga nagnakaw sa kaban ng bayan!
· Ibasura ang LAHAT ng uri ng pork barrel!
· Wakasan ang kontrol ng mga TRAPO sa pananalapi ng taumbayan!

Higit pa sa dramang pagsasampa ng kaso laban kay Pogi, Sexy at Tanda ang gamot sa kanser ng kurapsyong lumulukob sa Pilipinas. Mas malaki pa ang halagang kailangang tuntunin sa bulsa ng mga nakinabang sa pamamagitan ni Napoles at sa Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) ni PNoy. At ang mga ito ay sintomas lamang ng mga kasalukuyang polisiyang patuloy na ipinipilit ng gobyerno sa bawat batang hindi makapag-aral, manggagawang may kakarampot na trabaho at sweldo, OFW na nagtitiis mawalay sa pamilya, ina na kandakuba sa paghahanap ng paraan upang itawid sa gutom ang mga anak, at biktima ng bagyong Yolanda na umaasa sa pangakong tila tinangay na ng hangin.

Ayon sa imbestigasyon ng Ombudsman, umaabot sa P242 milyon ang kickback ni Revilla, P183 milyon naman kay Estrada at P172 million kay Enrile. Sumatotal: 597 milyon. Nasaan ang mas malaking bahagi ng 40 hanggang 60 porsyentong kinulimbat mula sa bilyun-bilyong pisong Napoles scam?
Sa pagiging inutil ng gobyerno sa pag-ampat ng kurapsyon sa kaban ng bayan, paulit-ulit ang panloloko sa mamamayan: hindi na nga napakinabangan ang mga proyektong pinondohan ng utang, awtomatiko pang binabayaran ang mga utang na ninakaw.

Kasabay ng pagtunton sa ibinulsa ng mga magnanakaw sa gobyerno, nararapat din na alamin ng taumbayan ang mga inutang ng pamahalaan para sa taunang pambansang budget na nagtakda ng pondo para sa mga proyektong napasama sa pandarambong. Nararapat din na busisiin ang mga batas na nagbibibigay ng tanging kapangyarihan sa Pangulo upang mangutang sa ngalan ng Pilipinas at ang awtomatikong paglalaan ng pondo para sa mga utang na ito.

Matagal nang isinusulong ng FDC ang panawagan para sa isang komprehensibong pagtutuos o audit ng utang ng Pilipinas at ang pagkakansela sa mga inutang na mapapatunayang nabahiran ng kurapsyon. Ngunit nagbibingi-bingihan ang mga nakaraan at kasalukuyang administrasyon. Ngayong 2014, aabot sa 8.8 bilyong dolyar ang nakatakdang pambayad-utang ng Pilipinas, kasama ang mga hindi pinakinabangan ng mamamayan.

At katawa-tawang patuloy na ipinagyayabang ng administrasyong Aquino ang “paglago” ng ekonomiya. Ang katotohanan, lumaki ang utang ng Pilipinas ng 20.41 porsyento sa loob ng tatlong taong panunungkulan ni PNoy. Mula sa 4.71 trilyong pisong utang ng pambansang gobyerno, umaabot na ito 5.44 trilyong piso. Hindi pa kasama rito ang utang ng mga lokal na pamahalaan at ahensya ng gobyerno.

Ang ipinagmamalaking paglago ng ekonomiya ng Pilipinas ay nakasampa sa likod ng 25 bilyong dolyar na padala taun-taon ng mga OFW. Samantala, tinitipid pa rin ang mga serbisyong pampubliko at kulang ang trabaho. Kaya nga, siksikan sa mga silid-aralan, marami pa ang hindi makapag-aral, dinadagsa ang mga call center dahil halos dito lang maaring kumita nang malaki, at milyun-milyong Pilipino ang nangingibang-bansa sa gitna ng kakulangan sa proteksyon laban sa pang-aabuso at illegal recruitment.

Wakasan na ang panloloko. Kung hindi kikilos ang gobyerno, kikilos ang masang Pilipino. At ngayong ika-12 ng Hunyo 2014, sa pagsasama-sama ng mga naghahangad sa tunay na kalayaan at demokrasya, ipapaalala natin sa Pangulo at sa Konggreso kung sino ang tunay na may kapangyarihan at ito ang atas ng mamamayan:

Ikulong ang LAHAT ng mga nagnakaw sa kaban ng bayan!
Ibasura ang LAHAT ng uri ng pork barrel!
Wakasan ang kontrol ng mga TRAPO sa pananalapi ng taumbayan!

PAHAYAG – 12 Hunyo 2014
Freedom from Debt Coalition
11 Matimpiin St. Bgy. Pinyahan, Quezon City, Philippines
(+63.2) 921.1985; (+63.2) 924.6399 | http://www.fdc.ph

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[Statement] On the 116th Philippine Independence Day Celebration -Visayas Clergy Discernment Group

A Statement on the 116th Philippine Independence Day Celebration
June 12, 2014

In behalf of the bishops and priests of the Visayas Clergy Discernment Group (VCDG), I join the Filipino nation in the celebration of the 116th anniversary of the victory of Filipino heroism against foreign tyranny and oppression.

Bp Gerardo Alminaza cropped

The Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines also declared this year as the Year of the Laity, in which the laity are called to: “Choose to be Brave: Called to be Saints, Sent Forth as Heroes!”

A fitting way to celebrate our freedom from Spanish Colonization is the commitment to genuine human liberation or integral salvation, where all peoples have “life in its fullness” (John 10:10).

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) Pastoral Exhortation for the 2014 Year of the Laity called on everyone, especially the laity, to address these situations which are not pleasing to God: dehumanizing poverty, graft and corruption, greed for power and money, and ignoring the common good.

The CBCP reminds us, “The renewal of our country thus demands of us all, and especially of our lay faithful, a return to truthfulness and the fostering of the sense of the common good.”

Furthermore, the Second Plenary Council of the Philippines (PCP II) said that in our country “where the poor and marginalized have little genuine participation… we realize that integral development of people will be possible only with their corresponding empowerment” (PCP II, 326).

We, bishops and priests of the VCDG, believe that an organized and empowered people will be able to get rid of an elite politics, thus achieving genuine democracy.

Today, we join our people in the call to end corruption and to abolish the pork barrel system. We are one in the call that the welfare of our people, especially the poor, must be held supreme.

All of us must continually work for genuine freedom, so that all peoples will have the fullness of life.

For a society without justice is not really free. According to St. Augustine, “A state which is not governed according to justice would be just a bunch of thieves.”

On behalf of the Visayas Clergy Discernment Group,

Bishop of San Carlos
E-Mail Address: visayasclergydiscernment@yahoo.com

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[Statement] UNITY STATEMENT OF THE 6.12.14 Protest Coalition

UNITY STATEMENT OF THE 6.12.14 Protest Coalition

061214 Ouch PiNoy

“The Philippines is a democratic and republican state. Sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them.” – Article II, Section 1, The Philippine Constitution.
The painfully slow progress in the investigation and prosecution of the pork scandals involving Janet Lim-Napoles’ network, among others, robs the nation blind in the realms of justice and transparency, and steals energy that could otherwise be focused on development tasks.

The expanse and breadth of the corruption linked to pork shakes the very foundation of Filipino society. The delays and theatrics, whether by the current crop of suspects or the incumbent administration, make a mockery of the basic tenets of Philippine democracy.

The Filipino people have been given the run-around. Several reports and lists — from the Commission on Audit, to those collated by Benhur Luy and other whistleblowers, to the various Napoles lists — show a vast number of legislators and executive department officials involved in pork-related corruption.

All these sectors seemingly use and discard lists or delete names according to their interests. Until now, we have yet to see a hint of resolution of this controversy. From the camps of those already named in plunder cases, all the way to President Aquino, what we see are efforts to tar enemies but coddle allies.

TAMA NA! The Filipino people demand full transparency and accountability from all branches of the government.

From now on, ZERO TOLERANCE for any aspect of the culture of corruption. We demand that the government probe, prosecute and JAIL ALL found guilty of stealing and misusing the people’s money and abusing the people’s trust. No one must be spared.

We call on each and every Filipino to come out and join this UNIFIED EXPRESSION OF OUTRAGE AND DISGUST. TOGETHER, LET US ALL DEMAND OUR FREEDOM FROM CORRUPTION – 6.12.14

There is nothing hard to understand about “ALL.” If you refuse to even start an investigation, then you are coddling the corrupt. We address this to you, President Aquino: Start acting like the President of the nation, not just of your friends. Let the wheels of justice turn and give much-needed closure to this travesty.

We are counting on you, Mr. President. Are you with us? Or against us?

Read more @ https://www.facebook.com/events/698641330194073/

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[Event/Campaign] Ouch PiNoy, Sumagot, Managot … Kung hindi… Lagot!

061214 Ouch PiNoy

On Independence Day, we call upon all Filipinos to take a stand and take back what is rightfully ours. Let us break free from the crippling hold of corruption, perpetrated by individuals at the very heart of government.

We declare 6.12.14, Freedom from Corruption Day, and say, “TAMA NA!”

2pm, Kartilya ng Katipunan Shrine (beside Manila City Hall)

Feel free to start a parallel event in your province or abroad. If you want to coordinate with us, send us a message at scrappork@gmail.com

Read more @ https://www.facebook.com/events/698641330194073/

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[In the news] Edsa 27 -INQUIRER.net

Edsa 27

Philippine Daily Inquirer
February 24, 2013

inquirerIt cannot be denied that the second Aquino administration has done much in a concerted effort to revitalize the spirit of Edsa. But we must not conflate the legacy of the People Power Revolution with any administration, not even this one.

This is precisely the mistake the Edsa People Power Commission makes, when it blithely assumes that today’s 27th anniversary celebration is an occasion to spotlight President Aquino’s brand of “kayo-ang-boss-ko” governance. A key passage from the commission’s press release reads: “Approaching the midpoint of the Aquino administration, Edsa 27 will be an opportune time for all Filipinos to gather together as an expression of unity and support behind the unprecedented political, legislative and economic gains of President Benigno S. Aquino III.”

Actually, no. The Edsa anniversary, like the yearly rites we observe for Independence Day, the birth of Andres Bonifacio and the martyrdom of Jose Rizal, is not only resolutely nonpartisan; it is part of the necessary myth-making process that lies at the heart of our nation-building project. The myths that we need are not fabrications or noble fictions, but the larger truths of history: that we have the power of self-definition; that the freedom we are entitled to must be earned again and again, that it cannot be won without a struggle; that the face of the oppressor, the “manlulupig” and “mang-aapi” we describe in our national anthem, can assume the countenance of a fellow Filipino; that we have it in us to liberate ourselves, according to our fundamental dignity. The last line of “Bayan Ko,” the unofficial anthem of the anti-Marcos freedom struggle, phrases it well: “makita kang sakdal laya”—We long to see a nation that is truly free.

Read full article @opinion.inquirer.net

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[In the news] Aquino: Filipinos starting to taste ‘true freedom’- INQUIRER.net

Aquino: Filipinos starting to taste ‘true freedom’.

By TJ Burgonio
Philippine Daily Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines – President Aquino underlined on Sunday morning the key reforms that his administration had instituted in the past 12 months to give Filipinos a taste of “true freedom.’’

Mr. Aquino raised the flag from the balcony of the Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine in Kawit, Cavite at 7 a.m. as he led the country in marking the 113th celebration of the country’s Independence from colonizers.

In a speech that gave a preview of his State of the Nation Address before Congress on July 25, Mr. Aquino mentioned key reforms that addressed corruption, poverty, electoral reforms and tourism, among others.

These included the passage of the GOCC (government owned and controlled corporations) Governance Act, the synchronization of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao elections
with the May 2013 elections, the expansion of the conditional cash transfer program, and the implementation of the “pocket open skies policy,’’ he said.

“All of these are meant to give you a taste of true freedom. True freedom is first of all freedom from hunger, ignorance, poverty and joblessness,’’ he said.

[Isyung HR] Mabuhay ang KALAYAAN!

By Mokong and the gang

Araw ng kalayaan kaya naman nag-iscan ang inyong mokong na lingkod sa mga Fakebuk status at twitster ng mga bayani at personalidad heto ang kanilang mga sinasabi online…

P-Noy: @Rizal kaya nga dapat matuwid na daan upang kahit lumingon sa pinanggalingan, madapa ay maiiwasan
GMA: @Rizal I agree. Kaya nga lumilingon ako palagi sa Malakanyang para makarating akong muli sa aking paroroonan no.
Mar: si P-Noy lumilingon ‘yan sa pinanggalingan kaya makararating ‘yan sa paroroonan
Appointed officials: @Mar agree!
Anti-RH: @P-Noy dapat mong lingunin na ika’y may pinanggalingan dahil kung nag-contraceptives sila Cory at Ninoy ay wala ka sa ‘iyong kinaroroonan
Pro-RH: @P-Noy lingunin ang mga kampanyang pinagmulan ang pangako’y wag kalilimutan
Mokong: @P-Noy lingunin ang mga kampanyang pinagmulan ang pangako’y wag kalilimutan. Copy and paste para share
Pacman: @RH Lumingon sa pinanggalingan at humayo at magparami… @Divorse, ang iyong inano, ay hindi basta lang iniluluwa
Pro-RH: @Pacman 😦  Please further elaborate. A wag na lang baka lalong lumabo.
NPA: talagang dapat lumingon sa pinanggalingan baka masundan ng mga kaaway
Ferdi: @Rizal hindi na ako makalingon sa pinanggalingan kaya pala hindi ako makaratingrating sa libingan ng mga bayani.
Leviste: ako lumilingon ng utang na loob sa mga bantay kong pinanggalingan kaya naman nakarating sa Dentistang paroroonan, kaso nabuko lang.
De Lima: @Leviste mali, di ka kasi lumingon-lingon kaya ‘di mo tuloy napansin ang NBI ay nasa likod mo na
Leviste: @De Lima wala kasing basagan ng trip.
Political prisoner: @De Lima musta madam lingunin mo naman kami
Mokong: @P-Noy tama ka po. Tuwid na daan para kahit patalikod pwede kang maglakad.

Mercy: weh. That ending of corruption of yours ended me.
Leviste: ending corruption in NBP means no freedom
GMA: kulangin ang anim na taon mo diyan no… hahahaha!
Yellow army: Cory! Ninoy! Crony ni P-Noy! Oooops.
CBCP: Agree kami diyan. But RH not true freedom. Divorse Bill not true freedom.
Mokong: Freedom for Political Prisoners!


Mokong: what! Freedom inside NBP?
Diokno: Pwede patanggal ng pic ko sa Profile pic mo.
Leviste: @Diokno NO! sasamahan kita sa hirap at ginhawa. BFF tayo di ba.
Diokno: Logged off. Fakebuk Account Deleted.
Ivler: how are you doing there friend
Ampatuan: me just fine here ‘till that DOJ started campaigning against VIP treatment
Jalosjos: Bagal niyo kasi, tingnan niyo ko free as a politician
Erap: Sali ako sa thread
Leviste: ang yayabang niyo porket nabuko ako
Ivler: Party para sa freedom! Post ko pics ko, tag ko kayo.
De Lima: AHA! o paano kayo nakakapag FB diyan sa loob?
Leviste: ngyek! Hindi pa pala kita na-unfriend o kaya na-block sa FB. Sira nanaman ang trip.

Naglipana din sa twitser ang mga celebrities

P-Noy: Missing my personal life being free from scrutiny.
Mercy: Missing my Officeworks.
PACMAN: Nag-aano…
Follow-up twit PACMAN: Practice makes perfect. But not RH. Do not practice safe sex. Against the will of God. Go to the world and multiply. Sige proceed na ako sa praktis ko and magmumultiply pa ako sa world.
Jinky: Not using pills anymore
Multiply.com: @Pacman Thanks for the free endorsement.
Leviste: Missing my trip outside
De Lima: @leviste.Aha! Kanina lang nakakapag FB ka, ngayon nakakapag-twit ka pa!
Leviste: @De Lima. Thanks for following me on twitter. Ehem… this is an automatically generated twit message.
De lima: @Leviste. Weh. Hindi nga.
Leviste: @De Lima. Sabing walang basagan ng trip e. Stalker ka no?
Rizal: mahal ko ang sariling wika kaya hindi mabaho at malansa na katulad ng isda
Ruffamae: @Rizal luv it!
Babyjames: @kris hello there mama. Bakit po tayo English speaking?
Kris: @babyjames you look at them when you say hello there. Diyan tayo kumikita anak.
Yaya: @babyjames don’t mind them. Mind your own business
Chinese owner of fish pens: ako mahal ko salita pero mabaho pa rin fishkill. Lugi negosyo!
Mangingisda: @Chinese Naghangad ng sobra kaya ayan lugi ka. pati kami damay mo pa.
Chinese: @Mangingisda @P-Noy kaya bigay niyo na Spratly amin duon kami tayo fish pens.
Drivers: barado ng alikabok ang ilong ko kaya wala naamoy na isda.
Mangagawa: gutom nga e. iisipin ko pa ba kung amoy isda ako?
Maralita: buti pa nga amoy isda. Minsan mga kahit amoy man lang walang maiulam.
CBCP: praying for the good of the people
Celdran: DAMASO!
Bishop: Pwede ba tigilan mo na kami.
Celdran: AYAW!
Bishop: offline. Reported Celdran abuse of Twitser.

Nagblog surf din kami. Heto ang mga title ng site at blogs ng mga personalidad at pati mga bayani.

Title: Rizal
Author: Dr. Jose Rizal
URL: http://joserizal.salitangdiin.com/
Description: all about me

Title: El Corazon turismo
Author: P-Noy
URL: http://elcorazon.onthespot.com/
Description: All about my personal matters except lovelife

Title: Mercy me not
Author: Mercy
URL: http://mercymenot.napressonthespot.com/
Description: Poetry, reflections and my paperworks

Title: Prison break
Author: Leviste
URL: http://prisonbreak.napressonthespot.com/
About: prisonbreak the Filipino way

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Quote from Dr. Jose Rizal

I die without seeing the dawn brighten over my native land.You who have it to see, welcome it–and forget not those who have fallen during the night!

Ang mokong nyong lingkod ay nag-eksperimento nang pumasyal ako sa paborito kong tambayan sa isang bahagi ng Pilipinas. Nanghilakbot ako sa reaksiyon ng isang tumpok ng kalalakihang nakatambay sa kanto ng iskinitang aking pinapasok patungo ito sa bahay ng aking kalaklakang kumpare. Pano ba naman ay ginulat ko silang lahat sa aking pagbati ng “isang maka- araw ng kalayaan po sa inyong lahat!”
Lahat sila ay nakatingin lamang sa ‘kin. Walang kibo. Sabi ng isang nakuha pang mamula ng mukha sa kalasingan sa kabila ng kaitiman, “aba e tumagay ka muna. Hindi ka malalasing ng kalayaan mo.”
Ano pa nga ang gagawin ng inyong mokong na lasenggo kundi ang pagbigyan sila (Parang napilitan a).
“Kalayaan ba ‘kamo?”
“Yup. Araw ng kalayaan ngayon. Kaya naman hindi ba’t ipinagdiriwang natin ang kalayaan ng bayan?” pambubuska ko na tila sinusubok ang kanilang pagtingin sa selebrasyon ng araw ng kalayaan. Tingnan natin kung parapatol ang mga lasenggong ito…
“kalayaan sa quezon city ‘Yan!” pangunguna ng isa.
“hindi. Mali ka sa Makati ‘yan!” singit ng man ng isa.
“Kalayaan. Sa TV lang ‘yan!” bumunghalit ang tawanan.
“E panahon pa ng hapon ‘yan!”
“E kilala niyo po ba si Jose Rizal?” Tanong kong nagtatangatangahan. Hehehe
“Hindi kami hanapan ng nawawalang kalabaw.” Bumunghalit uli ng tawanan ang mga lasenggo.
“Wag mong sabihing pinagbibitangan mo kami ang pumatay kay Rizal.” Hahahahaha!
“Bakit may kelangan ka ba sa kanya?” tanong ng isa sa kin.
Hindi pa ako nakakasagot ay… “Kung makita mo siya, ayain mo at nang mapatagay. Mapera yun, nasa pera ang mukha e.” Tawanang muli.
Pagkatapos noon ay nagpasalamat ako at dumiretso na sa pupuntahan. Lumingon ako sa pinanggalingan at, “E wala naman pala kayo e!” sabay takbo. Hahahaha!