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[Press Release] Healthcare workers harbor doubts about Palace decision to give benefits, assert that the struggle continues | BMP

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Healthcare workers harbor doubts about Palace decision to give benefits, assert that the struggle continues

Leaders from private hospital unions remain apprehensive on the reported order of President Duterte to the DBM and DOH to give healthworkers the benefits under Bayanihan 2 they have yet to receive within ten (10) days.

According to Jao Clumia, President of the St. Luke’s Medical Center Employees Association – QC (SLMCEA-QC), “Bago po tayo maglulundag sa tuwa sa pangyayaring ito ay kailangan muna nating tiyakin na ang kautusan ng pangulo ay hindi dapat magsilbing malamig na tubig na ipinambuhos sa ngitngit ng mga manggagawang pangkalusugan kungdi isang kongkretong aksyon bilang tugon sa aming mga inihapag na kahilingan. Ang walang diskriminasyong pagpapatupad ng nasasaad na mga benepisyo sa ilalim ng batas: na lahat ng mga manggagagawang pangkalusugan anuman ang posisyon, anuman ang estado sa pag-eempleyo, regular man o kontraktuwal, ay dapat na makatanggap dahil ito naman ang mga nasasaad sa batas na kanyang (Duterte) pinirmahan. Nag-aalala kami dahil hindi ganito ang intindi ni Sec. Duque sa utos ng kanyang amo at tigas-mukha pa ring iginigiit ang selektibo at limitadong pagbibigay ng benepisyo!”

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[Statement] Hinggil sa harassment ng PNP sa pagkilos ngayong Mayo Uno 2021 | BMP

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Hinggil sa harassment ng PNP sa pagkilos ngayong Mayo Uno 2021

KINOKONDENA ng Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP) – kasama ang iba’t ibang samahan ng manggagawa na ngangalsada sa Dakilang Araw ng Paggawa – ang ginawang pagharang ng kapulisan sa planong pagmartsa sa kahabaan ng Espana Avenue patungong Mendiola.

Ang ginawang harassment ng PNP ay paglabag sa lehitimong ehersisyo ng mga karapatan sa pagpapahayag at pagtitipon para iparating ang karaingan hindi pa sa rehimeng Duterte kundi sa malawak na publiko.

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[Statement] Release all May 1 political prisoners now! -BMP

Release all May 1 political prisoners now!

Socialist labor alliance Pagkakaisa ng Uring Manggagawa (PAGGAWA) strongly condemns the PNP’s arrest of labor leaders BMP Vice President Lito Rastica and Reynaldo Dulay on the morning of May 1, 2020, at Rodriguez, Rizal.

The two were arrested for leading a picket protest to mark International Worker’s Day near their residences inside Eastwind Subdivision, Barangay San Isidro. The protesters – who were calling for mass testing, sufficient government aid during the lockdown, and paid quarantine leave and hazard pay for all workers especially frontliners – followed lockdown precautions such as wearing face masks, observing physical distancing, and carrying their barangay passes with them.

Their compliance with lockdown precautions alone should have prevented authorities from penalizing their constitutional right to free speech.

Now the PNP have detained Mr. Rastica and Mr. Dulay for 2 days in San Jose Precinct and have hurled a flurry of trumped-up charges against them such as Alarm and Scandal, Violation of RA 11469, RA 11332 (Non-cooperation), Art. 151 of RPC (Resistance and Disobedience), and Municipal Ordinance 20 s. 2020 sec. 3. Their inquest scheduled for tomorrow May 4.

Far from being an isolated incident, Mr. Rastica and Mr. Dulay join the more than 80 workers and activists persecuted and arrested for peacefully celebrating International Worker’s Day and exercising their right to free speech. These include the Iloilo 42, the Marikina 10, the Quezon City 18, the Valenzuela 4, and the Sta. Rosa 16.

In stark contrast to these arrests, Mocha Uson and her opportunistic gathering of more than 300 OFW’s in Lian, Batangas last April 26 received none of the aggression and stigma that authorities gave to workers and activists on May 1.

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[From the web] Labor group urges DOLE and DTI to allow more worker involvement in safeguarding workplace from COVID-19 -BMP

Labor group urges DOLE and DTI to allow more worker involvement in safeguarding workplace from COVID-19

Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP) admonished the return-to-work guidelines released last April 30 by the DOLE and DTI for not having enough teeth in ensuring the health and safety of workers eager to recover their livelihoods.

DTI Secretary Ramon Lopez and Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello released the Interim Guidelines on Workplace Prevention and Control of COVID-19 with the professed aim to assist private companies that are allowed to operate during the ECQ and GCQ in developing health protocols and standards in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Repeating the IATF’s recommendation to implement alternative work arrangements, these guidelines also encouraged disinfection processes, distribution and usage of PPE’s among workers, isolation areas for workers with symptoms, and monthly health reports submitted to DOLE regional offices. Workers are also discouraged from engaging in conversation, as well as prolonged face to face interaction.

BMP President Luke Espiritu said “most of these guidelines provide effective measures to prevent COVID-19 from entering the workplace. However, it is crucial to ask how DOLE and DTI will be able to ensure strict employer compliance when the guidelines stop short of establishing penalties for companies who refuse or do not comply?”

“If there’s anything that we can learn from the DOLE’s experience of administering the COVID-19 Adjustment Measures Program (CAMP) during the ECQ, it’s that the DOLE cannot rely on the ‘goodwill’ of employers in ensuring the safety and welfare of workers. How many Filipino workers have not received CAMP because their employers did not reach out to the DOLE and apply? DOLE relied on the voluntary application of employers as the sole machinery to administer CAMP to the workers. This resulted in the exclusion of millions of workers from being CAMP beneficiaries. It would be very unconscionable for the DOLE to trust employers to comply with these new return-to-work guidelines given their recent track record,” Espiritu added.

Espiritu bared that the solution to ensure the health and safety of both managements and workers going back to work is more worker involvement in planning and implementing safety guidelines.

“This is the same prescription BMP gave to Secretary Bello for CAMP. Allow unions and the rest of organized labor to share in the responsibility of safeguarding their workplaces from COVID-19. The track record of labor organizations during the ECQ is far superior to that of capitalists. They have organized relief operations and coordinated with communities to pressure government to properly distribute sufficient aid. The spirit of bayanihan, which the Duterte Administration is fond of peddling, is genuinely exemplified not in our politicians or employers, but in the activities of workers. They can surely enforce the return-to-work guidelines much better and more efficiently than their bosses because it is they who are more affected by the crisis” Espiritu bared.

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[Statement] Pork Barrel Regime a bane to Filipino workers -NAGKAISA

Pork Barrel Regime a bane to Filipino workers

NAGKAISA! Labor coalition marched from España blvd to Mendiola bridge- File Photo by PhilRights

NAGKAISA! Labor coalition marched from España blvd to Mendiola bridge- File Photo by PhilRights

Official numbers and figures tell no lies—pork barrel, which include the Palace’s Special Purpose Fund (SPF) and Congress’ Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF)–has reached all-time highs under the administration of President Benigno Aquino III. SPF, which are funds under the discretion of Mr. Aquino, is set to be pegged at more than P400 billion in 2014 and out of that, PDAF will be pegged at P25 billion.

The public coffer is overflowing with money, yet this huge amount of money is spent upon the discretion of whoever sits in Malacanang, with no transparency and direct engagement with the people in determining government projects. Such ill-transparency and fiscal dictatorship is ridiculously upheld through Mr. Aquino’s Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP), a rip off from former dictator Marcos’ decree (PD 1177 of 1977) which seeks to fast track government spending, but again, under the discretion of one person that is the President, making him the chef of quick fry pork.

This has been the system in past administrations, and this, in the eye of Filipino workers, is the legacy of Mr. Aquino—the leader of the current Pork Barrel Regime fueled by the undemocratic spending of our hard-earned money.

With Mr. Aquino defending and upholding the pork barrel system in his nationally televised public address, and with him hitting anti-pork groups, we in Nagkaisa—the biggest labor coalition in the Philippines—join in the people’s call of scrapping ALL forms of pork barrel which, as government records show, is a major source of corruption in government.

We also the demand the filing of criminal cases against all government officials who have benefited, directly or indirectly, from the pork barrel. Justice and law enforcement must know no influence or position, and it must be dispensed without delay. Officials who determine the budget under the current system, such as Budget secretary Florencio Abad, Senate President Franklin Drilon, and House Speaker Sonny Belmonte must also be held accountable for crafting pork-filled budgets.

Instead of a Pork Barrel Regime, we want a government built upon genuine democracy, wherein working Filipinos who automatically pay their taxes are engaged in budgeting and policy making. Such participative budgeting system, in our view, is a major step toward combating corruption.

Finally, we in Nagkaisa demand the government to allocate our money, in the most transparent and democratic way, to social services and real jobs creation especially since the Filipino worker is getting poorer due to contractual labor and small wage.

Scrap all pork! Filipino workers, unite for a democratic, transparent, and accountable government! ###

NAGKAISA is the broadest coalition of labor groups in the Philippines to date composed of labor centers, federations and national unions, which include the Alliance of Filipino Workers (AFW), affiliates of the Associated Labor UnionsTrade Union Congress of the Philippines (ALU-TUCP), members of SENTRO, Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP), Confederation of Independent Unions in the Public Sector (CIU), Federation of Free Workers (FFW), Manggagawa para sa Kalayaan ng Bayan (MAKABAYAN), National Federation of Labor Unions (NAFLU), National Mines and Allied Workers’ Union (NAMAWU), National Confederation of Labor (NCL), Philippine Airlines Employees Association (PALEA), Philippine Government Employees Association (PGEA), Partido ng Manggagawa (PM), Public Services Labor Independent Confederation (PSLINK), Philippine Transport and General Workers Organization (PTGWO), Technical Education and Skills Development Authority-Association of Concerned Employees (TESDA-ACE).

NAGKAISA Statement
November 7, 2013

Contact Persons:
Leody De Guzman (BMP) – 09205200672
Joshua Mata (APL) – 09177942431

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[From the web] P-Noys’ Job fairs: A “moro moro” scheme of the worst kind! ‘Pantawid sa Kalsada! Panlilinlang sa masa! – bukluranngmanggagawangpilipino.blogspot.com

Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP) May 1 Labor Day Press Statement.

Source: http://bukluranngmanggagawangpilipino.blogspot.com/

Sobra na! Tama na! Pahirap sa masa, Wakasan na!”, slogans shouted by thousands of workers belonging to the biggest contingent Sanlakas-PLM bloc heeded for Mendiola for a concelebrated mass with other labor groups.

The P-Noy administration showcase of pursuing job fairs in todays’ Labor Day Celebration is practically a rehashed of his former predecessors.

There is no significant move on the part of the government to commemorate today’s occasion, the Filipino workers were made to believe that the government is doing its job in these hard and trying times. Similar strategies employed in the past were never successful but a total failure. In terms of policies and programs, nothing is new to an administration that is reduced to being a second rate trying hard copycat.

Job Fairs and “Patawid sa Kalsada Program” were palliative solutions that will never alleviate the conditions of the Filipino people.

The P-Noy administration is offering 50,000 jobs, a far cry from the staggering three millions unemployed Filipinos needed for employment in the country. The people are only being fooled to appease the growing discontent and frustration.

“Moro-moro ang ginagawa ng gobyerno at ang programang “Pantawid sa Kalsada” ay klarong panlilinlang sa masa!” exclaimed by Leody De Guzman, BMP President. during the rally in front of the University of Santos Tomas where the biggest contingent of the Sanlakas-Partido Lakas ng Masa (PLM) numbering over 5,000 people converged and held a program.

Mr. De Guzman further added that “What kind of direction P-noy is heeding, if this trend will continue, this administration is bound to fail. He was able to buy for himself a Porsche but nothing to the workers!”

The group depicted a replica of P-Noy’s Porsche with a sign of “Wala akong pakialam” placed on the chest of a rallyist clad in a barong with the face covered by a mask of President Noynoy Aquino.

The Sanlakas-PLM bloc marched towards Mendiola to join with other various labor groups to a concelebrated mass by NASSA, a social action arm of the CBCP (Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philipppines).

[Statement] P-Noy, Kontra manggagawa! Tuta ng Kapitalista – bukluranngmanggagawangpilipino.blogspot.com


Noong inagurasyon ni P-Noy, sinabi niya “pwede na muling mangarap” sa pamamagitan ng “tuwid na daan” ng kanyang administrasyon. Pero makalipas ang sampung buwan, kabaligtaran ang ginagawa niya.

Deklarasyon ng gera sa manggagawang Pilipino ang order ni P-Noy na legal at management prerogative nga ang spin-off sa PAL. Ang sabwatan nina P-Noy at Lucio Tan ay magtatanggal sa 2,600 na manggagawa sa PAL.

Ang desisyong ito ni P-Noy ay nagbigay ng lisensya sa lahat ng kapitalista na magtanggal ng manggagawa nang walang due process of law. Kahit mabuti kang manggagawa at walang kaso, kapag naisipan ng management na tanggalin ka, pwede na. Iyan ang bisa ng desisyon ni P-Noy. Tahasang nilabag ni P-Noy ang Saligang Batas na naggagarantiya sa karapatan sa seguridad sa trabaho.

Ito ang patunay na hindi tayong manggagawa ang boss ni P-Noy kundi si Lucio Tan at iba pang kapitalista. Ito ang patunay na ang uring kapitalista ang uring kinakatawan ng rehimeng Aquino.

Paso na ang moratorium na ibinigay ni P-Noy sa demolisyon ng bahay ng maralita. Kabi-kabila na ang demolisyon sa pamamagitan ng pagsunog sa mga komunidad ng maralitang manggagawa. Ang mga lupang gubyerno sa Quezon City na tinitirikan ng mga bahay ng maralitang manggagawa na ibinenta kina Lucio Tan, Augusto Ayala Zobel at iba pang mga lupa sa Metro Manila na binili ng mga kapitalista para sa ekspansyon ng kanilang naglalakihang negosyo ay sinusunog para mabilis at matipid na mapaalis ang mga nakatira. Wala silang pakialam kung saan titira ang mga makakaligtas sa sunog. Wala silang pakialam kung saan kukuha ng ikabubuhay ang mga nasunugan.

Ito ang patunay na hindi tayong mga maralita ang boss ni P-Noy kundi ang mga mayayamang gaya nina Henry Sy, Lucio Tan at Augusto Ayala Zobel.

Ang Philippines Development Plan (PDP) na nakabatay sa Public Private Partnership (PPP) ay kopya lamang sa programa ng nagdaang gubyerno na makakapitalista at makadayuhan – liberalisasyon ng kalakalan, deregulasyon ng merkado, pribatisasyon ng ari-ariang publiko at pleksibilisasyon ng paggawa na magpapalala ng kontraktwalisasyon na mag-aalis sa karapatang maregular sa trabaho, makapagtayo ng unyon at CBA at laganap na pagbaba ng sweldo. Wala na rin kontrol sa presyo ng mga batayang pangangailangan sa pamilihan dahil sa deregulasyon ng merkado.

Walang puknat ang pagtaas ng presyo ng mga bilihin. Maya’t maya ang pagtaas ng presyo ng petrolyo. Mula Enero hanggang kasalukuyan, tumaas ang gasolina ng P13.50 per liter, ang krudo P12.50 per liter, at ang LPG ay P15.45 per kilo. Sumabay na rin ang bayarin sa serbisyo tulad ng tubig at kuryente maging ang pamasahe sa bus, taxi, jeep at toll fee at susunod na ang MRT at LRT.

Hinahayaan na lang ni P-Noy ang pagtaas ng presyo ng mga bilihin at petrolyo. Nagsisilbi pang tagapagtanggol ng mga dambuhalang kumpanya ng langis ang kanyang hepe sa Dept. of Energy.

Ito ang patunay na hindi tayong mamamayang Pilipino ang boss ni P-Noy kundi ang mga dambuhalang kapitalistang dayuhan.

Noong taong 2010, ayon mismo sa gubyerno, ang isang pamilya na may limang myembro ay nangangailangan ng P983.00 kada araw para lamang mabuhay. Ngayon, tinatayang aabutin na ito ng mahigit P1,000.00 kada araw. Subalit ang kasalukuyang sweldo ay nakapako na sa P404.00 kada araw sa NCR at mas mababa pa sa ibang rehiyon. Malayong-malayo para mabuhay ng disente ang manggagawa. Kumonti ang mabibili ng piso. Ayon din sa gubyerno, noong taong 2000, ang piso ay P1.00. Ngunit ngayong 2011, ang piso ay nagkakahalaga na lamang ng P0.60 sentimos.

Habang kapos ang sweldo ng mga manggagawa at bagsak ang kakayahang bumili nito, lumalangoy naman sa dagat ng tubo (profit) ang mga kapitalistang boss ni P-Noy. Ayon sa Forbes Magazine, ang top 1,000 corporation sa ating bansa ay lumobo ang tubo mula P116.4 bilyon noong 2001 tungo sa P416.7 bilyon noong 2008. Nagkamal ng malaking tubo ang uring kapitalista sa paghuthot nito sa lakas-paggawa ng manggagawang Pilipino.

Ngayong Mayo Uno, nagtatalo-talo pa ang mga boss ni P-Noy kasama ang Malakanyang kung magkano ang ibibigay na mumo o mismis sa nagpapakahirap nating manggagawa para sila magkamal ng super-yaman. Wala sa kanilang usapan kung paano mabibigyan ng sweldong makabubuhay ng pamilya ang manggagawang Pilipino ayon sa nakasulat sa Saligang Batas ng Pilipinas.

Muli, ito ang patunay na ang boss ni P-Noy ay hindi tayo kundi ang mga kapitalistang kauri niya.

Bola lang ang sinabi noon ni P-Noy na “pwede na muling mangarap”. Isa itong mumurahing gimik sa halalan. Kahit hindi sabihin ni P-Noy, ang bawat isa sa atin ay may pangarap – disente’t regular na trabaho, sapat na sweldo, disenteng tahanan, mapag-aral ang mga anak, may gagastusin sa oras na magkasakit at konting ipon kapag nagretiro na hindi umaasa sa limos ng gubyerno. Simpleng pangarap na imposibleng mangyari sa maka-kapitalistang administrasyon ni P-Noy.

Dahil sa mga patakaran at ginagawa ni P-Noy, ang ating simpleng pangarap ay mauuwi sa bangungot. Sapagkat ang mga akto at patakaran ni P-Noy ay ang tuwid na daan patungong impyerno.

Kamanggagawa at kababayan, iwaksi na ang ilusyong ang gubyernong maka-kapitalista ay kusang magbibigay ng ginhawa sa atin. Namnamin nating mabuti ang katotohanan na ang interes ng manggagawa ay salungat sa interes ng kapitalista. Ang pagbaba ng sweldo ay paglaki ng tubo ng kapitalista. Ang pagbaba ng badyet sa serbisyo sosyal ay paglaki ng pera at tubo para sa kapitalista. Ang pagbibigay ng lupang matitirahan ng maralita ay kabawasan sa ekspansyon ng negosyo at tubo ng kapitalista, ang pagtaas ng presyo at buwis ay pagbawi sa kakarampot na kinita ng manggagawa at paglaki ng tubo ng mga kapitalista. Ang sistemang kapitalismo ay walang puso. Hangad lang nito ang papalaki at papalaking tubo. Hindi para sa kabutihan ng manggagawa at mamamayan. At ang tagapagpatupad nito ay ang pangulo ng bansa.

Hanggang kailan tayo magtitiis sa ganitong papalalang kalagayan?

Tayo mismo anhg makapagbabago sa ating abang kalagayan, wala nang iba. Sa unang Mayo Uno ng rehimeng Aquino, salubungin natin siya ng malaki at pambansang kilos protesta. Kumilos tayo para sa pagbabago, para sa ating pangarap. Hindi natin papayagan ang ganitong kalagayan at hindi tayo dapat mag-ilusyon na kusang ipagkakaloob ang ating nga kahilingan. Kailangan nating kumilos, lumaban, palawakin ang pagkakaisa at paigtingin ang mga pakikibaka.

Halina’t sama-sama nating gawing realidad ang ating mga pangarap.