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[From the web] Where does Daang matuwid lead our people -AMRSP

Where does Daang matuwid lead our people -AMRSP
Posted June 4, 2013 Source: AMRSP.org



In the past years we have experienced political instability brought about by massive corruption, economic turmoil, escalating social unrest and distrust under the Arroyo regime. Everyday the broadcast and the print media would highlight one of these problems. Until one day hope suddenly glimmered when the people put their trust in a man who embodied righteousness and advocated anti-corruption through his slogan – Matuwid na Daan (Kung Walang Corrupt, Walang Mahirap).

The rise to the presidency of Noynoy Aquino brought so much hope. He made us believe that change is possible, that corruption could be curtailed, and that public service is, indeed, a public trust. In the first months of his reign, he relentlessly pursued those who were perceived to be guilty of corruption, and we were all aware of the drama that unfolded on national television when the former first family was stopped from running away from the wheels of justice. Days, months, three years have passed. We hold him to his promise of change. While it is true that there has been headway in the fight against corruption much more remains to be done. NO big fish has been convicted since 2010 and with the way the tentacles of the corrupt have stymied the judicial process, PNoy’s term might be over and the cases will still languish at the courts.

While we acknowledged the effort of some government institutions in carving out corruption, like the DPWH, DEPED, DOJ and others, we were saddened with the news of continuing corruption and abuse on the use of public funds by some congressmen and Senators (the much controversial MOOE fund distribution). These showed that still much needs to be done. We believe that Governance is not only a fight against corruption; it is the delivery of a better and far more humane life for those who have the least. It is the realization of Hope, it is a dream turned into reality. And yet today we still witness grinding poverty, agrarian unrest, violations of human rights, assaults on the integrity of creation, the trafficking of our women and children. So much needs to be done. Let not our Hope be shattered and our dreams turned into nightmares. We are now in the third year of PNoy’s term and it is time we ask ourselves so many questions: Akin to the question, “Which way Lord?”, we ask those in authority: Where is this government leading us?

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[In the news] Cayetano wants FOI passage fast-tracked – InterAksyon.com

Cayetano wants FOI passage fast-tracked

MANILA, PhilippinesSenate Minority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano on Thursday said there is a need to fast-track the passage of the Freedom of Information bill, saying a “clean president” or an honest administration are not enough to end corruption in government.

Cayetano also said he was giving the administration the “benefit of the doubt” for again not including the FOI bill among the priority measures endorsed by President Benigno Aquino III to the Legislative Executive Development Advisory Council meeting earlier this week.

“Kailangan pabilisin na ito (This needs to be fast-tracked),” Cayetano told a press briefing. “Ang magandang balita naman dito ay ang lahat nagkakasundo na importante ang FOI para na ma-inform ang tao sa kung ano ang nangyayari sa gobyerno at essential ito sa good governance para malabanan ang corruption (The good news is everyone agrees that the FOI is important in informing people about what is happening in government and is essential to good governance so we can fight corruption).”

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[In the news] EDITORIAL – Climate change and corruption | The Philippine Star News Opinion

EDITORIAL – Climate change and corruption | The Philippine Star News Opinion.


Here’s another reason to intensify efforts to fight corruption: the scourge that has derailed almost every major infrastructure project in this country and held back development efforts is also detrimental to climate change mitigation and adaptation measures, according to Transparency International.

In a report released last week, the global watchdog against corruption listed the Philippines among several countries most vulnerable to climate change, particularly its visible effects — drought, typhoons, rising sea levels and flooding. At the same time, the Philippines rated poorly in Transparency’s latest Corruption Perceptions Index, garnering a dismal score of 2.4 in terms of corruption risk on a scale of 0 to 10, with zero being the worst. Government effectiveness, meanwhile, was rated a middling 55.0.

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