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[Statement] Ending the War on Drugs Saves Lives -iDEFEND

Ending the War on Drugs Saves Lives

Foreign Secretary Alan Cayetano on Tuesday told the UN Human Rights Council that the deadly war on drugs was meant to save Filipino lives from the scourge of illegal drugs. He thinks the world is hearing this for the first time. But the same argument was also used by a dictator forty years ago, except at that time, it was to save the country from “communists”.

Cayetano’s feigned alarm about the Philippines turning into a narco-state started with 1.8 million drug users according to the Dangerous Drugs Board (2015), then increased to 4 million within President Duterte’s first year in office; new players have joined the illegal drugs trade in Cebu [1]; drug trade by the Muntinlupa prison drug lords have resumed [2]; the president’s son has been linked to a new shipment of P6.4 billion worth of shabu; and the drug related charges against an opposition Senator who is in prison have been downgraded for lack of evidence. [3]

What has the drug war solved? What was accomplished apart from the extrajudicial killing of thousands of poor Filipinos, a good many among them innocent children, substitute hits, and mistaken identities?

President Duterte kept moving the deadline of his triumph over illegal drugs, only to admit in 2017 that he cannot do so [4] in the six year term he is given. Thus exposed is the real agenda of the Duterte Presidency and its necessary brutal campaign of terror and annihilation of our democratic institutions and processes. The war on drugs does not save the lives of Filipinos; it ushers in Duterte’s authoritarian ambitions over a terrorized population.

As Cayetano continues to defend the drug war, crimes against humanity becomes even more officially sanctioned by the state. These pronouncements are crucial evidence for possible future litigation against him and the President: a global indictment that we hope would come sooner than later in order to force an end to this failed war on drugs–for that would certainly save lives.


[1] http://www.sunstar.com.ph/cebu/local-news/2016/09/23/new-players-trick-trade-499359

[2] https://www.philstar.com/metro/2018/01/01/1773507/shabu-shipment-linked-bilibid-drug-lord-pdea

[3] http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/939259/de-lima-says-prosecution-plan-to-amend-charges-a-sign-of-weak-case-de-lima-detention-evidence-court-case-drugs

[4] https://www.rt.com/news/399407-duterte-failure-drug-war-philippines/

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[Statement] Non-Passage of the FOI Bill in the 15th Congress is Not Acceptable -Right to Know, Right Now! Coalition

Non-Passage of the FOI Bill in the 15th Congress is Not Acceptable-Right to Know, Right Now! Coalition

Carpe diem! Seize the day!
A little over three months ago, Speaker Belmonte uttered these words to summon his colleagues in the House of Representatives to work harder and faster on bills pending in the chamber, not least of them the FOI (Freedom of Information) bill. This clarion call may well be addressed not only to the House, but to the Senate, the Executive, and the public as well.

Starting Nov. 5, the FOI bill enters a most critical stage. There would only be 35 working days left before Congress again adjourns on December 21. Session will resume for only 15 working days next year from January 21 to February 8, after which legislative work virtually grinds to a halt to give way to the campaign for the May 13, 2013 elections.

While time is running out, the FOI bill can still take a different path than it did under the 14th Congress of Speaker Prospero Nograles and President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, if only the House of Representatives, the Senate, and President Benigno S. Aquino III will take decisive action now.

At the House of Representatives, the first hurdle will be for the Committee on Public Information to approve a committee report when it meets on Tuesday, November 13.

After the bill passes the Committee on November !3, House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. must be able to lead the House in approving the bill before it adjourns on December 22.

At the Senate, the progress of the FOI bill has slowed down despite the strong stated commitment to its passage by the Senate leadership and FOI champions. After Senator Gregorio Honasan II sponsored the FOI committee report before the Senate plenary last 4 June, Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, a key champion of the FOI bill, has not found an opportunity to deliver his co-sponsorship speech that would pave the way for the period of interpellation on the bill.

We hope Senator Cayetano delivers his co-sponsorship speech at the soonest, and Senator Honasan shepherds the bill through interpellations and approval in plenary also before the December 22 adjournment.

Only an approval of the FOI bill on second and third reading in both Houses before adjournment on December 22 will allow it to go through bicameral conference committee in time for ratification when session resumes in January.

While the primary burden for passing the FOI law rests with Congress, there is no denying the critical factor that Malacañang‘s unequivocal support will play in getting this landmark measure through. Even as we acknowledge Malacañang’s endorsement of an amended FOI bill in Congress in February this year, the hands-off position that Malacañang has since taken on the bill is regarded by no less than House Committee Chairman Ben Evardone as a signal to prevent the advance of the measure.

In an interview in the television program Failon Ngayon last August, Evardone gave the following explanation for his earlier inaction on the FOI bill:

“Hindi naman ako ang pumipigil personal. Ako, matagal ko nang gustong ilabas yan dito sa committee ko eh dahil ako nga ang nabubugbog sa media. Eh dati pa akong taga media. Eh hindi naman puwedeng ako lang mag-decide n’yan, siyempre. Eh ito pang issue na napaka-sensitibo, napaka-controversial, at hindi naman priority ng ating Pangulo, kasi wala doon sa legislative agenda na sinubmit sa atin, wala doon sa SONA, although binanggit ng ating Speaker na isa yan sa mga kung baga dapat na pagbigyan ng priority.”

Evardone added:

“But there is no party stand. Is there a party stand of the Liberal Party? There is none! Kung merong party stand ang Liberal Party, no problem, ako I toe the line.”

With Evardone openly and publicly blaming President Aquino and his party for the delay in the passage of the FOI Act, we must hear from the President and LP reformers to refute Evardone, and take an unambiguous support for the FOI bill’s passage as they do on other measures such as the sin tax bill.

On our part we see the roadblocks to the passage of the FOI law as a challenge to strengthen our resolve to push for the immediate passage of the FOI law.

The importance of passing the FOI Act is acknowledged by the highest leaders of our country.

In his speech before the Makati Business Club – Management Association of the Philippines joint membership meeting on 19 November 2010, Speaker Belmonte emphasized that “the drive against corruption requires a comprehensive approach that includes enhancing law enforcement, increasing prosecutorial success, and establishing a culture of transparency in government.” He identified the FOI bill as among the legislative proposals being studied towards such ends.

Senate President Enrile provided a keen insight into the impact of passing the FOI Act, in his speech at the opening of the third regular session of the 15th Congress last July 23. He said:

“The benefits of transparency are mutually advantageous to civil society and government. The vigilance of our citizens becomes the standard (on) which our public leaders will be measured. Transparency parts the curtains of corruption and illegal practices. In turn, accountability, will refine decision-making, and make leadership and public institutions more responsive and efficient.”

Budget and Management Secretary Florencio Abad, in a statement released when he submitted Malacañang’s endorsed version of the FOI bill to the House last February, said that it is essential in the Aquino administration’s governance and anti-corruption plan:

“President Aquino believes that we can curb corruption more successfully and strengthen public institutions if citizens are given greater access to official information. Moreover, freedom of information—limited only by a few legitimate areas of confidentiality—will empower the people to hold their leaders accountable and get actively involved in governance.”

Time is of the essence to maximize the FOI law’s full potential in fighting corruption and ingraining the culture of transparency and accountability in government. If we again wait for the next Congress to pass the FOI law, there would be very limited time to ensure its proper and effective implementation that we hope an anti-corruption administration can ensure. One key lesson from anti-corruption efforts is that we are weakest in implementation.

Also, passing the FOI law now will reinforce the political statement that the fight against corruption applies equally to all. It will no doubt make a difference in the landscape of the anti-corruption efforts of government, which used to put political survival at the forefront while key measures are made to wait in order to manage politics.

We will not accept a non-passage of the FOI bill in the 15th Congress!

As part of our continuing expression of our collective demand for the immediate passage of the FOI bill, we shall peaceably assemble in Mendiola on 12 November 2012, and call on President Aquino as well as the leaders and members of the Senate and House of Representatives, to honor their promise to pass the Freedom of Information Act.
Signed (5 November 2012):

1. Atty. Nepomuceno Malaluan
Co-Director, Institute for Freedom of Information and
Co-Convenor, Right to Know. Right Now! Coalition

2. Bishop Broderick S. Pabillo, DD
Chairman, Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines – National Secretariat for Social Action-Justice and Peace (CBCP-NASSA)

3. Ms. Malou Mangahas
Executive Director, Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism

4. Ms. Annie Geron
General Secretary, Public Services Labor Independent Confederation (PSLINK)

5. Mr. Vincent Lazatin
Executive Director, Transparency and Accountability Network

6. Prof. Luis Teodoro
Deputy Director, Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility

7. Mr. Josua Mata
Secretary General, Alliance of Progressive Labor (APL)

8. Ms. Yuen Abana
Campaign Coordinator, Partido ng Manggagawa

9. Ms. Clarissa V. Militante
Coordinator, Focus on the Global South, Philippines Programme

10. Mr. Jun Aguilar
Mr. Elso Cabangon
Filipino Migrant Workers Group

11. Mr. Max M. De Mesa
Chairperson, Philippine Alliance of Human Rights Advocates (PAHRA)

12. Mr. Ramon R. Tuazon, President
Dr. Florangel Rosario-Braid, President Emeritus & Senior Adviser?
Ms. Madeline B. Quiamco, Dean
Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication

13. Atty. Roberto Eugenio Cadiz
Executive Director, Libertás

14. Prof. Leonor M. Briones
Lead Covenor, Social Watch Philippines

15. Ms. Maxine Tanya Hamada
Executive Director, International Center for Innovation, Transformation and Excellence in Governance (INCITEGov)

16. Mr. Norman Cabrera, Secretary General
Mr. John Carlos G. de los Reyes, Candidate for Senator (2013)
Mr. Rizalito Y. David, Candidate for Senator (2013)
Atty. Marwil Llasos, Candidate for Senator (2013)
Mr. Carlos Cabochan, Candidate for Representative, 2nd District of Caloocan City (2013)
Mr. Harry Tambuatco, Candidate for Representative, Lone district of Muntinlupa city (2013)
Mr. Edilberto M. Cuenca, Candidate for Representative, 1st District of Makati City (2013)
Mr. Frank Reyes, Candidate for Representative, Lone District of Mandaluyong City (2013)
Ang Kapatiran Party

17. Atty Eirene Jhone Aguila
FOI and New Politics Advocate

18. Ms. Joy Aceron
Program Director, Government Watch/ PODER, Ateneo School of Government

19. Dr. Segundo Romero
Program Director, Ateneo School of Government

20. Mr. Bong Fabe
Freelance journalist

21. Ms. Jenina Joy Chavez
Southeast Asia Monitor for Action

22. Dr. Joseph Anthony Lim
Professor, Economics Department, Ateneo De Manila University

23. Dr. J. Prospero de Vera
Professor, UPNCPAG
Executive Director, Pimentel Institute for Leadership and Governance

24. Atty. Risa Halagueña
Fellow, Action for Economic Reforms

25. Sr. Cres Lucero, SFIC, Co-Chairperson
Mr. Emmanuel Amistad, Executive Director
Task Force Detainees of the Philippines

26. Atty. Corazon Valdez Fabros
Lead Convenor, Stop the War Coalition Philippines

27. Ms. Ana Maria R. Nemenzo
National Coordinator, WomanHealth Philippines

28. Mr. Rolando Ocampo
Spokesperson, Prudentialife Warriors/Movement for Change and Good Governance

29. Ms. Cielo Magno
Coordinator, Bantay Kita

30. Mr. Red Batario, Executive Director
Ms. G. Sevilla Alvarez, Program Director
Center for Community Journalism and Development

31. Ms. Marjorie Anne Yoro
Suprema, UP Kabataang Pilosopo Tasyo (KaPiTas), UP Diliman

32. Ms. Moses Albiento
Chairperson, Alliance of Student Leaders (ASL), Ateneo de Manila University

33. Mr. Joseph Angelo Gutierrez
Chairperson, Movement of Students for Progressive Leadership in UP (MOVE UP), UP Los Baños

34. Mr. Tristan Daine Zinampan
Chairperson, Linking Everyone Towards Service CDC (LETS CDC), College of Development Communication, UP Los Baños

35. Ms. Mary Ann Fuertes
Executive Director, Interface Development Interventions, Inc. (Davao City)

36. Atty. Arvin A. Jo
Focal Person, The Access Initiative – Philippines

37. Ms. April Lamentillo
Supremo, Sandigan ng mga Iskolar para sa Nagkakaisang CAS (SINAG CAS), College of Arts and Sciences, UP Los Baños

38. Mr. Curt Russel Lopez Delfin
President, Metro Manila Alliance of Communication Students (MACS)

39. Mr. John Mark Salvador
President, Bagong Benilde, De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde

40. Mr. Van Battad
President, UP Sirkulo ng mga Kabataang Artista (SIKAT), UP Diliman

41. Ms. Luisa Lioanag
Bos Tsip-Tsip, UP Bukluran sa Sikolohiyang Pilipino (Buklod-Isip), UP Diliman

42. Ms. Starjoan Villanueva
Executive Director, Alternate Forum for Research in Mindanao

43. Mr. Joseph Purugganan
Coordinator, EU-ASEAN FTA Network

44. Ms. Patricza Torio
Tagapangulo, UP Lipunang Pangkasaysayan (LIKAS), UP Diliman

45. Ms. Marian Bahalla
Chairperson, Laban COC Party, College of Communication, Polytechnic University of the Philippines

46. Mr. Arjay Mercado
President, UP Economics Towards Consciousness (ETC), UP Diliman

47. Mr. Joshua Layog
Primer, Katipunan CHE, College of Human Ecology, UP Los Baños

48. Ms. Ema Escanilla
Speaker, UP People-Oriented Leadership in the Interest of Community Awareness (UP POLITICA), UP Diliman

49. Mr. Edward Dayog
President, UP Organization of Human Rights Advocates (OHRA), UP Diliman

50. Mr. JC Tejano
National Chairperson, Bukluran ng mga Progresibong Iskolar – UP System (BUKLURAN – UP SYSTEM)

51. Ms. Ara Tan
President, UP Kalipunan ng mga Mag-aaral ng Sosyolohiya (KMS), UP Diliman

52. Mr. Ace Ligsay
Chairperson, UP Alyansa ng mga Mag-aaral para sa Panlipunang Katwiran at Kaunlaran (UP ALYANSA), UP Diliman

53. Mr. Mickey Eva
President, Coalition for Students’ Rights and Welfare (STRAW Coalition)

54. Mr. Carlo Brolagda, Chairperson
Mr. Chris Alquizalas, Councilor
College of Social Sciences and Philosophy Student Council (CSSPSC), UP Diliman / Convenors, FOI Youth Initiative (FYI)

55. Mr. Joshua Young
Chairperson, Bigkis ng mga Iskolar Para sa Bayan Tungo sa Makabuluhang Pagbabago – UPM (BIGKIS-UPM), UP Manila

56. Mr. Viko Fumar
President, BUKLOD CSSP, College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, UP Diliman

57. Julliano Fernando A. Guiang
Councilor, University Student Council, UP Diliman
Convenor, Disclose All Records (DARe) Movement

58. Mr. Deg Daupan
President, Alternatibong Katipunan ng mga Mag-aaral (AKMA), UP Baguio

59. Mr. Walter Tamayo
History Department Representative, AngKAS (CSSP History Department Core Group), UP Diliman

60. Mr. Gio Alejo
President, Sanggunian ng mga Paaralang Loyola ng Ateneo de Manila, Ateneo de Manila University

61. Mr. Jose Valencia
President, KASAPI Kaisahan ng Migranteng Manggagawa sa Gresya


Co-Convenor, Right to Know, Right Now! Coalition
Email: nepo_m@yahoo.com
Mobile: 0918 927 1501

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[Press Release] Teachers, DEPED employees welcome Teachers’ month celebration -TDC

Teachers, DEPED employees welcome Teachers’ month celebration

Teachers and employees of the Department of Education (DepEd) welcome the commencement of the National Teachers’ Month celebration in accordance with Presidential Proclamation 242 signed by President Benigno Aquino III last year.

“The non-teaching personnel of the Department of Education (DepEd) join our teachers in celebrating the National Teachers’ Month and we call on the Aquino government to provide better compensation to our teachers by declaring the P9000 salary increase of teachers and education workers and the provision of additional of additional P3000 personal emergency relief allowance as priority of his administration. That would be the best gift for the country’s unsung untiring teachers.” Said Atty. Domingo Alidon, president of the DepEd National Employess’ Union (DepEd NEU).

On his part, Benjo Basas, a public school teacher in Caloocan City and the national chairperson of Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC) welcomes the celebration and express gratitude to the government for issuing a legal declaration of the celebration.

“We have been lobbying for a declaration of National Teachers’ Holiday every 5th of October, the day declared by UNESCO as World Teachers’ Day in 1994, yet the president gave us the whole month, from September 5 to October 5 of every year as National Teachers’ Month and we appreciate the gesture.” He said.

Basas noted that prior to last year’s declaration, the commemoration of October 5 was only marked by token celebrations. He also cited the official celebration of some countries in South East Asia which was began as early as 1956 in Malaysia, 1957 in Thailand and 1958 in Vietnam.

The TDC however said that the best way to celebrate the nobility of teaching profession is to recognize their value in terms of compensation and not through praises.

“Filipino teachers are among the world’s least paid teachers. Yet, the Philippine state recognizes the important role of teachers in the society and actually mandates that teachers should be given adequate remuneration and other means of job satisfaction and fulfilment.” Basas furthered quoting some provisions of 1987 Constitution.

Both groups push for the P9000increase in salaries of teachers and DepEd personnel which were pending before the Senate and the additional P3000 for their personal emergency relief allowance (PERA), both proposals were initiated by Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano.

On Wednesday, September 5, some 200 members of the TDC with the support of NEU will stage ‘boodle fight’ to symbolize the socio-economic condition of public school teachers.

“We do hope that our lawmakers, who always exalt teachers in their political speeches, will not fail us.” Basas ended. #

For details:
Benjo Basas
TDC National Chair
0920-5740241/ 3853437

Atty. Domingo Alidon
President, DepEd NEU
0915-5427627/ 6371241

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[In the news] ILO: 2.4 million child laborers in Phl -PhilStar.com

ILO: 2.4 million child laborers in Phl
By Marvin Sy,The Philippine Star
March 25, 2012

MANILA, Philippines – An estimated 2.4 million children with ages ranging from nine to 17 are “employed” across the country, a report from the International Labor Organization said.

Senate Minority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano cited the data yesterday as he called on the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to step up efforts to curb child labor in the country.

Cayetano expressed concern about the figure and the fact that many of these child laborers are street children who are most vulnerable to exploitation.

He urged the DOLE and DSWD to undertake a joint nationwide campaign aimed at creating higher awareness on child labor and exploitation to protect the vulnerable children against those who exploit their innocence.

“We need to see more government agents checking on industries that hire child laborers and in communities where parents are known to force their children to seek employment,” Cayetano said.

“Government must also be prepared to support both the rehabilitation of the children and the parents,” he added.

Cayetano said he was concerned that a significant number of the child laborers reported by the ILO were engaged in hazardous work.

“Despite being a signatory to various ILO conventions that prevent child labor, the Philippines is known to have one of the largest number of child laborers in the world,” he said.

Read full article @ http://www.philstar.com/Article.aspx?articleId=790746&publicationSubCategoryId=63

[In the news] Senate leader hopes for FOI bill passage before Congress adjourns – SunStar.com.ph

Senate leader hopes for FOI bill passage before Congress adjourns
January 5, 2012

 MANILASenate Minority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano on Wednesday urged his colleagues to pass the Freedom of Information bill, which will make most government records and data available to citizens, before the 15th Congress adjourns.

Malacanang on Wednesday announced support for passage of the bill “to make the constitutional injunction making information a right of the public a living reality.”

Access to information that will affect national security, the country’s diplomatic relations, and police and military operations will remain restricted. The Palace version of the FOI bill will meanwhile make it mandatory for agencies to publish the Statements of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth of their officials online.

“This is a positive step for the Aquino government,” Cayetano, who challenged the President in 2010 to declare the FOI bill a priority measure, said.

Cayetano is one of the principal authors of the FOI bill at the Senate.

Read full article @ www.sunstar.com.ph

[Press Release] Teachers to P-noy on World Teachers’ Day: Thank you is not enough – TDC

While they appreciate the declaration of National Teachers’ Month under Presidential Proclamation 242, the Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC) says the government must now halt with its token pronouncement and begin doing more tangible programs for teachers and public education system.

“We’ve been lobbying for a declaration of National Teachers’ Holiday every 5th of October, yet P-Noy gave us the whole month, from September 5 to October of every year as National Teachers’ Month. And that is something we should really appreciate. ” Said Benjo Basas, a public school teacher from Claoocan City and the group’s national chairperson.

Basas, however challenged President Aquino to to do not just lip service but a real solution to problems of education especially the teacher sector.

“While P-Noy keeps his silence on the demands of the teachers and has no concrete plan to resolve the problems besetting the country’s school system, these declarations would remain empty and lip service appreciation.” Basas continued.

The TDC again scored on the government for always sacrificing the welfare of the teachers that manifests in its programs like the universal kindergarten and the impending 12-year basic education program. According to Basas, Aquino administration is liable for the non-payment of the P3000 honorarium for kinder teachers since June of this year.

“This P3000 honorarium for kinder teachers is really unacceptable. This is a pay for house help, yet while teachers settled for this amount for additional income, the government, in apparent display of insensitivity does not even find ways to pay them on time.” Basas exclaimed.

TDC blamed P-Noy’s budget allotment for 2011 which according to them is “non-considerate of the needs of the field” and will boost the contractualization scheme in public school system.

“While the president boasts of the universal kindergarten program and the 12-year basic education for Filipino learners, the budgetary needs for this flagship program were not considered for 2011 and even 2012 budget.” Basas continued.

According to the group, success of all education reform programs would be impossible without giving paramount consideration to the welfare of the teachers.

“We are going to seek the support of the senators by challenging them as well to pass laws for the welfare of teachers.” Basas said.

Aside from questioning the unpreparedness of the government in pursuing K-12 program the group has several other proposals such as the following:

Just Compensation
Decent Pay for Kinder Teachers
Sufficient Funds for Education Sector
Reforms in GSIS
Health Care Program
Job Security for Public and Private School Teachers
Socialized Housing Program
Tax Exemption
Scholarship for Teachers’ Children
Optional Poll Duties
Paid Vacation and Sick Leave Benefits
Lower Compulsory Retirement Age.

These demands are among the issues they consider urgent and need urgent actions from the Aquino government.

“If these issues would not be addressed or even considered immediately, the Presidential Proclamation 242 would be nothing but a document ordering us all to celebrate. Again, we appreciate gratitude, but we need more than just recognition. Please Mr. President” Basas ended.

TDC will lead some 500 teachers in what they called a Teachers’ Day Caravan that will start at 11:00AM in EDSA-Balintawak, Caloocan City heading towards South at the main offices of the GSIS and Senate in Pasay City. They will stage a short program in front of Film Center in Pasay City before proceeding to GSIS where they will face GSIS officials including Chairman Daniel Lacson and President and General Manager Roberto Vergara at 1:30PM. After the dialogue, teachers will proceed to the plenary hall of the Senate where Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano is expected to deliver his privilege speech in honor of the teachers. Other participants of the motorcade, including Basas, will attend the DepEd-initiated celebration at the ULTRA and will then proceed to GSIS complex.

For details:
Caloocan Contingent
Emmalyn Policarpio, TDC Spokesperson: 0917-3835428
Ildefonso Enguerre, III, TDC-NCR Chairman: 0915-3785069
ULTRA/Pasig Contingent
Benjo Basa, National Chair: 0920-5740241/ 3853437

[Event] Press Conference on World Teachers’ Day Activities – TDC

Teachers’ Dignity Coalition
“Unity of Teachers to Regain the Dignity of Teaching Profession”
SEC Registration Number: CN 2007-10645
117-C Matatag St., Bgy. Central, Quezon City
Hotline: (02)3853437 • Telefax (02)4350036 • Mobile: 0920-5740241/ 0920-4142614
Email: teachersdignity@yahoo.com.ph • Website: http://www.teachersdignity.com

October 02, 2011

Activity:          Press Conference on World Teachers’ Day Activities

Date/Time:      October 3, Monday, 10:00AM

Venue:            TDC National Office, 117-C Matatag St., Bgy. Central, QC

1.      Teachers’ groups lead by the TDC will present the conduct and details of the World Teachers’ Day celebration on October 5. Groups such as Philippine Elementary School Principals Association (PESPA) and National Association Philippine Secondary School Heads, Incorporated (NAPSSHI) will also join the activity and will be represented in the press meeting.

2.      Activities include the following:

a.       DepEd-initiated grand activity at the ULTRA in Pasig at 7:00AM of October 5;

b.      Motorcade of teachers from Caloocan to GSIS and Senate Offices in Pasay that will assemble at 11:00AM between Gen. Mascardo and Gen. Evangelista in EDSA Balintawak, westbound;

c.       Short program in front of Manila Film Center at 1:00PM;

d.      Dialogue with GSIS Chairman Bitay Lacson and President & General Manager Robert Vergara at 1:30PM; and

e.       Privilege speech of Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano at the plenary hall of Senate where teachers will sit as audience and will be followed by a meeting-dialogue with soime senators at3:00PM

For details:

Benjo Basas, TDC National Chair

0920-5740241/ 3853437

[In the news] Cayetano wants FOI passage fast-tracked – InterAksyon.com

Cayetano wants FOI passage fast-tracked

MANILA, PhilippinesSenate Minority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano on Thursday said there is a need to fast-track the passage of the Freedom of Information bill, saying a “clean president” or an honest administration are not enough to end corruption in government.

Cayetano also said he was giving the administration the “benefit of the doubt” for again not including the FOI bill among the priority measures endorsed by President Benigno Aquino III to the Legislative Executive Development Advisory Council meeting earlier this week.

“Kailangan pabilisin na ito (This needs to be fast-tracked),” Cayetano told a press briefing. “Ang magandang balita naman dito ay ang lahat nagkakasundo na importante ang FOI para na ma-inform ang tao sa kung ano ang nangyayari sa gobyerno at essential ito sa good governance para malabanan ang corruption (The good news is everyone agrees that the FOI is important in informing people about what is happening in government and is essential to good governance so we can fight corruption).”

Read full article @ InterAksyon.com

[In the news] Media: Gov’t obligation to pass freedom of information law – Interaksyon.com

Media: Gov’t obligation to pass freedom of information law – Interaksyon.com.

MANILA, Philippines – Journalists on Tuesday called on the Aquino administration to immediately enact the Freedom of Information bill, saying it “is government’s obligation to the people.”

edwin lacierda. File photo by politics.ofwnow.com

Edwin Lacierda. File photo by politics.ofwnow.com

In Malacanang, Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda said the administration was coming close to completing its draft of the bill.

And media groups pushing the passage of the FOI bill found an ally in Senate Minority Leader Alan Peter Cayetano, who said the continued delay in adopting the measure “does not only make the country remain as one among the world’s most dangerous places for journalists, but hampers the empowerment of the citizenry towards good governance and national development.”

Aquino came under criticism from several media and freedom of information advocacy groups when he dropped the FOI bill from the 17 priority measures he gave to the Legislative-Executive Development Advisory Council when it convened on February 28.

The Palace said at the time it was drafting it own version of the measure, citing concerns it might be abused and the need to balance transparency and national security.

“We’re introducing something new. I’m not sure if I’m at liberty to say it,” Lacierda said in an interview with reporters.

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