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[Event] Change profile pic! Support the online campaign against enforced disappearance!

Asian Federation Against Involuntary Disappearance (AFAD) invites everyone to join the online campaign of the International Coalition Against Enforced Disappearances (ICAED) to stop enforced disappearances.

As the International Day of the Disappeared on August 30, 2012 is drawing to a close, AFAD, as the focal point of the ICAED, urge all our facebook friends to change their profile picture from today until August 30 as manifestation of support to our cause.

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[From the web] UNICEF 2011 Year in Review

UNICEF 2011 Year in Review

  2011. The world changed. Fast. The planet reached a population of seven billion people. A new country was created. The climate became more erratic. Economic uncertainty and higher food prices continued. But amidst it young people harnessed their power, their ideas to create a world that they want to live in. A world of fairness and justice for everybody. In 2011 UNICEF redoubled its efforts to ensure that every child, even the most marginalised, could live with dignity and in safety. Thanks to this dedication we saw some stunning achievements in 2011.

Visit http://www.unicef.org for more information about our global work for children.

Help children. Donate to UNICEF Philippines https://donate.unicef.ph

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[In the news] #MoveManila trends on Twitter – RAPPLER.com

#MoveManila trends on Twitter
January 12, 2012

 MANILA, Philippines – Rappler’s “Social media for social change chat series” stirred up ripples on Twitter on Thursday, January 12, with hashtag #MoveManila landing third among topics trending for the Philippines.

Held at The Far Eastern University (FEU) in the City of Manila, #MoveManila was attended by over 1,500 students and professors, not just from the FEU but also from other prominent universities in the National Capital Region.

The audience also included soldiers, diplomats, bloggers and journalists.

Read full article @ www.rappler.com


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