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[Press Release] Aquino too insecure for this year’s SONA — CTUHR

Aquino too insecure for this year’s SONA — CTUHR

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The Center for Trade Union and Human Rights (CTUHR) criticized the very tight security employed by the police by installing razor sharp wires along Commonwealth Ave. to keep the protesters away from Batasan Complex in time for the President’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) this afternoon, July 22.

“Maybe President Aquino is too insecure of his performance to resort to installing those barbed wires kilometers away from where he is going to deliver his SONA” Daisy Arago, Executive Director of CTUHR asked.

Arago also said that such security measure is ominous of what is forthcoming to those who refused to be lured if not fooled by the rosy picture of SONA which [Pres. Aquino] wants the nation to believe.

“The razor sharp wires sharply show that P-Noy is willing to listen only to those who agree to what he has to say and is meant to harm those who are critical or opposed to his administration’s programs and policies. And clearly, it is the protesting people largely coming from the marginalized section of society whom the government is trying to bar.” Arago said.

Thousands of protesters coming from various sectors—workers, peasants, students, professionals, women, urban poor among others—is staging a rally to demonstrate the “real” state of the nation.

“Surely, the President will boast again of the growing economy, the administration’s fight against corruption, its public private partnership and 4Ps program. But alongside these so-called achievements, unemployment remains high at over 10%, the gap between the poor and the rich is widening and the human rights situation is still appalling,” Arago added.

Arago also said that in the last three years of this administration, “we have seen how the interest of the capitalists, foreign investors, and foreign allies such as the US has been favored by the Philippine government over national sovereignty and the welfare of the people.” Arago cited the Balikatan exercises, the move to change the Constitution to allow full foreign ownership of land and property, higher prices for basic utilities, and dismantling of homes and displacement of the poor as some glaring examples pro-rich, pro-US and neo-liberal policies of the administration.

“The worsening situation for the majority of Filipinos will definitely prompt the people to question, if not reclaim, the Aquino administration’s authority. But unless the administration realizes that he is walking the wrong path and reverses his anti-people policies, then more and bigger protests will surely flood the roads leading to Batasan and Malacanang no matter how sharp and strong wires those barricades are made of.” Arago said.

22 July 2013
For reference: Daisy Arago, CTUHR Executive Director, 09162484876

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[In the news] Davao councilors defer vote on proposed PPP ordinance -MindaNews

MindaNews » Davao councilors defer vote on proposed PPP ordinance.

By Lorie Ann Cascaro
August 13, 2012

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/12 August) –  The city council deferred Thursday the voting on the public-private partnership (PPP) ordinance after majority of its members urged for another public hearing on the proposed measure on August 22.

Presiding officer Councilor Melchor Quitain said this will be the last public hearing as a compromise to the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan) Southern Mindanao, which claimed that most residents are still unaware of the proposed ordinance.

Councilor Jimmy Dureza, proponent of the ordinance, pointed out that the public is being informed on committee hearings by posting notices on bulletin boards at the city council building, but said he is willing to give Bayan a chance.

The city council invited Bayan SMR secretary general Sheena Duazo to explain the group’s opposition after it submitted its position paper to the city council last Tuesday.

Duazo said PPP will “legitimize privatization and will likely make the city government wallow more on debts, while Dabawenyos carry the burden of privatized services.”

“Bayan wants to elevate the discussion of this policy proposal into a public discourse or debate since the public will be affected and impacted by this policy,” she said.

Saying he fully understands Bayan’s stand, Dureza assured the ordinance would not lead to privatization of public services as the local government unit reserves the right to retain ownership of future PPP projects.

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[Press Release] TDC reminds schools on graduation rites

TDC reminds schools on graduation rites

The Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC) calls on schools to abide by the DepEd rules on graduation rites after several reports that some schools are imposing the collection of graduation and other fees from their students reached its office.

According to Benjo Basas, the group’s national chairman, his organization agrees with the department in regulating such fees especially if it is imposed by the school authorities.
“Graduation, while calls for a celebration for most of the students and parents should not be extravagant and burdensome.” Basas said.

Basas said that many of public school students belong to the poor families who may not afford the fees. However, he recognizes the festive mode of some families who wishes the graduation day of their children to be special. “Some parents would be very happy for their children who accomplished secondary education especially those who may not well-prepared for tertiary schooling, thus they may want to see their kids wearing toga. In that case, we understand that if the parents would want to contribute or donate any acceptable and affordable amount for the graduation ceremonies then it would be all right as long as it is compliant of the rules set by the DepEd.” Basas explained. “But it should be an initiative from the parents of the graduating class or the PTA.” He added.

Aside from the graduation-related contributions, the TDC also received reports on other contributions being collected by some schools as clearance. The group said that according to a report from Mindanao, a particular school is asking a total of P1, 390.00 from their graduating students, the amount varies in other places. The group however noted that in most cases, the contributions are initiated by the parents themselves. In some areas like in Parañaque and Caloocan, chairs, sound system and togas are subsidized by the LGU.

“Parents donations can be considered a type of public-private partnership or community counterpart, an idea espoused by the DepEd, just like in the case of Brigada Eskwela, but contributions should always be reasonable and can never be mandatory.” Basas ended. #

March 9, 2012
Reference: Benjo Basas, Chairperson, 0920-5740241/ 3853437

[In the news] Partnership To Fight Human Trafficking -www.mb.com.ph

Partnership To Fight Human Trafficking
By SARAH HILOMEN-VELASCO, http://www.mb.com.ph
February 4, 2012,

MANILA, Philippines — Two organizations in the Visayas region have joined forces to stop the illegal human trade.

The Millennium Challenge Account – Philippines (MCA-P) and the Visayan Forum Foundation have signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) as they wage war against human trafficking.

The agreement covers the MCA-P project areas of Western and Eastern Samar.

MCA-P is a Philippine entity implementing the $434-million grant from the US funding agency, Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), aimed at reducing poverty through economic growth.

The Visayan Forum is a non-profit organization working for the protection of vulnerable migrants, including victims of human trafficking, forced labor, and other modern-day forms of slavery.

Ma. Victoria E. Anonuevo, MCA-P managing director and chief executive officer, revealed that the agreement will be a prelude to eventually ending trafficking in persons (TIP) in the country. “This MOA is only an initial but nonetheless a significant step towards safeguarding our project areas against this modern-day slavery that victimizes mostly the poorest sectors of our society,” she said.

Ma. Cecilia Flores-Oebanda, Visayan Foum president, expressed confidence that the public-private partnership in the fight against human trafficking will achieve results. “Visayan Forum believes that this partnership will have a lasting impact not only on the communities covered by MCA-P but because this will serve as a model for private sector innovation in the war against human trafficking,” she said.

The Visayan Forum noted that the Philippines has been reported to be vulnerable to TIP because of the “culture of migration.” The country is said to be the third leading source of migrant workers in the world.

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