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[Event] 1st PHBS Health Bloggers Meet -healthactivist.ph

1st PHBS Health Bloggers Meet

1st PHBS Health Bloggers Meet

Saturday, December 14, 2013
Time7:00am until 6:00pm
Trimona Healthy Dining, 112 Anonas Ext., Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

The Philippine Health Bloggers Society (PHBS) in cooperation with HealthActivist.ph and @IYCPilipinas present the PHBS Health Bloggers Meet this coming December 14, 2013 (Saturday) in Quezon City featuring speakers Ana Santos, Grace Nicolas, and Alvin Dakis (IYC PH Chair).

Please contact Jofti Villena 0949-535-3494 or Janina Santos at 0905-416-7233 should you wish to attend. The event is for FREE.

Visit and like healthactivist.ph @ https://www.facebook.com/healthactivist.ph

Join the event, register @https://www.facebook.com/events/249768371848531/

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[Press Release] PM slams P10 wage hike as a “cruel Napoles joke”

Group slams P10 wage hike as a “cruel Napoles joke”


The militant Partido ng Manggagawa (PM) slammed the P10 wage hike in the National Capital Region (NCR) as a “cruel Napoles joke” inflicted on the workers. “Janet Napoles steals P10 billion from the people’s money and the government offers P10 in coins to workers as a consolation. While the people’s attention is focused on the billion peso pork barrel scam, the wage board thinks it can quietly dupe workers with a measly pay increase,” insisted Wilson Fortaleza, PM’s spokesperson.

Meanwhile PM called on the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) which had filed a P83 across-the-board wage petition to coordinate with other labor groups to protest the NCR wage board’s decision and launch a joint campaign for a living wage. “The TUCP’s rejection of the wage board’s decision is a good initial move. The next step should be to complement the TUCP’s appeal to the wage board with a call on workers to hold mass actions. If the middle class finds it necessary to call a Million People March for the abolition of the pork barrel, it is imperative on the working class to launch a mass movement to end the cheap labor policy,” Fortaleza argued.

He added that the P10 wage hike is a “dagdag-bawi scam.” “Government decides to give workers a P10 hike in wages but it will take it back with the proposed P10 increase in fares for the MRT and LRT. Further, prices of basic goods like rice have inflated so that in the end, workers are worse off than before,” Fortaleza explained.

“PM’s own study reveals that the cost of living in the NCR is already P1,200 as of April this year for a family of six and yet the new minimum wage adds up to only P466, which will not even buy half of the basket of goods and services,” Fortaleza said.

He continued that “This is the ugly reality of inequality in our country. The Philippines is the fastest growing economy in Asia yet only a few, the capitalist class, is benefiting from the increased wealth created by the working people. The assets of the ten richest Filipinos amount to some US$45 billion, which is equivalent to the yearly wages of 20 million minimum wage earners.”

PM contends that the wage boards have outlived their usefulness and should be replaced by a Wage Commission. Fortaleza stated that “The mandate of the National Wage Commission will be to fix wages based on the single criterion of cost of living. This is different from the wage boards which are bogged down by convoluted and contradictory 10-point criteria in fixing wages. The Wage Commission should raise the minimum wage to the level of the living wage by a mix of mechanisms such as direct pay increases, tax exemptions, price discounts and social security subsidies for workers.”

Press Release
September 7, 2013

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Price hikes erode minimum wage increases in NCR – IBON News

Price hikes erode minimum wage increases in NCR – IBON News.

April 19, 2012

Despite seven wage hikes since 2002, the real value of the mandated NCR minimum wage has fallen by some 3.5% from that peak in February 2002 to be worth just Php246 as of December 2011.

For reference: Mr Sonny Africa (IBON executive director) 0928-5053550 | As labor groups file petitions for a substantial wage increase, a study by research group IBON reveals that increases in the mandated minimum wage has not kept pace with inflation in the last decade.

Taking inflation into account, the highest real mandated minimum wage since 1986 in the National Capital Region (NCR) was the Php255 reached in February 2002 (measured in 2000 prices).

Despite seven wage hikes since 2002, the real value of the mandated NCR minimum wage has fallen by some 3.5% from that peak in February 2002 to be worth just Php246 as of December 2011.

Read full article @ ibon.org

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[Featured Photo] Protest against oil price hikes -GMA News

During a halt in traffic, militant youth groups occupy a pedestrian lane along España Avenue on Thursday to protest against oil price hikes. Meanwhile, jeepney drivers and supporters gathered in various parts of Metro Manila for a transport caravan. Danny Pata Source: GMA News

Photo extracted from : http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/photo/16905/along-busy-pedestrian-lane-youth-groups-protest-vs-fuel-hike

[Featured Video] Anti Human Trafficking Infomercial-www.visayanforum.org

Don’t be a victim human trafficking. Know the tell-tale signs and be vigilant. Call 1434 for Metro Manila, (02) 1434 for outside Metro Manila, (632) for outside Philippines.

If you want to volunteer and share your time and expertise visit http://www.visayanforum.org/portal.

[Job announcement] Save the Children JOB POSTING for various positions

Subject: Save the Children JOB POSTING for various positions – Deadline January 30 Monday

Mga Kapatid

We continue to announce positions for our Save the Children International 2012 organization  through this job posting.

This captures positions that remain open from our December 2011 recruitment as well as new positions opened because of personal transitions and new appointments.

1.    Health and Nutrition Advisor – National position in Metro Manila

2.    Education Advisor – National position in Metro Manila

3.    Policy Advocacy Manager – National position based in Metro Manila

4.    Program Officer Child Participation – National position based in Metro Manila

5.    Communications Officer – National position based in Metro Manila

6.    Sponsorship Officer – National position based in Metro Manila

7.    Finance Officer – local position based in Koronadal for the Mindanao Program Office

An ad for the Sunday January 22 was released in the Inquirer.

This email job posting provides the attachments of Statement of Interest for an interested applicant.

Our hiring and selection process will include both internal and external candidates.

Office locations for positions listed are Makati / Metro Manila for all National and Luzon/Visayas Program Office positions.

Koronadal for Mindanao Program Office positions.

The deadline for submission of applications is Monday January 30.

Include a cover letter maximum 1000 words stating wy you are suitable for this position.

Include a Statement of Interest (SOI) form

Send your application by email:  HRSupport@savechildren.org

Note that we are not able to give all applicants individualizede feedback except that we schedule interview session when we have come up with a shortlist after resume screening.

Please help circulate this job posting to your colleagues.

Thank you for your support and interest.


Bing Castro, Manager Human Resources, Save the Children in the Philippines  +63 2 8525408 +63 917 5746931  bcastro@savechildren.org

[Event] Public Lecture on “Diaspora Spirituality”

Public Lecture on

“Diaspora Spirituality”

February 17, 2012, 2:00 P.M. (Friday)
@ Titus Brandsma Center
#24 Acacia St., New Manila 1112 Quezon City

BOT Kanlungan Center Foundation

by Institute of Spirituality in Asia

and Kanlungan Center Foundation

Registration Fee: Php 100.00
(Inclusive of snacks and certificate of attendance)
For reservation/confirmation, pls. call/email us and look for Fr. Rico, Joy or Sr. Susan.

[Press release] Labor party wonders why living wage figures remained at 2008 level – PM

File photo source: PM

While prices of basic goods and services keep on rising, the government’s calculation of Family Living Wage (FLW) remained at 2008 level, provoking curiosity from the labor group Partido ng Manggagawa (PM).

According to the group, the National Wages and Productivity Commission (NWPC) website contains all the necessary information on wages, except on FLW estimates which has never been updated since September 2008. The link to the site has been “under construction” since then.

“Was it arbitrary on the part of the government to put an embargo to this very important information?  If it cannot even update its figures how much more in complying with the Constitutional mandate of providing labor the right to a family living wage?,” lamented PM chair Renate Magtubo.

Living wage is defined as the amount of family income needed to provide for the family’s food and non-food expenditures, including a 10% proportion of “other components” to allow for savings.

The NWPC’s September 2008 figures put the FLW estimates in the National Capital Region (NCR) at P917 a day to as high as P1, 322 in the ARMM region. PM’s own estimate put it at P1, 000 in 2009.

Magtubo said the NWPC may have opted to “reconstruct the truth” to hide or mask the ever widening gap between real wage and the living wage.  NWPC calculated the real wage value of the P404 minimum wage in NCR at PhP239.76.  It cannot be compared to the current FLW since new numbers are missing.

“For this evidently clear act of omission labor has the right to call for NWPC’s abolition together with the equally hopeless regional wage boards,” argued Magtubo.

A regular and timely estimate of FLW is important since it shows the movement of a family’s current cost of living relative to its income thus must be principally considered in making wage adjustments.

In fact first on the list of the 10 criteria for the current minimum wage fixing is the workers’ demand for living wage which includes not only the right to recover the lost value of their wages but also improvement on their living standard.

“The truth is there is clearly a mismatch between the actual needs of workers and their level of income because the present system puts more weight on capitalist’s ‘capacity to pay’ rather than on labor’s ‘capacity to buy’,” explained Magtubo.

Magtubo said the country’s wage levels remain at “starvation level” since the PhP125 and PhP75 demand, even if granted, can only cover about half of a worker’s actual needs.

Aside from pressing for a wage increase, PM has also been proposing for the replacement of the current wage fixing mechanism by a new system that would institutionalize living wage as the principal criterion for determining the basic minimum wage.  It wants a new National Wage Commission mandated with this new framework take the place of the regional wage boards.

Partido ng Manggagawa
15 April 2011
Contact:  Renato Magtubo
@ 09178532905

Urban Poor Ask Supreme Court to Order Compliance of RA 7279 in Manila Bay Clean Up

Source urbanpoorassociates.blogspot.com

Urban Poor Associates (UPA) filed on Thursday before the Supreme Court a motion to issue order for compliance with Republic Act 7279 prior to demolition and/or eviction of informal settlers. This is an appeal on the high court’s decision on the implementation of the Manila Bay clean up rendered last February 15.

The Court orders Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) to come up with the lists of informal settlers living along the Pasig-Marikina-San Juan Rivers, the NCR (Parañaque-Zapote, Las Piñas) rivers and the Navotas-Malabon-Tullahan-Tenejeros Rivers and the LGUs outside Metro Manila for the list of informal settlers along Meycauayan-Marilao-Obando (Bulacan) rivers, the Talisay (Bataan) River, the Imus (Cavite) river, the Laguna De Bay and Connecting waterways.

The high Court even set a timeline up to December 31, 2012 and 2015 for the full implementation of the demolition of houses and removal of the informal settlers.

March 31, 2011
Urban Poor Associates

However, UPA and other other movants Community Organizers Multiversity (COM), Community Organization of the Philippine Enterprise (COPE), Kabalikat sa Pagpapaunlad ng Baseco (KABALIKAT), Ugnayan Lakas ng mga Apektadong Pamilya sa Baybaying Ilog Pasig (ULAP) and residents along Radial 10 (R10) Boulevard in Tondo, Manila, found the court’s resolution silent as to the observance and compliance of the Urban Development and Housing Act of 1992 (RA 7279) which lays down requisites before eviction and/or demolition is enforced.

In a fifteen-page motion, the urban poor group through their lawyer, Ritche Esponilla, stressed that the effort in the rehabilitation of the Manila Bay should not be at loggerheads with the basic [human] rights accorded to the underprivileged and homeless citizens guaranteed by the 1987 Constitution itself.

RA 7279 requires that urban poor whose houses are subject to demolition should be notified 30 days before. It also compels consultation and relocation to the affected underprivileged citizens, and without such compliance there must be no evictions or demolitions.

UPA said with the SC decision shanties of 129,606 urban poor families surrounding Manila Bay are in danger of being demolished without relocation.

“There is an urgent need that the Court issues an order for compliance of requisites set out by RA 7279 prior to demolition and/or eviction to protect the housing rights of the poor. While the clean up is valuable it must not come at the expense of displacing thousands of urban poor families already marginalized by society,” Atty. Esponilla said.

“We must also remember that the high Court already recognized that this endeavor (preservation of Manila Bay) cannot go against the right of those whose dwellings are in danger of being torn down. In its ruling on October 2009, it emphasized that it does not give the MMDA and other concerned government agencies the power to evict any individual from his or her home without first giving notice,” he added.

UPA said President Benigno Aquino III tasked Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) to form a technical working group (TWG) that would study issues/concerns of the urban poor. This TWG is already working.

UPA field director Alicia Murphy concluded, “The waterways dwellers are working hard to implement their dream of on-site housing through the TWG. We even came up with a housing proposal along waterways designed by Palafox architects that would not interfere with the cleaning of Manila Bay and the Pasig river. We believe that efforts on restoring the beauty of Manila Bay must be equipped with a comprehensive and decent housing program for the welfare of the poor. In this way, we will be able to preserve lives – the life of the poor and the life of the Bay.