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[Statement] WeDpro extends its solidarity to the workers all over the nation and the world on the occasion of International Labor Day

Statement on the Commemoration of International Labor Day
May 1, 2012

WeDpro extends its solidarity to the workers all over the nation and the world on the occasion of International Labor Day also known as May Day, the day when we focus on the struggles of the working class.

Despite the promises of the PNoy administration of “daang matuwid”, millions of Filipino families who are the great majority in the Philippines, still stumble much too often, burdened hard by the road of poverty and bulldozed by injustice and exploitation. The continuing struggle for just wages, union rights and pro-workers’ policies, to name a few, is an ugly and painful dot in the political and economic landscape of the country on the one hand, and an unending road of the people’s struggles for their rights on the other hand.

Indeed, more and more women continue to be part of the productive force, as do children and youth. However, abuses including sexual exploitation continue to be part of the reality that they have to bear often in silence. Children work in “jobs” that are dangerous and high risk without protection from the laws – and in fact, in clear violation of the laws.

Unemployed and underemployed youth are becoming desperate for jobs that are decent and life-giving. No wonder why “sex work” or prostitution has become a normalized source of income for many, women and men alike, and even for children who are sold and pushed by their own parents into the ever-growing “entertainment” industry.

Call centers are a pipe dream for many of our youth, despite the increasing reports of the health impact on call center agents – alcohol and drugs abuse, high blood and heart-related problems, sexual and reproductive health issues, general well being concerns including psychological or mental health.

Women continue to bear the greater burden of the double-day, multiple tasks as home “managers” and at the same time part of the informal sector that afford very little economic protection. Without doubt, there is increasing number of women professionals and indeed some have excelled in their chosen professions, but the majority of women continue to suffer the unrelenting yet often subtle impacts of capitalism and patriarchy.

The so-called economic gains that the PNoy administration has been presenting as part of its achievements are hardly felt on the ground as pendulum-like gas prices, rising costs of food and essential commodities, unaffordable housing and education, among others, are beginning to feel like luxury items instead of being part of our basic needs for survival and human security.

Without the people-oriented transparent and accountable political will of the PNoy administration to address poverty and social justice issues, the “daang matuwid” will continue to be a road of thorns and bumps and bombs as the unrelenting struggles continue to wage protests, strikes, rebellions and other forms of resistances to insist on our human rights.

Workers’ rights are after all, an integral part of the internationally accepted standards of human rights. More than ever, we take note of the fact that workers’ rights rightly equates to women’s liberation from the yokes of capitalism-militarist ideology and patriarchy.

Aida F. Santos
Chairperson, WeDpro Board of Directors
01 May 2012
Quezon City, Philippines
Email: aida.santos@wedprophils.org

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[Press Release] Rejection of legislated wage hike exposes “Noy-ngaling”—labor party -PM

Rejection of legislated wage hike exposes “Noy-ngaling”—labor party

The Partido ng Manggagawa (PM) slammed Malacanang’s rejection of the legislated wage hike bill about to be passed by the House Labor Committee as exposing the disconnect between President Benigno Aquino III’s words and deeds. “Just last Friday night PNoy declared in front of employers that workers welfare is paramount but now his administration has thumbed down the wage hike proposal with the usual capitalist blackmail. PNoy is a Noy-ngaling,” declared Renato Magtubo, PM national chair.

Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte spoke yesterday on behalf of President Aquino that the legislated P125 across-the-board wage increase will lead to layoffs of workers.

“Such horror stories are just black propaganda at blackmail. Why should we be afraid of additional money circulating in the economy due to a wage hike when billions of dollars in remittances entering the country is always applauded? If the stronger purchasing power of OFW families is a positive factor in the economy then should not the same thing hold for more money in the hands of workers which we will use to buy the necessities of life? A wage hike will be good for the workers and will also be beneficial to the economy because it will spur the production of more goods and provision of more services,” Magtubo explained.

He added that “Why is it that the prices of the goods and services bought by workers are not tempered by the capacity to pay of the consumers? The answer is that prices take into account the cost of production with a margin included for the profit of capitalists. If that is how prices are fixed in this society called capitalism, then the price of the only thing sold by workers—their labor power—should also be computed in the same way. Meaning, it must be based on the cost of production of labor power. And this is precisely the cost of living of workers and their families.”

PM announced that the May Day campaign will start early in time for the Holy Week break. The group will lead a “Kalbaryo ng Manggagawa at Maralita” on the first week of April that will highlight the issues of low wages, high prices, mass unemployment, contractual jobs and urban poor demolitions.

“The Kalbaryo is part of the May Day campaign for labor justice. Workers demand reforms beyond the prosecution of Gloria and the impeachment of Corona. The graft ridden National Labor Relations Commission, the Department of Labor and Employment and the National Mediation and Conciliation Board must be cleansed. The policies of liberalization, deregulation and privatization that have led to thousands of closures and layoffs, and collapse of industry and agriculture must be rolled back,” Magtubo insisted. ###

Press Release
March 21, 2012
Partido ng Manggagawa
Contact Renato Magtubo @ 09178532905

[Statement] P125 Minimum Wage Increase Now! www.masa.ph

by Partido Lakas ng Masa

The Workers Create the Wealth of the Society!
We Deserve Better!

The Regional Wage Board’s decision of giving NCR workers a 22 pesos non-wage benefit is unacceptable and considered an insult to all non-agricultural workers. The additional Php 22 was too little to make any economic impact for the workers because it was given way too late when prices of basic commodities and transportation fares were already increased.  We can say that the adjustment is really not an adjustment to help but a mere pampalubag loob (consolation).  President Noynoy Aquino (Pnoy) made an announcement before May 1, International Labor Day, that he has good news for the workers.  But instead of making good of his promise to help alleviate a little the economic condition of the workers, he failed the expectations of the Filipino working class for the nth time.  This decision and the inability of Pnoy to act in favor of the majority, made it clear that Pnoy’s bosses are not the ordinary people but the elites.

The Php 22 is not a wage increase which the workers are asking.  It is way below the Php 125 or the Php 75 that the workers are asking, and is too little for a Living Wage needed by a worker to live a decent life.  The Php 22 that will be added to the Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) will not be subject to over time and night differential and 13th month pay computations, making the Board’s decision more favorable to employers than the workers who badly need a salary increase.

This decision is a manifestation that the ruling elite of this country is highly favored by this government.  The Private Partnership Program (PPP) of Pnoy is in full motion to the detriment of the working class.  All those who will benefit from this shenanigan are the capitalists who are cashing in on the government’s inability to protect the interest of the working class who produces the wealth of the society.

The Partido Lakas ng Masa (Party of the Laboring Masses) calls on Pnoy to do something for a change, to do something to benefit the ordinary Filipino, especially the Working Class.  What he needs is a political will to put forward policies that will benefit the poor majority of the society.  What the workers are asking is a Php 125 salary increase, the scrapping of the Oil Deregulation Law, and the cancellation of EVAT for basic commodities!  And we will not settle for anything less!

11 May 2011