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[From the web] HRonlinePH and Front Line Defenders

HRonlinePH and Front Line Defenders

Front Line Defenders annual publication about the significant challenges confronting human rights defenders (HRDs) and our efforts to provide the protection and support they so critically need, as well as the Annual Report on Human Rights Defenders at Risk in 2017, which documents hundreds of physical, legal, and social attacks on HRDs around the world in 2017.

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[Event] FreeXP.con -Freedom of Expression Conference FreeXP.con

Freedom of Expression Conference FreeXP.con



Freedom of Expression Conference, FreeXP.con organized by the Human Rights Online Philippines https://hronlineph.com/ will highlight the situation of freedom of expression (FoE) in the Philippines, which continues to be under threat with impunity. From human rights defenders, media and journalists, bloggers and individuals who are critical of the government are subjected to rampant and highly coordinated “trolling”, online abuse and smear campaign, in order to seed disinformation and foment targeted attacks, which undermines enjoyment of their right to freedom of expression, and democracy in the Philippines. This onslaught of online abuse represents a real threat to the freedom of expression both online and offline, psychological and even the physical safety of human rights defenders, journalists and individuals critical of the government.

Free XP.con will explore some of these trends with human rights defenders, legal experts, journalists and victims of reported online abuse in the Philippines. The conference will provide venue for sharing of experiences and responses to the online threats and disinformation, and generating evidence-based concrete platform of actions in defending the FoE against the culture of impunity and a system set-up to silence dissent in the country.

Human Rights Online Philippines (HRonlinePH) is an organization that works for the protection and defense of human rights defenders’ right to freedom of expression online. HRonlinePH provides practical support through physical and digital security training, advocacy and campaigning.

Free XP.con including 7th Human Rights Pinduteros is a milestone of the HRonlinePH project, “Protection and empowerment of human rights defenders in the Philippines” with support of the British Embassy Manila under its British Embassy Programme Fund.


Based on the documentation and reports received by the HRonlinePH, the conference seeks to examine the promotion and protection of the FoE online in the context of national scope and international norms with a view of identifying challenges and sharing best practices, and inspiring initiatives taken by human rights defenders and journalists among others on protection and defense of FoE in the Philippines. The results will also provide tracking of progress under the Sustainable Development Goal 16.10 on “public access to information and fundamental freedom” and compliance of the Philippine government to Article 19, freedom of expression, International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).

  • Free XP.con aims to achieve the following objectives:
  • To provide comparative opportunities for human rights defenders, journalists and bloggers among others to learn from wider experiences to adopt good practices and solutions in support of FoE and improved online safety and security;
  • To generate measures for strengthening inclusion of human rights within the online platforms as well as its content creating greater spaces to promote FoE and reflect human rights norms; and
  • To identify and encourage the key stakeholders including the government to reflect upon need of reforms and implementation of policies and practices in support of protection of FoE in the Philippines.

Date: 1-2 December 2017 (Friday-Saturday)

Opening of the commemoration of the International Human Rights Week

Venue: in Quezon City (exact venue to be announced)

Target participants:

The event will bring together human rights defenders, journalists, bloggers, faith-based workers, human rights campaigners, experts from other fields and individuals working on the promotion of the FoE and those who are affected by the online abuse and “trolling”.


[The Chatam House Rule https://www.chathamhouse.org/about/chatham-house-rule

This consideration should always guide the way in which the conference information is disseminated – online as well as offline.]

The sequence of learning sessions during the conference will be as follows:

Plenary sessions

  • The protection and defense of FoE in the Philippines.
  • Human rights defenders’ freedom of expression: facing up to the threat
  • Online attacks and trolling on the Commission on Human Rights
  • Regional situation of FoE
  • Communicating human rights
  • Strengthening digital security in response to online harassment and threats

*At the end of the plenary discussions, panelists will be given three minutes each to make their concluding remarks, followed by final remarks of the moderator. Followed by Q and A.

Thematic workshops

  • Parallel workshops that would identify common challenges, share good practices and solutions
  • Fighting back against online abuse through human rights education
  • “Security in a box”
  • Human rights protection mechanisms in countering online abuse and harassment

Summing up sessions

At the end of the workshops, all participants will convene in a plenary session to summarize the results of thematic workshops; designated rapporteurs from each group will briefly summarize the results and recommendations.


The expected outcomes of the conference are:

  • Stakeholders will gain a better understanding of the challenges linked to the protection and promotion of the freedom of expression both online and offline in the context of national scope;
  • Organizer will prepare a summary report on the outcome of the panel discussion, which will be submitted to the government, Commission on Human Rights, members of diplomatic community, international human rights organizations and UN Special Procedures including platforms like Facebook;
  • Proposed Declaration on Freedom of Expression or Plan of Action on the Freedom of Expression and the Issue of Impunity;
  • Protection measures for human rights defenders, journalists and individuals in claiming their right to freedom of expression;
  • Sense of solidarity among human rights defenders, journalists, bloggers among others to fight the culture of impunity.

Background documents

Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)
International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR)
UN Declaration on the Right and Responsibility of Individuals, Groups and Organs of Society to Promote and Protect Universally Recognized Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders)

[From the web] Defending human rights online in the time of Duterte -VERA Files

Defending human rights online in the time of Duterte
by Arianne Christian Tapao, VERA Files

Rights defender Rosemarie Trajano got the shock of her life when news broke that Caloocan City police got their information about Kian Loyd Delos Santos’ alleged drug running only from social media.

The 52-year-old advocate is no stranger to threats. A human rights defender (HRD) for 30 years, her name appears in police lists as a person of interest. But the fact that a 17-year-old student was killed over unfounded information gave her the chills. She calls it “disturbing, unprofessional.”

The secretary-general of the Philippine Alliance of Human Rights Advocates (PAHRA), Trajano says she’s more scared about what might happen to the lesser known rights campaigners. “Kilala ako so less takot ako. Mas natatakot ako sa HRDs na hindi pa kilala (I’m a prominent defender so I’m not so scared for myself as I am for other HRDs).”

Indeed, times have worsened for rights campaigners, who have been demonized by Pres. Rodrigo Duterte himself because of their condemnation of the extra-judicial killings that have marked the government’s war on illegal drugs.

In his second State of the Nation Address, the president went as far as to call for the abolition of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR), accusing it of defending criminals. (See VERA FILES FACT SHEET: The Commission on Human Rights, explained)

Read full article @verafiles.org

All submissions are republished and redistributed in the same way that it was originally
published online and sent to us. We may edit submission in a way that does not alter or
change the original material.

Human Rights Online Philippines does not hold copyright over these materials. Author/s and
original source/s of information are retained including the URL contained within the
tagline and byline of the articles, news information, photos etc

Protect Freedom of Expression Campaign, ‘Wag Matakot Magpahayag!-HRonlinePH.com

The Human Rights Online Philippines (HRonlinePH) www.hronlineph.com presents its project, “Protection and empowerment of human rights defenders in the Philippines”, supported by the British Embassy Manila, and key information on its experiences supporting the use of information technology in campaign and advocacy among communities of human rights defenders (HRDs) in the Philippines.

The project was launched last Thursday, August 31, 2017 at Pres. R. V. Palma, 105-106 function room, University Hotel, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.

As information and communication technologies have become central to organizing, campaigning and day-to-day communication in human rights work, many reports and cases has concurrently documented and verified the increased use of technologies to monitor communications and harass human rights defenders, restricting their rights to freedom of opinion and expression, both online and offline.

This will be an opportunity to discuss experiences of human rights defenders who are often harassed and intimated for publishing human rights related information on websites, blogs or social networking sites, or for criticizing authorities or government policies, both online or offline.

[In the news] Human rights defenders call for safe environment online vs harassment, threats -RAPPLER

Human rights defenders call for safe environment online vs harassment, threats
by Jodesz Gavilan, RAPPLER

Human Rights Online Philippines’ project comes amid threats and harassment advocates have been receiving online ever since the start of President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs


MANILA, Philippines – A human rights organization is taking a stand against the vitriol and harassment advocates have been subjected to under the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.

On Thursday, August 31, Human Rights Online Philippines (HR Online PH) launched the “Protect Freedom of Expression” project which aims to establish a support mechanism for individuals and groups working on upholding human rights.

Gusto natin na through this project, makagawa ng safe and just environment talaga (What we want to with this project is to create a safe and just environment),” Jerbert Briola, project coordinator of of HR Online PH, said.

The project gives a special focus on social media where human rights defenders have been attacked. Digital security trainings will be conducted for various organizations to better equip themselves in their advocacy projects online.

The project comes amid the “demonized” concept of human rights as advocates continue to criticize the violations under Duterte’s bloody anti-illegal drugs campaign.

Data from the Philippine National Police (PNP) shows that more than 3,500 suspected drug personalities have been killed in drug operations since July 2016. The number of people killed by vigilantes is still highly debated.

Read full article @www.rappler.com

All submissions are republished and redistributed in the same way that it was originally
published online and sent to us. We may edit submission in a way that does not alter or
change the original material.

Human Rights Online Philippines does not hold copyright over these materials. Author/s and
original source/s of information are retained including the URL contained within the
tagline and byline of the articles, news information, photos etc

[Statement] Giving power to the people through the internet -HRonlinePH.com

Giving power to the people through the internet

What matters is not technology, but how we use it.

The use of the internet is one of the issues to have arisen in recent times. And we all stood not merely as witnesses but as users of the transforming power of the internet in advancing various issues of human rights from freedom of expression, gender equality to climate justice among others.

HRonlinePH new logo 2

The internet provides an enormous space for people to speak up against abuses by authorities and claim for their rights, and social media is increasingly playing a huge role in disasters and humanitarian efforts. The typhoon Yolanda, earthquake in Bohol and more recently the typhoon Ruby all saw prominent use of social medial by survivors, relief aid organizations and media alike. The use of the internet also enables affected communities to quickly transform themselves into first responders and messenger of news.

While we recognize that the internet in and of itself does not save lives, the intelligent and effective use of internet does.  In the World Disasters Report 2013 by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, “focuses on the rapid spread of technologies, especially information and communication technologies, which is changing humanitarian action and humanitarians, too.” The internet, in the hands of the people, we can witness effective and life-saving results and expose massive corruption-laden rehabilitation projects.

This is evidently shows the power of the internet being used for advancement of human rights and for public good.

While the internet rights are already considered human rights and fundamental freedoms, yet they are increasingly at risk in so many aspects of our lives. Not only for the fact that people anywhere and everywhere who speak up against any forms of abuses, injustices and violence are often placed in danger.  Access to the internet in some part of the globe remains censored or banned. Even in democratic countries like the Philippines, there are already attempts to infringe the right to privacy in communications that consequently threaten the enjoyment of the right to freedom of expression and opinion.

We fully recognize that with every right, there is a corresponding responsibility, though freedom requires self regulation, the responsible use of the internet offers concrete actions to make humanitarian assistance more effective and accountable, and we must intelligently use the internet to Inform, Inspire and Mobilize people to effect real change.

Today as we commemorate the International Human Rights Day 2014, we must bear in mind that human rights are inherent among us. Let us all work together to contribute in the advancement of human rights, make use of the internet powerful and effective every day.

Human Rights Online Philippines

December 10, 2014

[In the news] Rights groups, bloggers launch HR Online Philippines website – www.gmanetwork.com

Rights groups, bloggers launch HR Online Philippines website.

A group of human rights defenders and bloggers found each other and launched the Human Rights Online Philippines (HROnlinePH) website http://hronlineph.com in Quezon City on Dec. 2.

Its initiators said the website seeks to promote and protect human rights in the Philippines through Information Resources Online.

How HROnlinePH started?

Once editorial decision and content were finalized, the team, considered how best to interact with individual and group human rights advocates and to share online resources; and then the initial group began tackling possible organizational identity.

HROnlinePH team had lot of work to do before the http://hronlineph.com to be registered as site, and developing an editorial policy was first on the list.

Please take a look at the site and you will see entries written by personalities like Fr. Shay Cullen, mssc, of People’s Recovery, Empowerment Development Assistance Foundation (PREDA), Dr. Renato G. Mabunga of the Human Rights Defenders (HRD)-Pilipinas and Prof. Walden F. Bello.

Read full article @ www.gmanetwork.com

Weekend HR Posts Rundown and Analysis-July 31, 2011

Solidarity Fasting for the Release of Political Prisoners July 28, 2011 photo by Rommel Yamzon/TFDP

Solidarity Fasting for the Release of Political Prisoners July 28, 2011 photo by Rommel Yamzon/TFDP

Human Rights Online Philippines features articles, blogs, news information and photos on human rights issues. It provides up-to-date information on human rights activities, events, campaigns, and solidarity actions in the Philippines. It aims not only to put human rights at the center of national discourse through digital media but also to elicit response from the public.

This week has been news and activity-filled information for HR postings.

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[Press Release] PM slams richest Filipinos as kings of contractualization

In reaction to the news about the richest Filipinos on the Forbes list of billionaires, the militant Partido ng Manggagawa (PM) called the top three—Henry Sy, Lucio Tan and John Gokongwei—as “kings of contractualization.” Renato Magtubo, PM national chair, argued that “While Forbes asserts that the booming stock market has increased the wealth of the richest Filipinos, we believe that their base income is the windfall profit from contractualization. Their flagship companies, SM of Henry Sy, Philippine Airlines (PAL) of Lucio Tan and Robinsons Malls of Gokongwei, are well-known as exponents of contractual employment and labor outsourcing.”

Gerry Rivera, president of the Philippine Airlines Employees’ Association (PALEA) and vice chair of PM, stated that Tan has become the second wealthiest Filipino by outsourcing and other violations of labor rights. “Despite the bountiful fruits of production, Lucio Tan as owner of PAL refuses to share with his workers through a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) and plans to squeeze even more profit from employees through contractualization,” he declared.

“As these rich Filipinos grow fat from contractualization, workers wages and benefits are getting thin in proportion,” insisted Magtubo. Magtubo and Rivera both called on President Benigno Aquino III to support the security of tenure (SOT) bill pending in Congress in his forthcoming State of the Nation speech.

PM and PALEA are supporting the bill that seeks to regulate the rampant practice of contractual employment and promises to be as controversial as the RH bill once it is tabled for plenary debates. The SOT bill has been passed by the House Labor Committee and is due to be scheduled for second reading in Congress.

Rivera added that “But $2.8 billion in wealth is not enough for Lucio Tan. The mother of all outsourcing scheme is in the offing, with 2,600 employees to be laidoff and made contractuals in SkyLogistics and SkyKitchen which are owned by Manny Osmena but, as journalist Raissa Robles pointed out in her expose, is just fronting for Lucio Tan. Further PAL wants an indefinite CBA moratorium on top of the 12-year suspension in negotiations. So while PAL workers have not been able to improve their wages and benefits via a new CBA, Lucio Tan’s pockets have been bulging.”

“All through the years that PAL was losing, Lucio Tan has been getting richer. His get-rich-quick formula is nothing else but to cheapen labor costs by outsourcing the profitable units of PAL to third-party providers, such as Lufthansa Technik and MacroAsia, in which he has a stake,” Rivera explained.

Press Release
June 24, 2011
Partido ng Manggagawa

[Poster] The right to be free from torture and ill-treatment by Balay Rehabilitation Center

[In line with the commemoration of the International Day in Support for Victims of Torture on June 26, 2011, HRonlinePH will be showcasing freedom from torture campaign materials authored or produced by human rights defenders organizations.] 

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[Isyung HR] Mga surpresang hindi nakakagulat

Balitang Mokong

MOKONG: Magandang pagbabalita po sa inyong lahat.  Ito po ang inyong tagapagbalita Mokong para sa mga Bumabandilang balita bente kwatro oras sa araw na ito.

MOKANG: kasama po ang inyong tagapagbalitang Mokang at ang ligang saksi ng mga balitang hindi totoo.

Noon yon nang hindi pa mayaman si Pacman.

Bahay kubol kahit munti ang VIP doon ay sari-sari.

Mamamayan ng Central Luzon nag-scare run dahil sa harassment ng Militar doon

Iaanounce na lang daw kung kelan ang re-set.

MOKONG: Para po sa detalye ng mga balita…


To divorce or not to divorce?

Ayon sa survey ng Social Weather Stations nitong Marso sa kamaynilaan, kalahati sa mga Pilipinong tinanong ay payag na ang hindi na nagkakasundong mag-asawa ay mag-divorce upang makahanap ng panibagong mapapangasawa.   Ikatlong bahagi nito ang tumutol at ang natitira ay hindi makapagdesisyon.

Kung ikukumpara daw ito sa resulta ng survey na ginanap noong nakaraang anim na taon, na kung saan ay 43% lamang ang pumapayag at 44% ang hindi sang-ayon ay nangangahulugang dumadami at pumipihit ang bilang ng mga Pilipinong hindi na masaya sa pagkakatali sa kasal.

Ang kalahating sumasang-ayon sa Divorce ay napag-alamang mga Pilipinong ang asawa ay babaero, ‘di kaya ay lalakero.  Natanong din ang mga may asawang babaerong lalakero.

Ang ilan pa nga ayon sa istatistika ay mga bata pa nang magpakasal kaya naman napilitan lang dahil nakabuntis, ‘di kaya ay nabuntis at ang ilan naman ay hindi makabuntis-buntis o kaya ay mabuntis.

Mayroon ding namang nanakit ang napangasawa o ‘di kaya’y palaging nagkakasakit.

Ang ilan pa sa mga respondents na ito ay pawang mga kalalakihan at kanilang mga kabit.

Ang mga natanong naman na hindi sumasang-ayon sa divorce ay pawang mga hindi pa nakaranas magpakasal, o yung nangangarap pang makasal.

Ang ilan pa nga daw sa mga ito ay mga relihiyoso o sagrado katoliko at ang ilan sa mga respondents ay pari at Obispo.

Nahati naman ang opinyon ng mga wedding coordinators.  Ang ilan sa mga respondents na wedding coordinator ay payag daw dahil makakarami sila ng kikitain dahil sa mga magpapakasal ng ilang beses sa iba’t-ibang tao. Ang iba naman ay walang pakialam dahil ang mahalaga sa kanila ay may nagpakasal at kung anuman ang mangyari matapos ang kasal ang mahalaga ay kumita na sila.

Hindi naman makapagdesisyon ang ilan sa mga natanong dahil ikukunsulta pa daw nila sa kanilang mga magulang, sa kanilang espiritista at sa kanilang mga political adviser.

Hindi din makapagdesisyon ang mga wedding singers at caterers dahil sa anumang mangyari ay parehas silang magkakaraket.

Payag naman ang mga paper mill company dahil hindi naman sila maaapektuhan sa panukalang ito at tutol naman ang mga environmentalist dahil nasasayang lamang ang mga papel na nagmula sa puno na ginagamit sa mga pinipirmahang dokumento.

Ang mga dati namang hindi payag sa divorce na nagbago ng isip, napag-alamang sila daw nakapanood ng interview ni Cong. Manny Paquiao.

Panoorin po natin ang isa sa mga naganap na interview.

SWS: Nagsusurvey po kami hinggil sa Divorce.

Mokang: Tinatanong ko te?

SWS: Pwede ho ba kayong matanong?

Mokang: Nagtatanong ka na nga e. May magagawa pa ba ako?

SWS: Survey lang po ito, survey po.

Mokang: Paulit-ulit. Unli ka te?

SWS: Kayo naman masyado kayong masungit. Wala bang ibang pwede?

Mokang:  Choosy ka te?

SWS: Papa-interview ba kayo o hindi?

Mokang: Ay pikon ka na te?

SWS: Hmp! Sungit makaalis na nga!

Mokang: ay Walk out. Best actress ka te?

Cong. GMA kinasuhan ng UCCP

Kinasuhan ng UCCP si Pampanga Representative GMA sa kasong pagpatay sa mga kasapi nila noong ito pa ang presidente ng Bansa.

Napag-alamang binale-wala lamang ito ng dating pangulo dahil hindi rin naman daw ito kayang patunayan at maiuugnay sa kanya.

“Malinis akong trumabaho este malinis ang aking pagkatao.  Atake lamang ito ng mga kalaban ko. Kaya hindi sila magtatagumpay no.” ayon pa sa kanya.

Ayon sa ating impormante, tama si GMA na mali-mali ang kanyang mga kalaban sa kanilang bintang.  Ang “Hello Garci scandal” nga daw ay classic example ng maling paratang.  Dahil hindi si Garci ng Comelec ang kanyang tinatawagan kundi si Garcy ng Ombudsman (Garcia Mercy).

Paano daw magpapasimuno si GMA ng pagpatay gayong sagrado siyang relihiyoso at makadiyos.  Kay hindi naman daw kayang paniwalaan na UCCP member pa ang kanyang ipinapatay.

“Sadya lang talagang matigas ang aking dating. Inaamin kong maiinitin ang aking ulo, madalas akong nagsusungit noon pero hindi ko kayang pumatay.” Ayon pa sa dating pangulo.

Nang tinanong natin kung ano ang kanyang mensahe sa mga nagdedemanda sa kanya ngayon, ito ang kanyang masasabi, “I will not run to the next election. I am sorry. If you insist, I will send you Palaparan and dare ask him.”

Ang ating impormante na itago natin sa pangalang Kwidaw ay isang tsismis columnist sa isang hindi sikat na magazine.  Nasasagap kasi niya ang mga impormasyon at balita dahil sideline niya ang pagiging kongresista.

Paggiba ng mga Kubol sa mga bilangguan at surprised visits ni P-Noy sa NBP

Sa gitna ng tumitinding kampanya ng DOJ laban sa VIP treatment sa loob ng NBP, napag-alamang hati ngayon ang opinyon ng mga mamamayang Pilipino.

Ang sabi ng mga hindi sumasang-ayon sa patakarang ito, si DOJ Secretary De Lima daw ay Kill Joy.  Hindi daw kasi nito alam kung paano talaga ang kalagayan sa loob ng mga bilangguan.

Ayon sa mga mahihirap na preso, ang mga kubol na ito na tanging mayroon na lamang sila ay tinatanggal pa. “Ok naman ang anumang reporma o pagsasaayos ng mga kulungan, pero pati ba naman ang mga kubol namin ay idamay pa.”

“Kasalanan kasi ito ng mga katulad ni Leviste, ang VIP treatment ay natatanggap lamang ng mga may perang katulad niya, ang mga kubol ba naman namin ay VIP treatment na matatawag?” dag-dag pa ng mahihirap na preso.

Ayon sa ating impormante, ang lihim na nagsumbong daw sa DOJ ay yaong mga presong walang dalaw.  “Inggit ang nagtulak sa kanila para i-tip ang mga kubol.  Nahihirapan din kasi sila kapag may kubol dahil hindi sila makaboso kapag may dalaw ang mga may-ari ng kubol.”

Ayon din sa ating impormante, sang-ayon din daw ang mga pamunuan ng bilibid sa panukalang maglagay ng mas maayos at sentralisadong lugar o silid para sa mga sinasabing dalaw. “kailangan kasi nilang sumang-ayon kung hindi ay mahahalatang pabaya sila.” Dag-dag pa niya.

Binigla naman ang publiko ng mapabalita ang tangkang “surprised visit” ni P-Noy sa NBP.  Na naudlot din naman dahil sa pagkabuko nito nang buong pwersang dumagsa ang advance party o mga security ni P-Noy nang araw na ‘yon.

“Nasorpresa talaga kami.”  Wika ng isa sa mga nakapanayam nating itatago natin sa pangalang Mokong, “Nasorpresa kaming sorpresa pala ang lagay na yon.  Nasorprea rin kaming hindi nila iniisip kung paano gagawing “surprise” ang visit nila gayong obvious dahil sa advance party.”

Ayon naman sa isang impormante, tagumpay daw ang “surprised visit” na naudlot dahil layunin lang talaga nitong surpresahin ang NBP na ang “surprised visit” ay hindi pala talaga kasurpresurpresa.

Ayon pa sa ating impormante, wala na daw makikitang kubol ngayon ng mga VIP sa loob dahil lihim na pala silang nakagawa ng mga underground suites. Inaasahang kahit anong ‘surprised visit’ ay mapaghahandaan na nila sa loob.

“Leave our privacy alone.” Wika pa ni Mokong

Sadyang itinago natin ang pagkatao ng ating impormante upang maproteksiyunan ang kanyang kalagayan.  (Clue) Ang mokong ay dating opisyal ng isang institusyon na sinasabing naghihiganti sa napalang pagpapatalsik.

Harassment sa Bulacan

Isang grupo ng mga tagapagtanggol ng karapatang pantao sa erya ng Bulakan ang nakakaranas ngayon ng pananakot mula sa mga militar.

Ayon sa sumbong, nag-iikot-ikot daw ang mga kasapi ng militar sa pamumuno ng isang Sgt. Mendoza sa kanilang barangay.  Ayon pa sa kanila, ang tropa daw ni Sgt. Mendoza ay nagsasagawa ng ‘Census’ habang nagpapanggap na taga National Statistics Office.  Kung minsan naman daw ay nag-susurvey ito at napapanggap na taga ‘SWS’.

Ayon sa ating panayam sa mga nagrereklamo, sila daw ay hindi malilinlang ng tropa ni Sgt. Mendoza dahil obvious na hindi sila taga ‘Census’ o “SWS” dahil palagi raw itong nag-iinterview ng nakauniporme ng Militar at armado pa.

Ngunit ang mas nakapanghihilakbot, nang tinanong natin ang pamunuan ng AFP hinggil dito ay wala daw silang Sgt. Mendoza na kilala at hindi nila ipinag-uutos ang nasabing ‘Census’ o ‘survey’.

Kaya lalo lamang naging nakapangingilabot ang katotohan na maaring mga multo ang tropa ni Sgt. Mendoza.

Nang tanungin natin ang mga residenteng nakausap ng nasabing tropa ni Sgt. Mendoza kung ano ang itinatanong sa kanila, napag-alaman nating itinatanong ng mga ito kung sila ba ay kapuso o kapamilya.  Pinagbabantaan daw nito ang mga kapatid at kasama.

Itinatanong din daw kung ano daw ang kanilang favorite color, na sumisimangot kapag ang sagot nila ay kulay pula.  Ano daw ang mga hobbies at clubs na kinabibilangan. At hinihingan pa sila ng list of friends sa facebook.  Natatapos daw ang pagtatanong hinggil sa kanilang motto in life.

MOKANG: Dito po pansamantalang nagtatapos ang mga bumabandilang balita bente kwatro oras. Salamat sa inyong pambuburaot.

MOKONG: hanggang sa muli po ito ang inyong Mokong na lingkod,

MOKANG: At inyong darling mokang,

MOKONG: Kasama ng mga ligang saksi ng mga balitang hindi totoo, na nagsasabing “Mokongs and Mokangs of the world unite, we hav nothing to loose coz we hav nothing at all.”