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[People] New laws needed to block child porn by Fr. Shay Cullen

New laws needed to block child porn
by Fr. Shay Cullen


When a German national child abuse suspect was arrested and jailed in Butuan city, Mindanao earlier this year, police found incriminating evidence in his laptop computer, of horrific photos of small Filipino boys as young as 8 years old being sexually abused by the suspect . Photos showed the children being made to abuse each other. These were made for possible sharing with other pedophiles over the internet. He is presently on trial in that city. We wait for justice to be done.

However, while only a few pedophiles are arrested, hundreds if not thousands more pedophiles of all nationalities roam free to abuse at will; more has to be done to catch them.

Much child sexual abuse is driven by the easy and rampant sex tourism that is allowed by government. More damaging is the easy uncontrolled access to the child porn websites. These are accessed without controls or filters despite the Philippine law (RA9775) that orders internet service corporations to block all access to such web sites. There are few such laws like it in the world. See http://www.preda.org. The internet service provider corporations have allegedly not installed filters to block child porn under section 9 of republic Act 9775 and allegedly prefer to pay a fine than respect the law. In past research, I asked some to comment but got no reply.

The National Telecommunications Commission is mandated under RA 9775 (section 9) to enforce the law but seems to be looking the other away. The Anti-child Porn Alliance (ACPC-Pilipinas) is struggling against public and government apathy, inaction and indifference. Meanwhile, thousands of children are horribly abused and the images of the abuse are being posted on the internet. Child rapists and those arrested for child sexual abuse have been found to have frequently searched, accessed and downloaded child pornography which can drive them to acts of sexual assault against children. Child pornography can lead to child rape and murder.

The case of Tia Sharp, a twelve year old living with her grandmother in South London, was sexually assaulted and murdered by Stuart Hazell, a live-in sex partner of the child’s grandmother in 2012. Hazell was considered a heterosexual yet he secretly had pedophile tendencies. He took special sexual interest in Tia and repeatedly photographed her. On the internet, he was searching and viewing images of incest and pedophile images. Left alone with Tina by the over trusting grandmother, he raped and murdered her. Evidence shows she fought back. There is little doubt that the internet searches contributed to his perverted crimes of child rape and murder.

Hazell is an internet enabled pedophile. Law enforcers and some of the public tend to trivialize this terrible abuse of children. Some think it is a victimless crime yet every image is a terrible crime against the child victim.

The last photo made by Tia’s killer, Stuart Hazell was her dead, naked body placed in a sexual position. What’s important to note is that Hazell and many other men become child abusers by viewing the images on the internet sites. What more evidence do we need to have stronger blocking and filtering laws to regulate Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and all internet search companies and server corporations that enable Internet access? They are an open door to child abuse and the corporate managers and stockholders are holding it open. Google’s motto is “Don’t be evil”, but they are not living up to that it seems, they should change it to “Always do good”. That door to Child Pornography must be closed and locked and Goggle and the other internet corporations have the keys.

Those who oppose any blocking and filtering of child pornography wrongly claim the practice will spread to blocking other access to the internet. In Britain alone, according to projections by credit card companies, there are 250,000 people accessing child porn sites regularly, male and female. The server providers have a voluntary self regulation but it’s not being implemented. There are so many violators police cannot cope. Out of 250,000, they have charged 1,848 and won 1,451 convictions.

For a nation to have good governance, it has to enforce the law to protect children. Parents must demand action and control their children’s access to computers and the internet. There are practical ways to stop child pornography once and for all, and protect children through implementing the present laws and enact amended and stronger legislation that will compel all search companies like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask jeeves, etc. and server providers to:

*Bloc access to child porn and violent rape web sites and mobile phones and through recording/viewing devices like DVDs MP3 players etc.
*Outlaw and ban the sale or access to video games depicting child sex abuse and violent rape, real or simulated.
*Have all homes with internet connections to be asked if they want filters to impede access to child porn or violent rape sites. They can opt out on the record.
*New subscribers to internet connections will have to declare that they want or don’t want access to obscene material.
*Pop up messages should appear on the computer screen giving a dire warning if the user tried to bypass filters and access banned sites.
* Above all parents, teachers and adults must campaign for this to protect children and make the internet a safe place to play and learn.

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[Featured video] March 8, 2013 International Women’s Day by ClydieCandy

March 8, 2013 International Women’s Day
by clydiecandy

A feminist flashmob organized by World March of Women-Philippines, participated by Women Human Rights Defenders from different NGOs in the Philippines.

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WHAT IS 3RD HR PINDUTEROS CHOICE AWARDS? https://hronlineph.com/2013/10/01/3rd-human-rights-

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UN: 2.4 million human trafficking victims | Sun.Star

UN: 2.4 million human trafficking victims | Sun.Star.

April 4, 2012

UNITED NATIONS — The U.N. crime-fighting office said 2.4 million people across the globe are victims of human trafficking at any one time, and 80 percent of them are being used as sexual slaves.

Yuri Fedotov, the head of the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime, told a daylong General Assembly meeting on trafficking Tuesday that two out of every three victims are women.

Read full article @ www.sunstar.com.ph

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[Resources] Tips for Digital Activists (Series 3)

Tactical Technology Collective "Ten Tactics"

Just few weeks ago, we featured Tactic 1 and 2 of Tactical Technology Collective’s project which they call as “10 Tactics for turning information into action”. Here is “Tactic #3” for more useful information, read on…

PLAN YOUR ACTION (Excerpts from Tactic #3 of the 10 Tactics card)

● The animated folktales from Cairo (right) used symbols or characters, as a way to take a volatile issue and turn it into something easier for a reluctant audience to approach.

● The visuals and materials you create can be quite practical. For example, the maps from Lebanon had multiple uses: as a historical record, for crisis reporting, and to plan relief and aid work.

● Interactive visuals can use photos, illustrations, videos, and other submissions contributed by many different people. With the Tunisian Google Earth and YouTube mashup, new videos were added automatically as people posted them online and geo-tagged them.

● To reach people without fast internet connections, complex visualisations can also be shared offline: as videos for download or on VCD/DVDs, as large-scale posters, printed flyers or public space projections, or on USB memory sticks.

● Effective visualisations should not just make something visually appealing or entertaining. What’s more important is that they shape understanding and clarify meaning.

To read the complete information about “Tactic 3” visit http://www.informationactivism.org/en/tactic3video

[In the news] Greenpeace and Google hit back vs. SOPA ‘censorship’ –

Greenpeace and Google hit back vs. SOPA ‘censorship’
January 18, 2012

  Environemental watchdog Greenpeace’s Philippine website went dark Wednesday afternoon in protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect-IP Act (PIPA), two pending US bills that the group says threaten to “censor the Internet.”

“If SOPA/PIPA become law, sites like Greenpeace.org could go dark simply because one of our corporate targets files a claim that its intellectual property rights have been violated. No proof required, no court hearing. Don’t let corporate interests censor the Internet,” it said in its darkened site.

Read full article @ www.gmanetwork.com

[In the news] Militant students unfurl ‘Oust Corona’ banner at SC grounds – SunStar.com.ph

Militant students unfurl ‘Oust Corona’ banner at SC grounds
January 18, 2012

  MANILA— The youth impeachment monitoring group #i-monitor and Kabataan Party-list unfurled banners at the Supreme Court grounds on Wednesday calling for the ouster of Chief Justice Renato Corona and the immediate prosecution of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

These banners were placed at College of Arts and Sciences of the University of the Philippines-Manila, which is directly adjacent to the SC main building.

“This is a call to the Chief Justice to wake up from his illusions of massive support. Even the SC’s neighboring academic institution wants him out,” said Terry Ridon, convenor of #i-monitor.

Read full article @ www.sunstar.com.ph

[In the news] Access to Internet not a human right, says ‘Father of Internet’ -InterAksyon.com

Access to Internet not a human right, says ‘Father of Internet’
by J. M. Tuazon, InterAksyon.com
January 8, 2012
 MANILA, Philippines — Contrary to what the United Nations had declared in the middle of last year, Internet access is not necessarily a human right in itself, according to one of the “Fathers of the Internet.”

In an opinion piece published by the New York Times on Thursday, Google VP and Chief Internet Evangelist Vinton G. Cerf said that while the Internet has empowered individuals around the world to realize their own human rights, access to it should not be considered a human right in itself.

The 68-year-old computer scientist cited recent uprisings in the Middle East dubbed as the “Arab Spring,” where protests against iron-fisted dictators were mounted with the help of the Internet.

Cerf, the man largely credited as one of the designers of the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) framework, which now powers most of the Internet, said the argument that the Internet has become so essential that it falls under the “human right” category misses the larger point that technology is a mere enabler of rights.

“There is a high bar for something to be considered a human right. Loosely put, it must be among the things we as humans need in order to lead healthy, meaningful lives, like freedom from torture or freedom of conscience,” Cerf asserted.

Read full article @ www.interaksyon.com

[Sunday isyung HR] Joks are meant to be broken. Wasak!

April 24, 2011

Umaga ng April 22, 2011, naalala ko pa Dr. Love.  Pagkagising ko dumiretso ako sa CR, kinuha ang YOUtube ng toothpaste at aking sipilyo, tumingin ako sa salamin at nasabi ko sa sarili “Aba pang- FACEBOOK ang mukha ko ngayon a!”.

Naka-HAPPY face  🙂  ang araw sa labas habang nakikisama pa pati ang mga NETWORK ng mga ibon na nagtu- TWITTER , hindi kaya mating season? Na-SEARCH ko sa sarili. A TAG-araw na kasi.

Tapos habang nagtitimpla ng kape ay napa-YAHOO ako nang ma-DIGGS kong “Oo nga pala! Isang buwan na po sa online ang HRonlinePH! Aba Monthsary!” Umabot po ang HITS natin ng 4,500 nitong ika-isang buwan natin ng nakaraang April 22.  Madami na rin po ang nag-BLOG-surf at nag-VISIT sa atin.

Kaya napangiti ako at parang GOOGLE lang na nakikipag-CHAT sa sarili.  Na-LINK ko na ang dahilan, Kaya pala pakiramdam ko na on the blogSPOT ako that morning at no

WORDpresS can describe the feelings ay monthsary pala natin. Ang drama L.O.L!
Para nga akong baliw nung araw na iyon Dr. Love. Habang hinahalo ko ang kape asukal at tubig sa TUMBLR ay naka-SMILEY 🙂  ako.  Sana mag-MULTIPLY pa ang mga good COMMENTS at nagpa-FOLLOW sa ‘tin online. Marami pa sanang ma-STUMBLE UPON na  FRIENDSTERS.

Kaya Sunday nanaman, Easter, kaya isi-SHARE ng inyong Mokong na lingkod ang ilang mga kalokohang naiisip ko. Wala kayong choice, kaya sana LIKE nyo!

Para kanino ka bumabangon? The survey

Isang malawakang survey ang pinambuwiset natin sa umaga ng Easter ng ilang sikat na personalidad.  Nagpanggap po ang inyong Mokong and the Gang na taga SWS.  Hiniram natin ang isang sikat na tag-line ng commercial ng isang sikat na kape at itinanong natin sa kanila “Para kanino ka bumabangon?”

Heto po ang kanilang mga sagot…

PNoy: (Habang palabas ng kanyang Porsche, dito kasi siya natutulog) Ako bumabangon ako para…
1. Para Labanan ang kahirapan at kurapsiyon. Kung walang kurap, walang mahirap!
2. Para sa matuwid na daan. (kaya pala mahilig kasi siya sa kotse.)
3.Para sa Responsible Parenting Bill (O ha, o ha! Tinanong po natin kung OK lang sa kanyang ilabas natin ang sagot niyang ito, Ok lang daw hindi naman siya takot sa excommunication)

Mar: (Habang nakahiga sa kama sa tabi ni Corina) Bumabangon ako para sa
1.    Country above SELF (parang ‘di maka-move on)
2.    Palengke (naalala ko pa to a.)
3.    Sunod na eleksiyon

Merci: (Nagulat nang mamulatang nasa tabi niya tayo habang pabangon sa pagkakatulog sa ibabaw ng mga papeles niya sa opisina) Ako bumabangon para sa
1.    Mga kasong nakasampa sa opisina ko. Para naman mahigaan ko ulit at the end of the day. Paano ako makakahiga ulit kung hindi ako babangon? (ang talino, logical)
2.    Plea Bargain Agreement. Pag dating diyan mahirap ang tutulog-tulog. (Sure na sure a!)
3.    Babangon ako pero hindi ako bababa sa pwesto! Make that clear! (ang labo!)

Mr. and Mrs. Ligot: (Naabutan naming hindi pala napagkakatulog ang mag-asawa) kami bumabangon kami para sa
1.    I invoke my right against self incrimination. Me too. (Sagot ng dalawa nang walang kagatol-gatol)
2.    I invoke my right against self incrimination. Me too. (Sagot ulit nang walang kagatol-gatol)
3.    I invoke my right against self incrimination. Me too. (Ang kulit niyo a! Kaya pala hindi makatulog kinakabisado niyo ‘yan gabi-gabi.)

File photo by afterlives.blogspot.com

Ferdi: (Sumagot nang hindi tumayo at dumilat ang mga mata, niye!) Ako bumabangon para…
1.    sa libingan ng mga bayani. Ayaw ako dalhin don, ako na mismo ang pupunta don. (Determinasyon)
2.    para maka-attend sa unveiling ng Hall of Heroes ng AFP. (Honorable)
3.    Sa mga avid supporters ko sa Congress. After this I’ll share my ill gotten blessings with all of you. (Thankful! Ang sabi pa niya hindi niya mumultuhin ang mga kumukontra kasi naman mas marami ang sumusuporta. Isa pa pinatawad na niya ang bayan sa pagpapabagsak sa kanya. ‘Yan ang bayani! )

Erap: (Habang nasa kama sa tabi ng hindi na pinayagang banggitin pa ang pangalan at address ng tirahan) Ako bumabangon para sa
1.    Mahihirap. Erap para sa mahirap. (Consistent)
2.    Sa mga mahal ko sa buhay. Ang dami nila kaya ako nagkaproblema sa tuhod kababangon ng kababangon para sa kanila.
3.    Sa mga kaibigan, kapatid at mga kamag-anak. Pwede naman ngayon yun di ba? Di pa naman eleksiyon.

GMA: (Habang bumabangon mula sa pagkakahiga sa kama na puno ng pera) Ako bumabangon no para sa
1.    Mga taga Pampangga no.
2.    Sa pagsalag sa mga kaso ko no.
3.    Saka na ako babangon para sa ating bansa pag Prime Minister na ko no.

Mikee: (Habang bumabangon mula sa garahe, dito daw siya natutulog. Ows?) Ako bumabangon para sa
1.    Sa mga tricycle drivers at mga security guards
2.    Sa aking milyones, kinita ko ‘yan sa pagdadrive ng tricycle, di niyo lang alam dahil sinikreto ko.
3.    Sa pagsalag sa tax evasion case. ‘yan nalaman niyo na sikreto ko. (Kala mo lang wala, pero meron! Meron! Meron!)

Lacson: (Habang bumabangon mula sa pagkalugmok at pagtatago) bumabangon ako para
1.    Sa senado, dami ko atang naiwang trabaho.
2.    Sa RH Bill (O ha! Mahusay sa pagpili ng isyu.)
3.    Sa mga nakatulong at kumupkop sa ‘kin noong nagtatago ako. (Secret daw kung sino-sino sila at mahirap na magbanggit baka may magtampo pag nakalimutan)

Willie: (Inangat ang ulong nakasubsob sa lamesa habang nasa tapat ng laptop, dito na kasi siya nakatulog) Ako bumabangon ako para sa
1.    Twitter, minomonitor ko ang mga twits nila Lea Salongga, Jim Paredes, Tuesday Vargas atbp mga ka-industriya kong balak kong idemanda… soon
2.    Wiwing wiwee, siyempre paggising mo wee-wee ka no. (habang kumakanta ng “I love you, mahal na mahal kita, yan ang pag-ibig ko…”)
3.    Paghahanda sa pagbabalik ko sa TV. Pracrice ako everyday na hindi maging bastos. Hirap ata non.

Lucio Tan: (Habang bumabangon sa pagkakahiga sa kamang ginto, sa kwartong sinlaki ng Naia sa isang lugar na amoy fortune tobacco) Ako bangon para sa
1.    Aga gising salo biyaya
2.    Mangagawa ng PAL basta hindi PALEA,tanggal ko sila… soon
3.    Para migay pera. Share para paborable negosyo.

Baldoz: (Habang bumabangon mula sa loob ng bulldozer, dito na daw natutulog)
1.    Sa pagsalo sa ipapasang biyaya (parang may kaparehas?)
2.    sa mga mangagawa, hindi na kasama ang mga matatanggal sa PAL. Nagdesisyon na ko diba? (para talagang may kapareha?)
3.    sa mga pagsasaayos ng polisiyang paborable sa bansa.

Mga biktima ng Landslide sa Mining village sa Compostella Valley: (Habang bumabangon sa guho) Bumabangon kami para sa
1. para maging modelo ng trahedya sa mining area
2. para sa magbigay bababala sa iba pang probisyang minimina
3. para multuhin ang Mining company (hihihi nakakatakot)

Resulta ng survey: Ang mga sumusunod ang napatunayan ng survey na ito…
1.    Hindi pala sila bumabangon para magkape
2.    Hindi pala sila bumabangon para magsipilyo o maghilamos
3.    Bumabangon pala ang mga sikat na personalidad sa kabila ng kanilang mga isyung hinaharap.
4.    Pati pala ang mga patay ay kayang bumangon sa pagkalugmok.

Sa mga kasagutang ating nahita- minumungkahi natin na mainam gamitin silang mga modelo sa patalastas ng sikat na kape. Ang survey na ito ay gawa-gawa lamang.  Ang mapikon talo. Ang maniwala mokong!
Mokong Quote of the day…

Mensahe ni Benigno S. Aquino III,Pangulo ng Pilipinas Sa sambayananng Pilipino Sa panahon ng Kuwaresma, 2011

“Ang pagbuhos ng mga biyaya at mabuting balita sa ating bansa ay patunay na tama ang tinatahak nating landas. Hangga’t pinapantayan natin ng sipag ang ating mga dasal, hangga’t sama-sama tayong pumapasan sa ating bayan, hangga’t nakatuon tayo sa kapakanan ng nakakarami kaysa sarili, wala ni anumang kalbaryo, wala ni sinumang Herodes ang makakapigil sa atin tungo sa pagbabagong inaasam.”
Sipi mula sa http://www.gov.ph.

The Mokong translations…
“Ang pagbuhos ng mga isyu at masasamang balita hinggil sa karapatang pantao sa bansa ay patunay na kadudaduda kung tama nga ang tinatahak nating landas. Hangga’t sa kabila ng sipag at mga dasal, hangga’t tayong mahihirap lang ang pumapasan sa ating bayan, hangga’t nakatuon tayo sa kapakanan ng nakakarami sila nama’y nananatiling makasarili, wala ni anumang kalbaryo, wala ni sinumang Herodes ang makakaawat sa atin igiit ang pagbabagong inaasam.”
Sipi mula sa http://www.mokong.ph

The Mokong ways…
Maraming salamat po mga ka-Mokong at ka-Mokang sa inyong pagtityaga.  Hanggang sa sunod na Linggo,  Aksiyon Bente 24 sa Bandilang totoo, dahil dito ang mga balita ay hindi totoo.

Ito ang inyong mokong na lingkod na nagsasabing “Mokongs and mokangs of the world unite! We have nothing to loooooose coz we have nothing at all!”