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[Statement] Digital surveillance to fight COVID-19 can only be justified if it respects human rights -AI

With governments across the world rapidly expanding the use of digital surveillance in an attempt to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, Amnesty International and other leading NGOs have set out strict conditions that must be met to safeguard human rights and prevent surveillance overreach.

More than 100 hundred civil society groups joined Amnesty in signing the statement, including Access Now, Human Rights Watch and Privacy International.

“Technology can play an important role in the global effort to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, however, this does not give governments carte blanche to expand digital surveillance. The recent past has shown governments are reluctant to relinquish temporary surveillance powers. We must not sleepwalk into a permanent expanded surveillance state now,” said Rasha Abdul Rahim, Deputy Director of Amnesty Tech.

“Increased digital surveillance to tackle this public health emergency, can only be used if certain strict conditions are met. Authorities cannot simply disregard the right to privacy and must ensure any new measures have robust human rights safeguards. Wherever governments use the power of technology as part of their strategy to beat COVID-19, they must do so in a way that respects human rights.”

Source: www.amnesty.org

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[Off-the-Shelf] Digital Security Helpline -accessnow.org

Digital Security Helpline

What is the Digital Security Helpline?

Access Now’s Digital Security Helpline works with individuals and organizations around the world to keep them safe online. If you’re at risk, we can help you improve your digital security practices to keep out of harm’s way. If you’re already under attack, we provide rapid-response emergency assistance.

Read more @www.accessnow.org

All submissions are republished and redistributed in the same way that it was originally
published online and sent to us. We may edit submission in a way that does not alter or
change the original material.

Human Rights Online Philippines does not hold copyright over these materials. Author/s and
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Ayansa Tigil Mina (ATM) Solidarity Message to HR Online

Solidarity Message to HR Online <https://hronlineph.com/&gt;

Alyansa Tigil Mina commends HR Online and the people behind this powerful online site! To our friends in HR Online, Happy Anniversary and congratulations for a very effective first year online campaign!

ATM is appreciative of HR Online’s effort to be the center of information on news, statements, photos, videos and links on human rights concerns, not just in the Philippines but also internationally.

This has helped many people share their stories, photos, videos and other multi media presentations. HR Online is also a good source of materials on human rights—this is only one of its kinds in the country so far and we are glad to be part of its beginnings and successes.

We look forward to HROnline becoming a central portal and knowledge site that will push forward the concerted efforts of environmental activists and IP support groups for a more robust and dynamic engagement of communities, NGOs and the state towards social justice and genuine human rights.

In behalf of mining-affected communities and advocates, again, congratulations and more power!

The HRonlinePH.com launch and Winners of Pinduteros Awards 2011

Dr. Renato Mabunga welcomes bloggers and networks. Photo by Rommel Yamzon

Bloggers’ network and various human rights organizations in the Philippines launch HRonlinePH movement and portal on 1st December 2011 at Crystal Ship Café, Quezon City.  Started as a simple discussion of ideas of promoting human rights online, a group of enthusiastic bloggers and human rights defenders found each other, shared information on human rights and formed HROnlinePH.   Today, it finds its niche as an effective resource on the country’s human rights condition.

Internet and social media play an important role in information-communication today.  There has been an upsurge in the number of sites, and now HRonlinePH joins the larger movement of electronic campaign.  HRonlinePH draws its activities through individual opinions of bloggers, facebook members, and twitters’ network on current Philippine issues.  It is also highlighted by facilitation of various statements, position papers and campaign advocacies of organizations of various political traditions and affiliations to land a spot in both the print media and the digital world.  It interfaces with the other human rights websites and resources online, and organizational identity in an attempt to promote an issue that best captures international human rights principles.

HROnlinePH (or Human Rights Online Philippines) is a movement specialized to promoting and protecting human rights in the Philippines through Information Resources Online.  As a movement, it may fan a successful revolution as exemplified by the Arab Spring.  Yet, it knows so well, that it is not THE revolution where human rights may find its place in the hearts of the States.  It  may be a part; it can be a part; and for HRonlinePH, it must be an essential part of winning a battle for the dignity of persons.

Visit the site, link your blogs, send your opinions and positions on Philippine issues from the optic of human rights to http://www.HRonlinePH.com [by Boyet Mabunga]


The launch was co-sponsored by Faith Based Congress Against Immoral Debt (FCAID), Philippine Human Rights Information Center (PhilRights), Alyansa Tigil Mina (ATM) and Childrens’ Legal Rights and Development (CLRD).

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