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[From the web] Where does Daang matuwid lead our people -AMRSP

Where does Daang matuwid lead our people -AMRSP
Posted June 4, 2013 Source: AMRSP.org



In the past years we have experienced political instability brought about by massive corruption, economic turmoil, escalating social unrest and distrust under the Arroyo regime. Everyday the broadcast and the print media would highlight one of these problems. Until one day hope suddenly glimmered when the people put their trust in a man who embodied righteousness and advocated anti-corruption through his slogan – Matuwid na Daan (Kung Walang Corrupt, Walang Mahirap).

The rise to the presidency of Noynoy Aquino brought so much hope. He made us believe that change is possible, that corruption could be curtailed, and that public service is, indeed, a public trust. In the first months of his reign, he relentlessly pursued those who were perceived to be guilty of corruption, and we were all aware of the drama that unfolded on national television when the former first family was stopped from running away from the wheels of justice. Days, months, three years have passed. We hold him to his promise of change. While it is true that there has been headway in the fight against corruption much more remains to be done. NO big fish has been convicted since 2010 and with the way the tentacles of the corrupt have stymied the judicial process, PNoy’s term might be over and the cases will still languish at the courts.

While we acknowledged the effort of some government institutions in carving out corruption, like the DPWH, DEPED, DOJ and others, we were saddened with the news of continuing corruption and abuse on the use of public funds by some congressmen and Senators (the much controversial MOOE fund distribution). These showed that still much needs to be done. We believe that Governance is not only a fight against corruption; it is the delivery of a better and far more humane life for those who have the least. It is the realization of Hope, it is a dream turned into reality. And yet today we still witness grinding poverty, agrarian unrest, violations of human rights, assaults on the integrity of creation, the trafficking of our women and children. So much needs to be done. Let not our Hope be shattered and our dreams turned into nightmares. We are now in the third year of PNoy’s term and it is time we ask ourselves so many questions: Akin to the question, “Which way Lord?”, we ask those in authority: Where is this government leading us?

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[Press Release] Teachers Criticize Initial K+12 Implementation – TDC

The Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC) again expresses its opposition to the K+12 program by asking the Department of Education (DepEd) to resolve first the welfare issues of teachers under the initial phase of kindergarten program to be implemented this coming school year.

Caloocan City teacher Benjo Basas, the group’s chairperson says “based on DepEd’s declaration, in 2011 alone, the program will result to hiring some 36, 000 teachers under contract of service.”

Basas said it is very unfortunate that professional teachers will suffer due to the forced implementation of the program, “If this is gong to be a permanent program for basic education, then we should hire permanent teachers based on our needs. If there is this demand in the initial implementation alone, we would expect that this will increase in the future.” He stressed.

The group also said that aside from competent teachers, the system will also have to provide for additional classrooms, sanitary facilities, chairs and instructional materials for the projected 2.4 million pre-schoolers.

“While we appreciate the effort of the present DepEd leadership to institute the kindergarten program, we want to remind them that the welfare of teachers and the quality of instruction must not be put aside.” Basas added. “The system would need specially trained pre-school teachers with acceptable terms of service and proper compensation in order to implement the program,” he furthered.

The TDC has been lobbying for a free and universal pre-school education which according to them would eventually resolve learning discrepancies and would increase the school performance of learners especially in elementary level.

“The K+12 initial phase demeans the noblest of all professions and the most important job in the world. The unfair and unacceptable terms of service and an honorarium of P3, 000.00 per month, which is only equal to that of a household helper, are serious threats to the dignity of our teachers.” Basas ended.

The group again calls for a greater subsidy on education and to include the budgetary necessities of a universal pre-school program in the national budget.

“While these basic questions are left unanswered, we believe that programs like K+12 will likely be a waste of money and effort.” Basas ended.

For details:      Benjo Basas, Chairperson 0920-5740241/ 3853437

[Press Release] Teachers call for a wider consultation on DEPED’s 12-year program – Teachers Dignity Coalition


The Teachers Dignity Coalition (TDC) remains critical of the 12-year basic education program of the Aquino administration despite announcement from the Department of Education (DepEd) that the program will be implemented this school year.

“We are not convinced that this program will succeed. The DepEd should first persuade the legislature and the president to allocate more funds in education sector. The backlog on resource shortages should be addressed first before we talk about this ambitious program” said Emmalyn Policarpio, an elementary school teacher in Valenzuela and the group’s spokesperson.

The group calls for a wider and genuine public consultation especially with the parents, students and teachers who will be directly affected by the program.

“We believe that the DepEd has good intentions in pushing for this initiative, however, we would not agree that this ambitious program will work in the kind of situation we have in our public school.” Policarpio ended.

For details:
Emmalyn Policarpio, Spokesperson               0908-9933045

[Press release] TDC on the End of Agusan Hostage Crisis- teachersdignity.com

Finally, all the remaining hostages in Agusan Sur crisis are now free. After five days of being captives by armed men in the mountains of Agusan they will soon be reunited with their families. We are happy for them and we thank all those who joined us in prayers.

We commend the efforts made by the authorities especially the local crisis management committee for this successful negotiation. However, we reiterate our constant reminder to the government, especially the police and military to protect the schools to deter the same incidents in the future and we challenge the president to include it in his priorities. Finally, we would like to remind the DepEd to begin the inventory of hardship posts and provide additional compensation to teachers in areas of armed conflicts.

-Benjo Basas, TDC Chairperson

[News release] TDC wants hazard pay for teachers in conflict areas- teachersdignity.com

Photo source: findallvideos.com

Amidst the on-going hostage crisis in Agusan, the Teachers’ Dignity Coalition (TDC) reminds DepEd of its obligation to pay hardship allowance to teachers in conflict areas. According to the group, the secretary of education is tasked by RA 4670 or the Magna Carta for Public School Teachers to determine the areas where teachers are exposed to hardships and provide an allowance equivalent to 25% of their basic pay.

Benjo Basas TDC

Benjo Basas, a Caloocan City teacher and the group’s chairperson says “the law is a 1966 vintage, yet the implementing guidelines were promulgated only in December 2007.” The guidelines, which were released by the DBM through National Budget Circular 514, specifically identifies the presence of armed conflict in work area as one of the hazard posts and thereby entitles the teachers and school personnel a special hardship allowance.

“But even that is not an assurance that teachers in the so-called areas of armed conflict enjoy this privilege. In most cases, this not implemented.” Basas added.

The Agusan crisis is the fifth major abduction case involving teachers since year 2009 in Mindanao alone. Three teachers from Zamboanga City were kidnapped in January and another three were also kidnapped in March. In November of the same year, a Sulu principal was kidnapped and later beheaded by his kidnappers. And in December 2009, 75 people, including teachers were also being held hostage in Agusan Sur by armed men lead by Ondo Perez. Perez is a relative of the perpetrators of the current kidnapping whose demand is his freedom from jail.

“No doubt, teachers are exposed in hardships and hazards in these areas and therefore must be properly compensated.” Basas continued quoting Prosperidad Mayor Alvin Magdamit who earlier said “This is tragic because these are lowly paid teachers who are being held.”

Basas said that teachers might refuse to be assigned in those areas, because aside from a very minimal compensation, they fear for their safety, “such scenario would lead to failure to deliver the basic right of Filipino children to education.”

The group also quoted Secretary Luistro’s earlier statement that says “it is very disturbing that teachers who offer their lives for the community always fall victims to these crimes.”

TDC challenges the DepEd to start the inventory of all those who may possibly be qualified for the special hardship allowances.

Aside from the additional compensation, Basas reiterates his group’s demand of providing more security forces in the vicinity of schools. The group argued that the presence of law enforcers alone would deter the criminal activities of groups in the area.

“We pray that this Agusan incident will end peacefully very soon and we hope that this will be the last.” Basas ended. #

For details: Benjo Basas, 0920-5740241/385-3437 www.teachersdignity.com