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[In the news] Wage increase for private workers, employees in Cordillera approved | Sun.Star

Wage increase for private workers, employees in Cordillera approved | Sun.Star.

By JM Agreda
May 22, 2012

THE Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board (RTWPB) approved last May 18 a new wage order that provides an P8 increase to basic salaries of private sector employees in the Cordillera, a Labor official said.

The RTWPB’s Wage Order 15, Department of Labor and Employment Regional Director Henry John Jalbuena said, particularly provides the additional P8 to all private workers and employees receiving the minimum wage in the region, regardless of their position, designation, or status and irrespective of the method their wages are paid.

He said the order will take effect 15 days after its publication in a newspaper of general circulation after being forwarded by the board to the National Wages and Productivity Commission, which will arrange for the wage order’s publication.

Jalbuena said the order restores the purchasing power of workers.

He also stressed that the order maintains the Cost of Living Allowance ranging from P22 to P37 granted under Wage Order 14.

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[In the news] Trade Union Congress of the Philippines revives wage hike | Sun.Star

Trade Union Congress of the Philippines revives wage hike | Sun.Star.

By JM Agreda
March 24, 2012

AFTER several months of waiting for supervening conditions, the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) will be re-filing its petition for an P80 across-the-board wage increase.

TUCP regional coordinator Engineer Rey Lardizabal said the wage increase petition is needed for the labor sector to survive the surging prices of transportation and fuel, basic and prime commodities and cost of living.

Lardizabal said a wage hike is inevitable, citing previous increases in salaries have been overtaken by continuing price hikes.

In a petition by the TUCP, it said wage orders of P10 to P15 for cost of living allowance (Cola) in 2008 and the P12 additional Cola enforced last January 2011 have been overtaken by increases in prices of petroleum products, transportation and basic goods and commodities.

The group is now batting again for a P352 minimum daily wage in the region compared to the prevailing P272 minimum wage enforced in 2011.

The group also said it is time to enable workers to recover from the difficulties brought about by the global financial crisis a few years ago.

TUCP cited workers and their families, despite spectacular gains in the gross national product, production and productivity, have not been granted a single peso in real wage increase since 1989.

For them, increased wages would help sustain the economic recovery of the country as it will help bolster local demand, TUCP said.

The group also compared that from May 2008 to March 2011, the consumer price index in the region rose from 154.5 to 172.8 or the equivalent of a 12-percent increase in consumer prices or equal to a P31.20 excluding new price increases in transportation, fuel and basic commodities.

Discussing their previous petition, consumer prices brought about by unabated fuel and water and electricity rate increases according to the group are also expected to rise by as much as eight percent and more considering the increases in transportation and fuel experienced this year.

This, according to TUCP, is equivalent to an additional P20.80 increase in wages.

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[In the news] Labor group files P90 wage hike business says it’s untimely -Cebu Daily News

Labor group files P90 wage hike business says it’s untimely
Cebu Daily News
March 22, 2012

WITH a minimum fare rate of P8 approved by the government last Tuesday, a labor group filed a petition for a wage increase for Central Visayas workers yesterday afternoon.

The Associated Labor Unions-Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (ALU-TUCP) in Central Visayas filed a P90 across-the-board daily wage increase before the Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board (RTWPB 7) at 4 p.m yesterday.
They said the petition was in response to the rising fare rates and increases in the prices of basic and prime commodities caused by the global fuel price increases.

But Cebu Business Club president Gordon Alan “Dondi” Joseph said the petition was untimely and focus should be on job creation.

“You now, wage increases will not solve the problems of the economy or the increasing cost of living. The government has to focus on creating jobs, creating more employment for more Filipinos,” Joseph said.

Ferdinand Jumapao, OIC Area vice-president of ALU-TUCP Central Visayas, said the filing of the petition was planned even before the 50 centavo fare increase took effect.

Jumapao said the petition is in response to the erosion of the purchasing power of the worker’s current P305 daily minimum wage.

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[In the news] Don’t push workers against wall, Trade Union Congress of the Philippines tells Malacañang | Sun.Star

Don’t push workers against wall, Trade Union Congress of the Philippines tells Malacañang | Sun.Star.

March 11, 2012

THE Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) urged Sunday the national government not to push the workers against the wall amid the rise in prices of basic commodities.

In a phone interview, TUCP president Democrito Mendoza scored Malacañang for immediately discounting the possibility of having a salary adjustment granted amid their announcement of a plan to file wage hike petitions.

“Malacañang should protect the interest of workers and their families not push them against the wall,” said Mendoza.

If it continues to do so, the labor leader said they may have no other recourse but to instigate protest actions.

“If workers’ needs are not met now, workers will have no recourse but to seek redress on the streets,” said Mendoza.

On Saturday, deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte stressed that it would be impossible to implement wage hikes since there is a one-year ban in between adjustments of minimum salary rates.

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