[Press Release] Broadcasting Misogyny and Abuse in Congress: A Mockery of (In) Justice KAISA KA Reacts to Hearings Probing De Lima Links to Drug Trade

Broadcasting Misogyny and Abuse in Congress: A Mockery of (In) Justice
KAISA KA Reacts to Hearings Probing De Lima Links to Drug Trade

Kaisa Ka bAs an organization of grassroots women who are believe that women must be empowered fully in order to harness our full potential towards nation-building, Pagkakaisa ng Kababaihan para sa Kalayaan or KAISA KA are deeply disturbed by what is the rise in rise of abusive behavior online and offline directed towards women.

The first, spilling out from well-oiled online machinery favoring the  Duterte administration, young women who were part of the recent anti-Marcos protests were subjected to unprecedented levels of bullying and even rape threats.

And the second, spearheaded by allies in Congress who have hijacked the purpose of Committee Hearings that was to probe De Lima’s links to the drug trade in aid of legislation into a venue to pry open, parade, prod and mock the private life of a lady senator whose only crime was to investigate the Davao Death Squad, during her stint in CHR and be critical of the ongoing drug campaign.

The recent hearings- shows the solons being “ charlatans”, “sexist” and “misogynists”, dwelling and playing on De Lima’s affair with Dayan.

Principled solons may have been able to block the showing of the alleged sex video of Senator De Lima, but just looked on as the line of questioning towards former bodyguard Ronie Dayan degenerated to a mockery of a hearing.

The law makers have now become the law breakers themselves using the venue to oppress and violate women. The human rights and women’s rights advocates in the Congress should have not allowed the “oppressive questioning” and “malicious innuendos” attack De Lima’s person.

End the Abuse and Violence
Three courageous Milabal sisters of the Dominican Republic who opposed then fascist Dictator General Rafael Turillo were assassinated in November 25, 1960 and in whose honor the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women was declared back in 1999 by the United Nations General Assembly.
Had De Lima been a man, it would have been entirely different, an exact opposite situation. All the more that we should be alarmed and oppose at all cost– this is state –initiated violence.

Let us remember that a violation done to one woman is a violation that can be done to all.

November 25, 2016
References: Atty. Virgie Suarez – 09088159923 / Chairperson KAISA KA

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