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On November 8 let us remember the day when our country suffered the devastating impacts of typhoon Yolanda while the whole world sat to witness. The typhoon took along with it our sisters and brothers’ homes, livelihood, and the lives of their beloved.


But what the typhoon did not take is our ability to see through the challenge an opportunity to help and support those who are in need and the dignity to stand tall and demand accountability from those who have contributed to such a scale of devastation.

A year has passed and yet communities are still in misery. The government has failed in ensuring people’s participation in its rehabilitation plans and to deliver climate-resilient programs in building back better.

With this let us join hands in solidarity with the people who are still struggling after the typhoon and together HOLD THE GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABLE for its unpreparedness and for implementing policies and plans that worsened the conditions of affected communities.

Our message: 8 November, 8 Injustices.

Injustice 1: Government Neglect towards the people
Injustice 2: Ignored people’s rights to participate and be consulted
Injustice 3: Massive displacement of Yolanda victims
Injustice 4: Disaster profiteering of companies
Injustice 5: Anti-poor actions and policies
Injustice 6: Promoting more indebtedness in the country
Injustice 7: More dirty energy addiction
Injustice 8: Absolving the accountability of developed countries on climate disasters

Join us as we make a “SOLIDARY SURGE” for the communities affected by typhoon Yolanda. Here’s how:

In real life: Take part in the mass actions in Manila and in Tacloban (for more info, email us at pmcj2012.sec@gmail.com).
Online: Selfie time – Take a selfie holding a placard: WE STAND WITH YOU, WE ARE ALL TACLOBAN (Indicate your city or province. Ex. Bataan)
Picture Profiles – Change your profile pictures to the image below.
Wall post – write your insights, assessment and demands from our government in its handling of the disastrous typhoon Yolanda
Hash Tags Yo! – Don’t forget to use ‪#‎WeAreAllTacloban‬ ‪#‎ClimateJusticeNow‬ in all your posts
Keep them coming – Send us your materials – pictures and messages – to pmcj2012.sec@gmail.com or on the Philippine Movement for Climate Justice FB page

Together, let us hold the government accountable and stand with the affected communities and demand climate justice for the victims of Yolanda

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