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Cops working with Congress on ‘hamog’ boys

Amid a recent streak of crimes involving minors, the Philippine National Police (PNP) is working with Congress on the proposal to lower the age at which young criminal offenders or the so-called “hamog boys” can be charged.

PNP chief Deputy Director General Nicanor Bartolome said they are studying several bills recommending different ages at which juvenile offenders can be subjected to criminal charges.

“Tayo ay nakikipagugnayan sa Kongreso lalo sa pagpapababa ng edad kung saan pwede makasuhan. Kung bata, ayon sa ating batas, hindi pwede kasuhan yan,” he said in an interview on dwIZ radio.

Bartolome said there are several pending bills in Congress that are seeking to lower the age of criminal liability.

“Sa Kongreso may proposal doon na ibaba ito sa 15 taon, meron nga 12; iba-iba ang panukala,” he added.

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