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In Bataan villages, a war against contraceptives

MANILA – A war against modern methods of contraception has been going on in several communities in Bataan province, with some health centers in these villages turning away mothers who seek contraceptives while others have put up signs that erroneously claim that the pill induces abortion.

In many of these barangays, according to EnGendeRights, a nongovernment group that promote equality and reproductive health rights, health workers are intimidated and are “extremely fearful” of losing their jobs.

EnGendeRights made this disclosure last week as it sought to strike down the ordinances passed in at least seven villages in Balanga City that make it unlawful for anyone to sell, dispose or promote contraceptive methods such as the pill, tubal ligation or the intra-uterine device (IUD).

These ordinances are reminiscent of a similar local law in the city of Manila that prohibits health centers from prescribing any form of contraception except the so-called natural family planning method.

“The ordinances prohibit rights that are constitutionally guaranteed.  The ordinances infringe on the rights to reproductive health, equal protection of the law and privacy by unduly restricting access to legal, safe, and effective methods of contraception,” said Clara Rita Padilla, executive director of EnGendeRights.  “These ordinances contribute to the unintended pregnancies and maternal deaths related to pregnancy, childbirth, and unsafe abortion which could be averted with increased access to modern contraceptives.”

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