[Isyung HR] Truth hurts… therefore hurt shall set us free!

PNoy’s priority bills

PNoy presented his 13 priority measures before the members of Congress during the second Legislative-Executive Development Advisory Council (LEDAC) meeting last week.

One of the measures Aquino wanted to be prioritized by Congress is the highly-debated Responsible Parenthood (RP) bill.

Mokong: talaga lang a!

PNoy said they made several amendments to the measure and will make it acceptable to all sectors, particularly to the Church.

Mokang: E ang mga sektor ng kababaihan? Paano?

Some of the changes he cited were the provision of setting the ideal size of a family, appropriate age for sex education, and the access to artificial contraception methods.

“We try to remove certain issues that can be contentious. We had at least 10 amendments to the measure,” he said.

He added that they agreed to fund the natural family planning and the values formation should be sensitive to the religious affiliation.

Mokong: In short… resulted to watereddown version. Sensitive to religious affiliation? Will it also be sensitive to women? The spirit of this law has been exorcised by the catholic church… hahahaha!

Aside from the RP bill, one of the measures tackled at the LEDAC was the Human Security Act.

Mokong: No particularization has been announced about HSA. Dapat may intervention ang mga kaibigan natin na progresibo sa malakanyang.  Or your presence there will not be relevant to the civil society anymore.  O ha!

Mokang: What do the church say about HSA? Will the Catholic church do the same aggressive opposition on the anti-human rights provisions of HSA?

Mokong: ‘Di ba demonic ang HSA sa freedom of belief, freedom of assembly and association, at magdudulot ng arbitrary arrests at detentions.  Exorcise!

Mokong: Ano ba ang logic behind at sino kaya ang advisers ng priority legislation ni PNoy?

Mokang: Ikaw na ang KKK…

Mokong: Bakit hindi nasama ang anti-enforced disappearance bill?

Mokang: E hindi kasi niya feel.

Mokong: kamo wala sa radar ang human rights.  Quoted from toooooooooooot in malakanyang. Hahaha!

Mokang: e yung FOI nga wala rin.

Mokong: EWAN Ko ba sa mga alyado sa palasyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OBSTACLE sa pagsasabatas ng Anti-Enforced Disappearance Act

The Lower house Committee on human rights and justice approved to adopt the 14th congress’ committee report on the Anti-Enforced Disappearance Bill.  Fast track na ‘to. Ang humarang mandurukot!

Mokong: the problem is majority ng nasa kongreso ay mandurukot! Hahaha!

Mokang: Ibig sabihin hindi papasa ang bill?

Mokong: Mahiya naman sila sa balat nila!

Mokang: e paano ‘yung mga may contention sa version na hindi sakop ang non-state actors.

Mokong: ang humarang nga e mandurukot!

Mokang: the international convention said:

Both definitions have basically the same essential elements:
•Deprivation of liberty
•Directly or indirectly perpetrated by the State
•Denial of custody and concealment of the fate and whereabouts of the disappeared
•Disappeared placed outside the protection of the law

Edcel Lagman: We opted to adopt the Convention’s definition that limits the commission of enforced disappearance to or with the imprimatur of persons with authority. As we all know, in the United Nations system, the members are States. The commitment to uphold human rights, specifically to protect persons from enforced disappearance comes from State Parties to international instruments (not from political organizations some of which may be operating outside the law). Moreover, it is tacitly understood that it is the duty of the State to ensure respect for human rights by its citizens, or to enforce domestic laws that uphold human rights and civil liberties. This means that the State is accountable for its failure to protect its citizens from lawless elements that violate the citizens’ rights and/or deprive them of liberty. Hence, the criminalization of kidnapping, abduction, illegal detention, and other forms of deprivation of liberty.

Mokong: ang hindi makaunawa… confused! Hahaha!

Mokang: pag napasa ang anti-enforce disappearance law na may state actors, sila ang ilagay na oversight committee.  Subukan nila pumunta sa mga kampo ng rebelde para imonitor at pasunurin sila sa batas. hahahaha!

Poleteismo ni Mideo Cruz    

What is so obscene with Mideo Cruz’s “Poleteismo”?

Answer: the penis.

Should Mideo Cruz use condom the next time he exhibits his art.

Interruption: condom is also obscene and anti-christ.

Then ask Abu Sayaf to cut penises.  Will the Church react on this?

Answer: Some will… hehehehe!

Why was “Poleteismo” a disrespect to Christian beliefs?

Answer: because Mideo lang ang Cruz sa xhibit.

Therefore we need more Cruzs sa exhibit!

Lesson of the day… Truth will set us free… Truth hurts therefore things that hurt will set us free! Hahahaha!

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