[Press Release] DAR leadership’s inaction allows Bukidnon landgrabbers undue takeover of CARP lands – MAKABAYAN-Pilipinas

Two months have passed yet the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) has not  come up with urgent steps to stave off what MAKABAYAN-Pilipinas claimed as ongoing land grabbing of CARP awarded lands in Bukidnon Farms Incorporated (BFI) in the province  of Bukidnon in Mindanao. BFI, a sequestered vast agricultural property of fertile plains was awarded to farmer beneficiaries since 1988 but until now has been riddled with controversies that resulted to one of the country’s major agrarian land hotspots. The BFI land case already claimed the life of Ka Frank Labial, last 2007, the Bukidnon provincial Vice Chairman of Makabayan-Pilipinas.

To note,  MAKABAYAN-Pilipinas served to DAR its findings and recommendations of the land grabbing case of not less than 600 hectares of CARP Lands in BFI last April 14, 2010. The DAR Office of the Secretary replied on April 26 that they will look into the case.  A follow-up of MAKABAYAN asking about the findings of DAR investigation was submitted last May 2. Since then, there was no word from the department.

The long inaction of DAR has been taken advantage of by Southern Fruits Products, Inc (SPFI) – DAVCO to expropriate other CARP awarded lands from the actual tillers. Worse, one of the lots being bulldozed was tilled by Roberto Saludares, one of those farmers that came out, executed an affidavit exposing the anomalies of land grabbing. “ As of this date,  there are already  3 awarded lots forcibly bulldozed by DAVCO within this week, and DAR has no action to prevent such from happening.  The long delay will be taken advantaged of by DAVCO and those involved in the land grabbing” according to John Cortez, the Secretary General of MAKABAYAN-Pilipinas.

“We are calling now Secretary Gil de los Reyes, to urgently put a stop to the take-over of CARP awarded lands by DAVCO. Farmers who are tilling the CARP awarded lands are helpless against the behemoth that has been preying on the lives of the poor tillers since 1988.” John Cortez added.

Press Release
June 8, 2011
For further Information
John Cortez ( 09154895516 )

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